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Our project is showcasing a new perspective of the classic female protagonist trying to right her past wrongs. It is a battle of morality being told from the voice of a young female filmmaker.

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Mission Statement

Having different backgrounds and experiences, our crew looks to create a captivating cinematic experience that spotlights underrepresented communities. When we don't see ourselves in the content we consume, we are bound to a society where institutional invisibility is accepted unconditionally.

The Story

Our project is showcasing a new perspective of the classic female protagonist trying to right her past wrongs. It is a battle of morality being told from the voice of a young female filmmaker.



As a Black woman growing up in a world where the media and entertainment industry rarely displayed positive imagery of people that look like her, our director, Rachel Taylor, generated a passion for being a part of positive and fantastical story telling that surrounds Black people and other people of color (POC) in lead roles. Heavily inspired by Black female filmmakers like Issa Rae, Rachel enjoys stories that involve POC facing everyday problems, rather than those that focus on historical traumas. 



For Rachel, Film and Television are ways for people to get out of their heads and into the world of the stories on screen. Real life elements help the audience to connect with and even see themselves in the characters, but stressing on unfortunate events in the real world news can be detrimental to the imaginative experience of movie-going that is intended to leave people with a feel-good feeling that keeps them wanting more. 



With A Token of the Heart, Rachel’s intention is to show an exaggerated situation of a very real contemplation that people face everyday: the choice of prioritizing their outward display of character, or their personal ideals of integrity. Owing the debt of “a simple favor,” our story’s protagonist, Reagan Johnson, finds herself in a particularly unpleasant dilemma in which she must choose between maintaining relationships with her loved ones, and righting her wavering code of ethics. 



This campaign will launch this story from the pages of the script onto the big screen where a wide audience will be able to enjoy it for years to come. When the final cut of the film is complete, there will be a special screening for our audience, in-person and virtually, followed by a highly anticipated run in a number of film festivals. 



If we are fortunate enough to surpass our funding goal, our Stretch Goals include more extensive production design, allocations towards a publicist to properly market the film to potential distributors, additional film festival submissions, and more. 

We greatly appreciate any contribution towards the making of this film. Don’t forget to share our campaign with your peers by tagging us on Instagram @atokenoftheheart, on Twitter @TokenoftheHeart, and Facebook at Tokenof LoveFilm. We can’t wait to go on this cinematic journey with you!



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Equipment Truck

Costs $350

To safely and efficiently transport all of our film equipment between locations.

The Talent

Costs $1,700

To have the best actors, we need to compensate each of them fairly for their time spent with us.


Costs $1,200

Contingency plans for this production are necessary to ensure effectiveness and stability.

On-Set Sound Mixer

Costs $240

To have clean audio that enhances the visual experience of the film.

Feeding our Cast and Crew

Costs $1,500

Providing meals and snacks throughout the shoot will keep everyone nourished and ready to work.

Wardrobe & Costume Design, H&MU

Costs $1,000

Proper design will allow our cast to look the part as they portray each individual character.

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $1,200

To share this film nationally and internationally, the festival circuit is the way to go.

The Production Design

Costs $2,100

The environment of a film is what brings each scene to life, visually and authentically.

The Locations

Costs $1,200

Perfect locations will encourage the desired suspension of disbelief for our audience.

The Music

Costs $300

To commission a skilled artist to score the final film, to tie the story together beautifully.

Fees & Other Costs

Costs $1,800

Having additional funds allows us to be prepared to cover unexpected costs that may arise.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Our crew stems from a variety of backgrounds; from Bolivia, to Jamaica, to Puerto Rico, to the Eastern United States, we are proud of the diverse talent and experiences each one of our crew members has to bring to this project. Our Director’s vision is crafted from having the creative, visual eye of a Cinematographer- her primary focus in this industry. Her hands-on experience and extensive resume including work on Delilah (OWN Network), Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. (Gracie Films/Lionsgate), and a multitude of commercials and short films will allow her to approach production from different perspectives in order to carry out the most effective plan for the film. 

With a phenomenal, award winning Cinematographer, as well as a gifted, award winning Production Designer on the team, we look forward to creating visual content that remains in the minds of our audience long after they have watched the film. The continued enthusiasm brought to the production by our Producers, Costume Designer, Casting Director, and other crew is outstanding. Everyone involved in this project has truly put their hearts in it with the goal of bringing to life a story to be shared for years to come.



Current Team