172 Push-Ups

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Drama, LGBTQ

Frieda de Lackner

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A story of overcoming bias and how people with opposite idealogical views can come together to influence each other in a positive way. In a world that's becoming more divided, it's the kind of essential storytelling we need to help bring people together. Created by a female driven, diverse team.

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Mission Statement

We’re creating a film to inspire understanding between people with opposite views. We want to be part of the solution of connecting people together. Our mission is to show that it is possible for people to have different beliefs, but still have compassion, love, and respect for each other.

The Story

172 Push-Ups is a story of respect, compassion, hope, and love. It's about a female soldier just back from Afghanistan and a Vietnam vet who discover they are on opposite sides regarding gay marriage and women in the military. Through their interaction, they ultimately influence each other in a positive way and both come out having respect and compassion for each other.

It's about the things that bring us together, the things that separate us, and having the strength to support each other even in the face of our differences. It's a story about two people with opposite ideological beliefs who are able to bridge that gap and build a friendship.

The original script for 172 Push-Ups was developed as a play at Playground LA, which is a Los Angeles theatre company that creates short plays.


We have a matching grant of $500 to help get us to a stretch goal!! Every pledge up to $500 will be doubled! 

AND we'd LOVE to have more push-up challenge videos! 

We also have 2 of 5 signed copies of the original play by Scott Mullen to give to the first 2 people to pledge $100!


Quinn and Tom meet by chance outside a bus station. She's a soldier who has just returned after serving in Afghanistan. He's a Viet Nam vet who doesn't like the idea of women being in the military; he doesn't think they could drag him to safety if he was injured. Quinn and Tom bond over their shared experiences of winning push-up contests and it turns out Quinn is a kick-ass soldier who could have carried him to safety. 

When Tom returned from Viet Nam, he proposed to his girlfriend, Mary, outside the bus station. She died four years ago and he's come back on the anniversary of the proposal to honor her.


Quinn is waiting to be picked up by her girlfriend, Jenny, and coincidentally is planning on proposing to Jenny that night at her family's holiday dinner. The one catch: Quinn hasn't told her family she's gay. Tom thinks she's going to ruin the family dinner, but is it because he's concerned she's going to upset her dad or because Tom doesn't approve of gay marriage.


When Jenny shows up, they have to decide which path they want to take and whether they can reconcile their differences. Ultimately, Quinn doesn't want to live her life afraid of how other people will react. It's a powerful stand for love.

Playground LA

Playground LA is a Los Angeles theatre company that is an incubator for short plays. Each month of the season a topic is announced and the pool of over 30 writers have 4 1/2 days to write a short play. Six of the plays are then chosen, rehearsed, and performed. The cast for the film of 172 Push-Ups are all company members of Playground LA. Tahmus originated the role of Tom in the first production. The current cast performed the play at the Hollywood Short Sweet festival and was a finalist in their competition. 

This film is for all the people who don't want to live in fear of how other people will react.

We have an AMAZING team and we want YOU to be part of it! 



DP - Leah Anova                           Producer - Rebecca Hu           


Producer - Kate Oliva                     Director/Producer - Frieda de Lackner

Screenwriter - Scott Mullen


Our country is dividing further and further apart on so many issues. It's separating families and friends and legislation that has been introduced could have detrimental effects on people for years to come. We need stories now that create a bridge for people understanding each other and having respect for our differences. We need to mobilize to bring people together, because ultimately we all are in this together! 

This is also a time where we need to support artists. The theatre and film industry has been hit hard by the challenges of the pandemic. We count on artists to uplift us in times of crisis and to be a reflection of society and how we are doing. By supporting artists, we’re actually supporting the community as a whole.


Your support means the world to us! Here are some easy ways to support:

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Make sure to add a link to our Seed & Spark page: https://seedandspark.com/fund/172-pushups#story


Your contribution goes towards the filming cycle of production. The money will be used for paying our wonderful cast & crew, renting camera/lighting/sound equipment, set design, make-up, costumes, locations, catering, and covid safety. 

Our total budget for filming is $20,000. Most of that goes to pay for our crew and cast. It takes a village to create a film! We are currently seeking $12,000 with our Seed & Spark campaign.


If we reach a stretch goal of $15,000, we can fully pay for equipment rentals of camera, lights, and sound.

If we reach a stretch goal of $18,000, we can fully pay for our locations.

If we reach a stretch goal of $20,000, we can fully pay for our entire shoot.

Covid 19

Covid 19 has impacted the world in a profound way. In the United Stated, we've seen almost a million deaths, which is more than the entire population of Alaska or South Dakota. We are experiencing a collective trauma. It has also further divided us ideologically and we need to find ways to have compassion and understand each other. 

The safety of our cast and crew is essential. We want to make sure that we are doing our part to keep everyone safe. We will have a Covid Compliance Officer on set and will follow strict Covid protocols. We will have rapid testing on site and will provide N95 masks for the entire team. This adds an extra, but necessary, expense to the budget.



We can disagree and still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist. - James Baldwin



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $1,500

We have a fabulous cast!

