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NewFilmmakers LA | InFocus: Shanghai Cinema

November 13-14, 2020

Los Angeles, CA

You’re invited to join NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) with presenting partners the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, Jing’an District Film and TV Industry Development Foundation and Xin Dai (Shanghai) Cultural Development Company Limited for InFocus: Shanghai Cinema. The Q&A will be moderated by Variety Magazine's China Bureau Chief Rebecca Davis.

Festival Program

Alone (安乐)
16 min Directed by Lin Xujian (林旭坚)

An honest and heart-warming short film which depicts the real life of pensioners in China.

Ambiguous (单身教授)
19 min Directed by Liu Ziyang (刘子洋)

Based on the true story about a student, a professor and ethical lines.

13 min Directed by Jeffrey Chu

A stubborn old man endures his wife's persistent nagging while struggling to find a dish, Huo Fang, a taste from his distant youth, however a bite of it puts to rest their life-long quarrels.

Fish (鱼)
5 min Directed by Zhang Lin (张林)

A parable about the fate of fish. Expressing an overall relationship with individual imagery, a film about the balance in the relationship between independence and fetters.

Lasting Love (告白)
6 min Directed by Xi Shiwei (席世伟) & Luo Man (罗曼)

A story about dream tourism.

Lucky Ride (运气巴士)
12 min Directed by Wang Limin (王砺珉)

One night, an unsuccessful man met a mysterious bus which is believed to give you luck. Can luck help him?

The Gift (礼物)
25 min Directed by Ye Kai (叶凯)

Gao Ling, a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly known as "porcelain dolls" in China, sets out on a magnificent adventure.

The Newcomer (新房客)
9 min Directed by Cheng Liang (程亮)

A foreigner’s spiritual journey between the old Shanghai and the modern Shanghai which eventually became a praise poem to the old Shanghai.

The Role (角色)
19 min Directed by Xie Peng (谢鹏)

For 30 years, a mother and son pair stick together and help each other in difficulties. For 30 Years, the son suffers from cerebral palsy, and his mother has found her own way to walk through the dark.

The Victim (被害者)
19 min Directed by Lian Xin (廉欣)

A minor car accident escalates.

Twist and Turn (风回路)
24 min Directed by Shen Yujie (沈煜杰)

A drama about a convict’s daughter who is about to commit crime to help him seek medical treatment. It ponders on the question, “does life keep repeating itself?"

Wild Island (去野岛地)
14 min Directed by Du Zhongkun (杜中坤)

Once upon a time, a group of people held a firm belief and went to a place called wild island. Some people have been shaken before they have gone. So they stopped in the middle of the road and never wanted to move again. After a long time, they rusted. In a dream full of rust, they sneered at the group of people who came from afar.

Xiao Ru (小茹)
10 min Drama Directed by Chen Yu (陈宇)

In the dim little brothel, real and ridiculous conversations take place between sex worker and client.



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