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I mean... who doesn't need a bloody gory love story around Halloween with a bit of sadomasochism, marijuana, brains oozing out of heads, many deaths and possibly a dinosaur? This is an INSANELY FUN and BLOODY movie - but with a clever story and crazy twists! Specially the final one...

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Mission Statement

BRIGHTKNIGHT ENTERTAINMENT LLC is a company by actors for actors, giving opportunities to international/underrepresented professionals working in film! We have many people of many nationalities involved, with the one goal to collaborate and make the best film we can make!

The Story

Welcome to our page!


Angela, a character who is unlike any portrayed in cinema. Angela is a former ballerina who descends into madness. A combination of the suppressive gender roles and a passion that never had its day in the sun, leading to the meltdown - with a bloody aftermath.

A PRODIGAL FEAST is a horror comedy that centers on a dysfunctional family - it's horrific and kind of funny! Dark humor is our language here -- and we are aiming it to be a Halloween release!!!

Also starring as CUDJOE:

Pancho is a wonderful actor, a brilliant stand up comic and he starred in one of my first productions: "The Meltdown Pot," check it out on YOUTUBE, it's a seven episode web series that was made as a pilot for a TV show way back in 2012. He has always been my first choice for the character of Cudjoe (a homage to Stephen King, who I admire deeply, and of course without violating the copyrights by changing the name a bit).

The screenplay for this film has been an integral part of my adult life, I can honetly say I have been writing and rewriting this on and off for about twenty years. The time has come to make it a reality. 


Many spoilers below:

One of my favorite movies is "Crash" by Paul Haggis - I love the way the lives of the characters are intertwined and every action from one affects the other greatly - just like in real life. I wanted to bring a bit of that action-consequence ripple-effect dynamic into a horror comedy setup. From my very fist draft over twenty years ago, this element is something that never changed. I can compare our story with many movies, but here's some movies below, let's put them in a blender and press the "ON" button: 

To that list I'm going to add "TERRIFIER 2" - which was crowdfunded to great success. The practical effects are incredibly good and that is something we want to achieve with our movie. 



About our distribution goals - besides Brazil, we will seek worldwide distribution as soon as we are in post-production and possibly at AFM: I know AFM (American Film Market), I have been there many times. I actually sold a movie at AFM a while back - the first movie I ever produced, "WHY WE TRAIN" was sold there when I met a great distributor who got excited by my project. The Film Festival route can be very exciting, no guarantees here but I'm really looking forward to submitting to Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal (highly regarded as one of the most important niche horror/creature festivals in the world).

Here's some info for you:

The American Film Market is the most efficient film acquisition, development and networking event in the world. Unlike a festival, AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed. More than US$1 billion in deals are sealed every year — on both completed films and those in every stage of development and production.

1000’s of industry professionals from more than 80 countries converge in Santa Monica every November. They include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world’s press and all those who provide services to the motion picture industry.

Beyond AFM, the goal is also target film festivals. By the way, our Producer Sabrina Percario has made a side career as a festival submission strategy expert. If you need it, you can hire her and get amazing guidance in the field. Please visit our TEAM page to learn about everyone involved!!!

A lof of people are working in this film for free or deferred salary - if we go beyond our funding target, more people will be able to get paid! And that would be GRAND! THANK YOU!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Makeup Artist!

Costs $5,700

Top Makeup Artist Professional! 19 days at $300 - so our actors look good and the blood looks good!


Costs $5,000

Besides an estimated 12 gallons of blood, we need severed limbs, intestines, pieces of humans...

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Special Effects!!!

Costs $20,000

Special effects! Blood squirting, limbs cutting, heads rolling, brains oozing out of heads...

About This Team

We have so much talent in or team! See below some key positions: 

About myself, I have produced theater and films both is the US and Brazil. Also I have been acting in over sixty productions (lost count, IMDB not accurate) so the one thing I know very well are movie sets. Been through all sorts of situations, big budgets, low budgets and zero budgets! 

Assembling a great team to make this happen on a low budget was only possible because of my fifteen years living in Los Angeles (and another five prior in New York), meeting great filmmakers along the way. My co-writer Arthur McClen was one of my first friendships upon my arrival in 2007, he's one of the best writers I've ever known and was essential to getting to this final draft. My partner in business at BrightKnight Entertainment LLC, Lou D'Amato, not only a great actor, but someone to keep us grounded as far as our financial decisions. I met him while shooting an indie film back in New York in 2005. My  Producer Sabrina Percario, I met her when she moved to Los Angeles some eight years ago, and gave her some advice on being successful in LA - little did I know she would become a successful actress and producer, hired constantly to produce movies around town. About her,  I have never seene anyone so attentive to detail - she's crafting our budget expertly so that we know exactly where our funds are being spent. Gabby Fiszman was my director in "Becoming Bigfoot" and was brought to our production team to help us navigate production with manpower connections/equipment rentals. Our director of photography Jaime Torres I met through Sabrina, he's bringing his expertise along with a Red Camera Package and other equipment. Our Steadicam Operator Jeremy Weiss will make sure our moving shots are beautiful... Ryan Kelly, our editor (met in New Jersey, he directed one of the first movies I ever acted on in 2004) will be cutting and color grading as we shoot. Carol Canon was the production designer of my last movie I acted in, "Sistema Bruto," a big budget racing action movie! She just moved to Los Angeles and this will be her first American movie! Our Special Effects Supervisor, Joe Harkings, I met back in 2016 when he was directing a proof of concept sci-fi film called "Zero Day," starring Casper Van Dien. I played a soldier fighting giant robots sent from outer space, and I did explode in a gory puff of organic matter. He will be looking closely at our special effects team to make sure things look fantastic!

There's plenty more incredible talent in our team... I urge you to visit our page on IMDB for a better understanding of our team: 



Lynn  Lowry, known for her lead roles in classic horror films such as SHIVERS (1975) and CRAZIES (1973) is starring as ANGELA! She really knows how to deal with things like this: 

And here some of the additional cast: 

New cast addition as Susan, the GOTH GIRL:

Current Team