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10:04 sheds light on the human cost of mass shootings. The missing narrative is what happens to survivors after the news story fades. We follow a young woman encounter extreme darkness to heal through it, on a transcendental journey. Adding a human perspective to the national conversation.

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Mission Statement

As the writer behind this project and a survivor of gun violence/mass violence, I'm basing the hero's journey off of my own. Survivors are underrepresented. Although it's a zoomed-in, deeply personal account, I know many relate to finding confidence, strength and hope after facing darkness.

The Story

"This is not a news story.  This is a new story."

Hi! My name is Victoria Perry, and I'm a writer from New York City. I write magical realism and identify heavily as an artist. I am also a survivor of gun violence/mass violence. 

I made this teaser with careful detail and hidden messages. In it, I am very much coming out with my decision to tell my story after going back and forth for a few years. Additional information on the background story can be found in the "Meet the Writer" segment that follows. I believe my story is a complex one to tell, because it is about surviving and healing from mass violence, but at the heart of it, it's about the ability to find one's voice and confidence again, always returning to the truest, calmest self... no matter what darkness is encountered or what the nervous system may go through. I'm up for the challenge, because it feels more like a purpose to me at this point. 

The title 10:04 represents the final moment before the ten minute shooting began, which of course, changed my perspective and my life forever. In each scene, we will journey with our protagonist, Victoria, on a journey of growth, realization, and deepening self-love. My own healing journey was filled with loads of miracles and magic, along with a heavy dose of reality. I'm excited to express myself through film and feel the most comfortable and authentic through the genre of Magical Realism. Everything changed so fast for me, so I thought it would be cool to share the empathy, wisdom and expansion I have gained with you all and hopefully create a safe space to inspire and evoke more healing and empathy within us all.

This short film is also largely about our making sense of my survivor's guilt and major life changes, in the years that follow the dark night, always finding our way back to 10:04, the calmest, truest self. I decided to give our protagonist my name because it represents my own struggle from "Victim" to "Victory."




Who & Why?

As a highly sensitive person, I have struggled to express myself and find my voice in this heavy, national conversation. While I have put a lot of focus on my healing, I have also put a ton of pressure on myself to be a better activist. We will weave through flashbacks, paranoia and survivor's guilt, trying to discern what is happening in reality and what is being imagined throughout. I will shed light on the nonlinear healing process that often happens. Even though this experience is out-of-the-ordinary to the majority, I do believe many other groups of people can relate to this balance and struggle.

This short film is a first-hand account of the most intimate moments of my life the past three and a half years, which is a big step in my healing journey. Even bringing myself to share it was a battle within itself. I hope to liberate some survivors and/or viewers, and inspire them to continue their own healing journeys. I know there is something bigger connecting us all, but I'll leave the rest up to your interpretation.

Besides for finally being able to free myself from the trauma and claim ownership this newfound self-love and self-acceptance, you will help me share with the world just how empowering and healing this journey can be, and I hope to inspire the inner-warrior within you. I will pay tribute to the individuals who lost their lives that night and others too similar, who are not here to tell their story. I am all about telling stories from the I-Perspective. Because often we don't hear from the individuals that the "news story" affects long after it fades away. Yet, many of us and our loved ones must continue life after. In my opinion, our perspective is silenced and forgotten.





What We Need & What You Get
We are building our team at the moment, both crew and cast, making sure to pay everyone fairly. We made this a priority on our first production three years ago for the independent pilot, and it made for a magical on-set experience for everyone. For those who do not know, I was a week away from production when I went away to Vegas for the weekend, where the shooting happened. Everything is now coming full circle. But you'll see more about this in our protagonist's narrative.

By giving me a chance to share this one very extraordinary, unfortunate experience, you are helping me and many others feel heard. I appreciate this more than I could ever describe - so, thank you. All I wish for is to bring a survivor's lens to a social issue that is polarized and often met with hostility and frustration. Even fear. If I can empower one individual to feel and heal, I have done a good job. Now if I can also spread the empathy and wisdom which I have gained from encountering darkness and having my perspective shift so immensely in my healing, to some of the audience that may not fully understand the experience, then that is really all I could ever ask for. 

I hope you like some of the incentives I've put together and feel compelled to get involved. My emails are always open for feedback and more information. [email protected]

We will film this, rain or shine, no matter how close to our goal we are able to get. I know it will still make for the most cathartic, raw piece of art to share with the world. 

Risks & Challenges
Finding the courage to become vulnerable and visible in a way that is exposing the deepest wound while, at the same time, healing it, has taken strength thus far, and although I have the best support around me, it will be important to take good care throughout this cathartic sharing process. I am responsible and very aware of this aspect of the journey.
Capturing the footage in a way that will do the story justice will be costly, so a risk is not being able to raise enough money to have the highest quality. We will film it with any budget, but we hope to achieve our goal and do it right. I'm grateful for the chance to deliver a message of love, healing and kindness.



Other Ways You Can Help

If you feel compelled, we would be honored if you would share our page to see if anyone you know might be interested or inspired by our project. Even on your social media, if you feel inspired to!
Spreading kindness & being patient with yourself and others is another way to come together. Extending forgiveness and empathy to yourself or someone else. Even asking someone about their story.
Thank you for your time. I feel heard. So much love to all of you.


Reach Goals 

A Budget of $20,000+ will mean... 


1. We are reaching for a specific director. We know this important will require a certain level of attention to detail and someone who is a match for us, who will bring the sensitive, very personal material to life. A director with expertise and a similar vision will require a higher budget.

2. Realistic Exterior Scenes/Enough Background Actors - Recounting the incident will require a good amount of background actors. Having enough people on set, with SAG-AFTRA guidelines and fair pay is very important to us.

3. Taking care of ourselves and our crew/cast throughout this process will also be essential. Ideally, everyone will feel very taken care of physically and emotionally throughout our pre-production and production process. We are committed to self-care, as this project will be cathartic and taxing, at times. 

4. Lastly, our vision gets closer and closer to the reality... adding to the authenticity we made a strong committment to.




Thank you for your support.


It makes me feel heard. 


I'm excited and extremely grateful for you to come along this journey with me. 




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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Casting & Talent

Costs $3,000

It's important to pay our actors fairly and accommodate them for their work & emotional commitment.


Costs $5,000

Reaching for the director who will bring the sensitive material and very personal story to life.

Building a Crew: AD, PA, Hair & Special Effects Makeup Artists

Costs $4,000

Building a crew is like building a family, with people from all walks of life, all for a magical set


Costs $1,500

Once we match with a director and cast, we'll go into rehearsal, because time on set will be limited

DP, Lighting, Sound

Costs $3,200

We hope to go into production as early as September. 4-day filming block. This is from our last set.

First Few Locations!

Costs $2,000

We want to secure a specific location for filming our opening few scenes. 1/3 of our short!

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