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A story of perseverance through unexpected hardships, 7 Seconds follows hardworking record executive Skylar after she witnesses the death of her artist and close friend. Now she needs to cope with her new reality while facing the biggest changes of her life.

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Mission Statement

Skylar’s struggles within her own mind are something most people can relate to. We want our film to emphasize how different everyone’s mental health journey can be and normalize the idea that it’s ok not to be ok.

The Story

Skylar Sullivan is a determined, up and coming record executive at Sunshine Records where she works alongside her good friend Charles. They’re in the process of finishing their artist, Mikayla’s, first album when she is tragically murdered. Skylar, having witnessed the murder, feels responsible and begins to struggle to return to her everyday life. Fighting an internal battle, she attempts to go about her regular routine and putup a front for her friends and family. As time passes, Skylar seems to be getting everything she ever dreamed of—but what is she hiding from everyone? In the end, true life prevails and all is revealed surrounding Skylar’s unique coping techniques.


We are a group of four passionate film makers creating our first professional film. Each member of our group has spent the past three years learning the ins and outs of our roles and now we have the chance to put that knowledge to use. We are excited to share "7 Seconds" with you and show you what we have learned.


Your contributions will make the world of "7 Seconds" a reality. Any size contribution will help make our film the best it can be. This film is our first major step into the industry and gives us the opportunity to showcase our skills and everything we've learned through our education. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and will help make our capstone projects into something special.


Your contributions will go to a variety of elements in both production and post-production. You can help us hire profesional actors, rent locations, purchase props and wardrobe, have our film professionaly scored and mixed, provide catering, lodging, and transportation, cover festival submission fees, and cover the cost of COVID-19 precautions. All of these elements play a huge role in our final product and we're so thankful for your help along the way!


Our production will adhere to all up to date state and school guidlines in order to keep everyone on our cast and crew healthy!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $2,500

We need a great cast to bring the world of 7 Seconds to life.

Props and Wardrobe

Costs $2,000

In order to create the world of 7 Seconds we need to find the perfect props.


Costs $2,250

Our locations play such a crucial role in the believability of our film.

Post-Production Sound

Costs $1,000

The music of our movie plays a role in the story itself so it's important it sounds great.

Catering, Lodging, & Transportation

Costs $1,500

Nothing's worse than being hungry after a long day on set. We want our actors and crew well fed.

Festival Costs

Costs $500

Having our film played at a festival could open many doors for our future careers.

COVID-19 Precautions

Costs $1,250

Our set will follow up to date COVID-19 guidance and the safety of our cast & crew comes first.

About This Team

Emily is from Long Island, NY. Her love for film began at a young age after being on Sesame Street, acting in films and performing in theatre. She helped begin her high school’s journalism program and has directed numerous shows and film projects.

Last spring Emily interned at H2R Productions in Los Angeles where she learned about the many different aspects involved in creating a variety of content! She can’t wait to see her script come to life and to share it with all of you!

Will is from Queens, NY and has been interested in photography and videography since he was young. He grew his passion in his high school’s TV club and hasn't looked back since.

Outside of school, Will has directed and shot music videos, commercials, and more. Last spring Will interned at Basecamp Supply Co. and Kombine Media where he learned important skills within the film industry that he will use to help bring the vision of 7 Seconds to life!

Alessandra is from Norwood, MA. She has been interested in film since she could walk, and began making content when she was 8.

On campus, has been a member of her school's late-night comedy show, and the satirical paper “The Barnacle” since her freshman year. She is so excited to be part of the 7 Seconds team!

Alex is from Hampstead, New Hampshire. He found his passion for film when he began editing videos when he was 9.

Alex has been working for his school's Division I Athletics department since Freshman year, creating graphics and running events at the People’s United Center. He is excited to help bring 7 Seconds to life and share it with you all!

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