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Josh Auter

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With The 12th Step we aim to take a look at the path one man takes after the sudden death of his wife in a horrific car crash. When not given the moments to right his wrongs and say the things he wanted to say, how will Tim handle his life moving forward?

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The Story

As a filmmaker I’m intrigued by questions such as how our environment shapes us regardless of our intent. Or how emotions can cause us to act in a way that would normally be considered irrational even by our own standards.  Do I see a character’s actions as immoral or if I analyze the circumstances that brought them to this particular place, can I justify them?


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Location Rental Fee

Costs $600

Since we need to stage the aftermath of a car crash, our location is crucial to the production.

Lighting Package

Costs $1,000

Lights are the paint of a film and help set the tone.

Prop Package

Costs $400

A location is just a boring space without the props that help immerse the audience.

Picture Car

Costs $350

The proper placement of a picture car will really set the scene for the aftermath of our car crash.

Production Insurance

Costs $400

Sadly, safety is often overlooked in the indie film world. Help keep our crew safe & insured!


Costs $500

Murphy's Law. It's always good to have some Rainy Day money.


Costs $300

Producers make things happen & our professional team is making things happen daily.


Costs $200

We have an AMAZING DP who is perfect for setting the tone of this film. Help us pay him!


Costs $1,000

A Colorist will add that final layer of finishing to the completed short & provide a final output.


Costs $300

The right music helps define the overall mood of the film.

Sound Designer

Costs $250

A sound designer mixes all the post-production sound.

Key Grip

Costs $150

The MacGyver of any film set and a vital part of the DP's team.


Costs $150

An electrical expert and an important part of the DP's team.

Make Up Artist

Costs $200

In order to sell the aftermath of a car crash to the audience, a good makeup artist is crucial.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $200

The number one tell of low-budget filmmaking: poor sound. Let's make sure we have clear dialogue.

Script Supervisor

Costs $150

How does a director remember the shots & how they will cut together? He asks the Script Supervisor.

First Assistant Director

Costs $150

A set can only run smoothly if the AD is there to move things along.

First Camera Assistant

Costs $100

We need to have our film in focus and a good AC will keep an eagle eye on this.

Wardrobe package

Costs $250

Costumes for our actors.


Costs $500

A well-fed crew is a happy crew.

Craft Services Food

Costs $200

Gotta make sure we keep those blood sugar levels high so we reach our production goals.

DCP Creation

Costs $350

We need a DCP to screen at film festivals.

Festival Fees

Costs $400

For The 12th Step to screen at festivals, we're gonna have to submit & pay the entry fees.


Costs $400

To sort through our hours of footage and cut together the film, we'll need an Editor.

About This Team

My name is Josh Auter and I’m a writer/director living in Los Angeles, CA.  I have worked on numerous short film sets in roles ranging from PA to 1st Assistant Camera to Director and throughout my time in Los Angeles I have had the pleasure of meeting some really amazing people.   I’m truly blessed that some of these wonderful people have gravitated towards this script and have joined The 12th Step team.  Currently our team consists of the following:

Producer – Nora Frankovich

Producer- Alex Prather

Cinematographer – Leo Netto

Casting Director – Beth Ryne

Special Effects Makeup Artist – Tessa Philibrick

Script Supervisor - Caitlin Kelly Singh

Production Designer – DJ Theriot

Storyboard Artist – Joe Blades

And new extremely talented people are joining every day.

Current Team