Camera, Lighting & Sound

Costs $4,500

We won't be able to call action without the lights and camera!


Costs $1,500

We will be filming on the lovely Citrus College campus.


Costs $3,000

We have an amazing crew & we want to make sure they are paid for their time.

Set Design/Costumes

Costs $1,000

We're turning a college campus into a bus station with a 70's flashback.


Costs $500

We need to feed our cast & crew and keep them nourished for the shoot!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Quinn - Krystal Mosley

A Chicago native, some of her previous credits include “A Dolls House” with Definition Theatre Company, “Orpheus and Eurydice” with The Chicago Opera, and “10 Virgins” with Chicago Dramatist. Along with the upcoming feature “The Neon Highway," Krystal can be seen on CBS' Young and The Restless. She is a company member of Playground LA. 

Tom - Tahmus Rounds

Tahmus has appeared in many television shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, Criminal Minds, and 911 Lonestar. Among other theatre credits, he is a former Blue Man in Blue Man Group, performing over 1000 shows in Chicago, Boston and New York. He is a company member of Playground LA.  

Jenny - Christina Wren

Christina Wren is co-founder of the production company, Two Kids with a Camera, along with her husband, Demetrius Wren. She has produced branded content for clients including Travel Channel, HGTV, PBS and Discovery Digital. She produced live action segments of the Emmy Award winning children's show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, as well as wrote the indie feature film, Saudade?, the web series Half Sisters and America (A Love Song) and the comedy series, Hicksters, which was a Sundance Lab finalist. As an actor, she is most known for stating the obvious in Man of Steel, claiming that Superman is "kinda hot," and reprised the role of Major Carrie Farris in Batman v Superman. Wren plays J.P. Cutler on Amazon Prime series L.A. Macabre and you will soon be able to hear her voice in Netflix’s zombie anime series, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. She is a company member of Playground LA. 

Production Team

We are a group of filmmakers and artists who want to have a positive impact with the art we make and the way we interact with other people. We are committed to showing that diversity makes us stronger. By funding us you are creating a positive ripple effect in the world and helping to support artists living their dream.

Scott Mullen - Screenwriter

Scott Mullen is a playwright specializing in ten-minute plays, whose plays have been performed over 600 times, all over the world - even at the South Pole - and a number have been turned into short films. He is a two-time winner of the Amazon Studios screenwriting contest and is a company member of Playground LA.

Leah Anova - Cinematographer

Leah is a Los Angeles-based Director of Photography. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Cinematography from The American Film Institute Conservatory.  Leah has lent her expertise in lighting, composition and camera work to several features, as well as numerous shorts, series, and commercials. Her formal education in cinematography, combined with her military upbringing and extensive travels, gives Leah her breadth of knowledge, technical prowess, and the ability to think on her feet. Her interests in still photography and painting inform her work and contribute to her unique perspective as a filmmaker. Leah brings the sum of this rich background to each new project she approaches. http://www.leahanovadp.com

Rebecca Hu - Producer

Rebecca Hu is a writer, director and producer who has worked on multiple films and TV shows. She is the writer, director, and producer of the TV series The Fash Life. She is the winner of Project Greenlight's The New Normal contest where her concept has been produced into the TV series Minimum Wage (2017). Her PBS documentary To Climb a Gold Mountain (2016) is a winner of the 2017 Los Angeles Emmy Award in the Independent Programming Category.

Kate Oliva - Producer

Kate is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer, producer, and nonprofit cofounder.

After starting her career in public relations, she went back to school for an MFA in TV Writing & Producing, where she finally found a place she could tell people she gives pirate-themed cards to her one-legged dad without receiving looks of horror. For three years, she ran an indie production company in Brooklyn, wearing all of the hats and creating several award-nominated web series in addition to diverse client work. Since moving to LA in 2016, she has written several comedy pilots and developed/produced projects ranging from short films and YouTube videos to political campaign spots and educational content. The through line of her work is a focus on content geared towards amplifying new voices, creating positive social impact, and (hopefully) making audiences laugh.

Separate from her creative work, Kate is also the cofounder of elePlate, a food sustainability nonprofit.

Frieda de Lackner - Director/Producer

Frieda is a director, producer, actor, and writer; working in both film and theatre. She co-produced the feature Hold On, which was released in theaters December 2019 and was on the qualifying list for the Oscars. Her short films have screened across the United States and in the UK.  She is a current director for Playground LA and an associate producer for 2U. Her mission is to create art that has a positive effect on the people she collaborates with, and for those who experience it. https://www.friedadelackner.com

Bruce Novotny - Editor

Bruce has worked as an editor since 1997, cutting features, documentaries, network TV and advocacy on Avid , Premiere and Final Cut Pro. His strength is clean storytelling in a variety of forms. http://www.brucenovotny.com

LordRifa - Composer

LordRifa is a musician and composer, who has composed scores for multiple films, including two of Frieda's films, By Chance and Meeting Matt Damon. https://www.lordrifa.com/


Current Team