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No one knows how to adult! ADULTIN’ represents the everyday challenges new adults face, from laundry to bills, and encourages everyone to understand that every experience is valid and we want to portray that in a way that people can relate to.

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Mission Statement

Stories matter! As women of color, we want to give a voice to characters not normally seen in front AND behind the camera. Our crew is 80% POC, and we understand that ADULTIN’ is not only a show but a tool to exhibit how we see the world and empowering others to see POC in a positive light.

The Story

Grown Folk Business


Adultin’ is an anthology web series that will examine the personal struggles associated with growing up as we move toward adulthood. Specifically the mundane, overlooked, but necessary, tasks that may weigh differently on all of us as we grow, learn, & figure out this concept called adulthood. This series aims to creatively highlight the ambiguity that comes with adultin’.

Throughout Season 1, we will explore Sex, Bills, Laundry, Groceries, and our relationships with our Parents through the scripted and unscripted segments. 



Adultin’ is for everyone with woes about certain aspects of adult life. Whether that’s living with roommates or dating, everyone can either relate or laugh as they watch.

The scripted segment creatively highlights niche situations young adults face in a way that resembles a short film.



Whereas the unscripted segment will dive deeper into these topics as we invite everyday people to share their own perspectives on these topics. All of them are just as valid as the next because there’s no one way to adult.



This combined format promotes both creativity and ingenuity while accurately conveying adulthood in the form of art.

In producing this work of art, our mission is to create a space where everyday people can come together and relate their exact experiences to what’s shown on the screen, while also being main contributors to the show by being as real as possible.

While we’re finally being recognized in front of the camera, we have a long way to go for people behind the camera. Adultin’ will give a platform to creatives of color, from all backgrounds, a space to practice their expertise as they become exposed to the roles they will occupy in their careers.



Adultin’ recognizes that young adults tend to lose themselves at this time and we want to remind our peers that, yes this experience is new, but it is OURS and we can do whatever we want.

That is why we want to align ourselves with a non-profit that focuses on mental health for people of color. We will donate $1 of our own personal funds for every 1,000 views we receive once our web series launches in June 2019.



With your contribution, we’ll be able to bring the most compelling visuals and overall energy from our cast and crew as they’ll see the support and bring their absolute best to the show.

Here’s Where You Come In!


Your contribution will help assist with:



We can’t do this without your help. We hope you resonate with our message and contribute some coins to help us achieve our goal of creating an inclusive series that will make you feel something inside as we showcase the beauty and woes of ADULTIN’.

Anything and everything counts. So please like and share our Seed & Spark - we’d truly appreciate it.





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Costs $3,400

We'd love to pay our crew for their time and dedication because we all still have bills to pay.


Costs $1,000

Protection is key! We want to stay ahead of the game and cover ourselves in case of stormy weather.


Costs $1,200

Having consistent, quality gear will ensure that we deliver the best footage possible!


Costs $1,000

Fed crew, happy crew! We want our set to be filled with energy and that comes from being well fed.


Costs $2,500

We want to connect with our audience digitally AND in person through events leading up to the show!


Costs $500

Sazon? Adobo? Lawry's? However you spice it up is exactly what we'll need to do with props!


Costs $2,400

Compensating the stars of our show for their talent would bring the best performance to the screen.

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About This Team



Paulette Marte is a Director, Producer and recent graduate of New York University. She started her college career majoring in history with intentions to attend law school but decided that she didn’t want to do homework for the rest of her life. After taking production classes, Paulette felt a stronger connection to film and decided to minor in Producing which resulted in her switching career lanes. This led to several internships, including a position on HBO’s Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge in NYC and Annapurna Pictures during the Summer of 2018 after her graduation. She is currently working as a Production Associate on an upcoming HBO documentary about asylum seekers.


Though she decided to not pursue history, her tactical mind and strong conviction makes for a phenomenal Director and Producer. Her mind is as sharp as her vision is clear and she's able to get her point across to anyone who's listening.


After growing up in the Bronx, Paulette dreams of inflicting change in the film industry by bringing young people of color, specifically women, to the forefronts of production and shining a light on stories that would not otherwise be told while developing her own creative ideas in the process.


Kayra Clouden is a Producer and recent graduate from the University of New Haven. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Bachelor of Science in T.V/Video Production, Kayra moved to New York City where she is now a Development Assistant for Viacom’s MTV and VH1.


After growing up on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands and possessing a ton of dreams that seemed next to impossible for a young girl, Kayra began channeling her creative urges into her blog and videos which she did not begin to create until her Sophomore year of college. She has since launched and developed two other digital shows with ADULTIN' being her third.

Kayra has huge dreams of doing it all. From producing, to writing, to acting and directing, as well as owning and operating a successful digital production network - Kayra acknowledges that the limit does not exist.


It is Kayra's ultimate mission to inspire other young dreamers who may not 'have it all' to go out and make their dreams work for them through persistence, dedication, positivity and simply having fun.



Malique Daniels is a Freelance Editor and recent grad of Georgia State University where she obtained a Bachelor's in Film and Video while minoring in Entertainment Media Management.


Malique aspires to one day edit for film and television and in her early twenties, she discovered that all of her childhood dreams were overshadowed by the realities of adulthood. Determined to cultivate her own success, she decided to move to NYC from her hometown of ATL in 2017. Once she made the official move, it was clear that she’d have to grind harder than she ever did before.


Becoming a successful editor is not something that happens overnight and requires countless hours of work, often unpaid, to get one foot in the door. Still holding on dearly to her dream, she began freelancing as a video editor for Bossip while feeding into her passion in order to perfect her craft.


Malique learned that the key to overcoming your dreams is to not be afraid and to consistently live outside of your comfort zone. The saying “If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere,” resonates more and more with her as she begins to witness the pieces of her vision coming together - like a Premiere Pro sequence!

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