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Upon attending a party for her friend’s documentary, a woman undergoes a rather intimate interview about the inner workings of her marriage. As the evening unfolds, she finds that the questions continue off camera as she encounters the very temptation she had just renounced ever succumbing to..

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The Story

ABBIE AT THE PARTY came out of a fascination with the topics of love and marriage and from interviewing and talking with people about their experiences within these fundamental beliefs and institutions. In doing so there was found this common thread of confusion wherein we're finding ourselves equally protective of such things and yet struggling with how to justify them in today's world. As the ever transient and rapidly paced nature of our society doesn't always gel with the sense of permanency and red tape that comes with marriage.  And more specifically, in why we choose to marry, how we stay married, and how we behave within marriage. 


And while the male perspective on this was one I felt we had seen represented before, it was the female perspective I became drawn to and intrigued by as the complex and layered reasoning behind that struggle was one I saw emerging in an unexpected way that I felt had yet to really be explored.  In telling ABBIE's story, I saw an opportunity to start a conversation that I hope will inspire more conversations and lead to a greater discussion about how we move forward into entering love and marriage with a deeper awareness of ourselves and of what we're really getting into when we say 'I do'.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

15 Passenger Van

Costs $125

To get our lovely cast and crew to and from our beautiful location.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $175

To make sure we hear the voices of this piece, loud and clear

Location Rental Fee

Costs $1,500

To provide the exact feel of ABBIE's world

Compact HD - Canon EOS C300

Costs $900

To capture ABBIE's story beautifully and clearly

Craft Services Food

Costs $150

To keep the cast and crew's blood sugar optimal for shooting overnight

General Liability Insurance

Costs $800

To protect our equipment, property and most importantly our people throughout the night

First Assistant Director

Costs $200

Cause without him we're lost. To steer us smoothly and swiftly through the night

Hard Drive

Costs $300

So that we can store and back up all of that incredible footage

Script Supervisor

Costs $150

To make sure all of Abbie's twists and turns are captured accurately


Costs $1,500

There's no movie without her. She'll take ABBIE's footage and make a story out of it.

Sound Designer

Costs $200

We'll definitely need some help in post to make it all sound just right.


Costs $500

Music will be crucial to setting the tone and creating the emotional arc of ABBIE's journey


Costs $200

Gotta feed our talented cast and crew so they have the fuel needed to keep pushing through the night


Costs $400

She'll make sure those day for night shots actually look like night and match the rest of the film

China (Paper) Lanterns

Costs $50

To give our world, and especially our characters, a softer glow

Lighting Package

Costs $750

To lighten up the shadows in ABBIE's world.. and to shoot at night. Need that light to be just right

Art Director

Costs $100

To add the right elements, color, props and aesthetic

Festival Fees

Costs $500

We'd love to be able to submit ABBIE to festivals and get her story seen by a wider global audience

About This Team

We have an amazing group of talented people involved with this project, both in the cast and and the crew.  And they're all incredibly enthusisatic about making this story happen and sharing it with you!


Ben Mears - Director of Photography
Ben is a powerhouse of a filmmaker and a gem of a guy. Based in Los Angeles, Ben directs, produces, shoots, and edits branded content of all different shapes and sizes for a living.  And in just a few short years, Ben has shot a number of notable narrative films that have been screened at festivals around the world including the Berlin Independent Film Festival, the LA Indie Film Fest, Sci-Fi London, and many others.  His 2013 film, The Black Tulip was awarded the jury prize for best short film at Sci-Fi London.  He loves working with creative people, and doing things that broaden his perspective of the world and the people in it.



Erin Segal - Writer/Director/Producer
A graduate of New York University's TISCH School of the Arts, Erin holds a BFA in Drama, and upon relocating to Los Angeles, an alumnae status through the three year screenwriting program at Writer's Boot Camp. In addition to acting and writing, Erin has worked as a Production Designer and Art Director on commercials, pilots, and music videos such as Halsey’s GHOST directed by Malia James, and feature films such as ECHO PARK starring Mamie Gummer and directed by Amanda Marsalis, and CAUGHT starring Anna Camp and directed by Maggie Kiley. Both films premiered at the LA Film Festival. She has a unique combination of experience in the technical and production aspects of filmmaking as well as a lifetime of studying and exploring the craft, beauty and importance of storytelling. 



Cora Benesh - ABBIE

Andrew Pierno - CHRIS

Kate Danson - LAUREN

Nina Fehren - SOPHIE

Paul Krist – ROB


Current Team