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ADULTING is a comedy series about the best and worst time of your life: your 20s. Why did no one ever tell you that life would be this hard? Or what a renter's insurance policy does? Our series explores the fun of that, while the creators are living it.

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Mission Statement

90% of our cast and crew is female, and we feel strongly about working with women and telling women's stories. All of us have seen first-hand the impact that female leadership can make on set, and we want to create more opportunities for that magic to happen.

The Story

adulting (v): to carry out one, or more, of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals. Exclusively used by those who adult less than 50% of the time. - Urban Dictionary


Adulting is also a comedic web series about an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie, who take their first stab at the real world together, and attempt to be adults. (Key word: attempt). 




Created by Cassidy Davis, season one was released in the fall of 2017 with most of the episode ideas and content drawn from the real lives of the creators and producers. As stories were told of adulting faux pas, she realized that not only were the stories hilarious, but people young and old could relate to, and laugh at, these mistakes. As the show has grown, we've expanded the writing team to include Jenna Simmons and Mallory Fuccella who bring even more of their own hilarious mistakes and learning experiences to the Adulting World. Just like in real life, the problems that the girls run into are increasingly complex, so the goal for the series is to follow their growth and poke fun at their problems. Because does Adulting ever really end?


Adulting was created to make people laugh, to make us all feel less alone, to give a platform to female filmmakers, and to remind people of the things we have in common: the daily struggle.



  • Over 30,000 views on YouTube
  • Over 3K Social Media Following
  • Cast/crew is 90% female
  • Shot in Los Angeles, CA
  • Distribution with YouTube, Funny or Die, and Stareable.




Adulting has been accepted into 10 festivals, receiving nominations such as Best Comedy Series and Best Lead Actress in a series. 



Here are some reviews we've received...


"What makes “Adulting” unique and hilarious is the way that the filming pulls you into Katie and Charlie’s story"- Woman and Hollywood BLOG


"Adulting is a Top 30 Web Series YouTube Channel to Follow"- Feedspot


"I'm so proud of you!"- Mom







In season one we met Katie, a happy-go-lucky dreamer, and Charlie, her cynical and pessimistic best friend, during one of the biggest changes of their lives: moving to LA. They came with big dreams and empty wallets, and quickly learned how difficult it was to live without their parents’ support. From finding apartments to cooking dinner - the girls learned life lessons the hard way: failing hard and pushing through.






The girls found an apartment, found mattresses, found jobs, and now comes the hard part: building a life in a new city. Season 2 starts three months after we last saw Katie and Charlie, and it explores the evolution of relationships as the girls start the next phase of their lives. How do they build a community from scratch? How do they balance making enough money to live, and having enough fun for it to be worth it?  How do they create meaningful, happy lives without relying too much on one another? Now that the post-college bubble has burst, the girls are forced to be realistic about their situation and reconcile with their dreams.






We can't do this on our own, that's why we need you! Your contribution goes a long way in helping us reach our goal. Filmmaking is EXPENSIVE, even for a low budget web series like Adulting. Just enough food to keep the crew going on a 12 hour shoot day will cost us $600 over the four episodes.  To show you where your money will be going we broke it down here:




Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us, and consider donating to our campaign! If you want to stay in touch with the Adulting team and be notified when we release new content our social media info is below!







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Cash Pledge

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Restaurant Location Rental

Costs $1,000

This covers the cost of renting a restaurant for us to shoot an episode in.

Office Location Rental

Costs $500

This covers the cost of renting an office location for us to shoot an episode in!

Bar Location Rental

Costs $400

This covers the cost of renting a rooftop bar for part of a day to shoot a scene in!

Canon C200 Rental

Costs $600

This covers the cost of renting a Canon C200 to shoot with, as well as lenses that we may need.

Camera Team

Costs $2,000

A camera team helps shoot the whole episode and make it look beautiful. Just slightly crucial... ;)

Lighting Team

Costs $1,600

This funds a team of people to come light every shot- imperative to making the show look amazing!

Sound Team

Costs $1,600

This team records all the sound on set and makes sure it sounds beautiful!

Post Production Team

Costs $1,500

This covers the cost of editing, coloring, and making the show look great!

Post Production Sound

Costs $1,500

This covers the cost of composing music, sound design, and everything needed to finalize the sound!

General Crew

Costs $1,000

This covers the cost of Production Assistants, Script Supervisors, etc who are imperative on set!

General Equipment Rental

Costs $600

This covers the cost of general equipment rentals like supplemental lights, C-stands, floppys, etc.


Costs $600

This covers the cost of props and wardrobe that we need for the show!


Costs $500

This is something that is required on set to make sure we are covered in case anything goes wrong

Craft Services

Costs $600

This covers the cost of feeding the crew during production. 12 hour days require fuel! :)


Costs $1,000

Hiring someone to do our PR and Marketing is instrumental in helping our series get seen!

Festival Application/Travel Fees

Costs $1,000

Applying to & attending festivals can be super expensive, but they help us our reach enormously!

About This Team



CASSIDY NASH DAVIS (Creator, Executive Producer, Co-Star)

Cassidy is the go-to for all things Adulting, from creating it, to writing and directing the first season. She's a proud University of Pittsburgh graduate, and is currently working as an actor in Los Angeles. Learn more at:





MALLORY JEAN FUCCELLA (Co-Executive Producer, Co-Star)

Mallory has been touring a solo children’s show to elementary schools all across America and abroad teaching kids kindness and character development through magic and storytelling.  She performs stand-up regularly in LA and on the road. Recent credits include The Comedy Store, House of Blues in New Orleans, and Mall of America in Minneapolis. Learn more at:





JENNA SIMMONS (Co-Executive Producer, Director)

Jenna appeared in the first episode of Adulting as the landlord and has been a member of the production team ever since. She was trained at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York, as well as the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, she works as a Development Executive for a writer/producer with an overall deal at Universal Television.





SAMMI BEGELMAN (Associate Producer, Assitant Director)

Sammi is a graduate of Temple University who currently works as a freelance Set PA and Office PA in Los Angeles. Recent credits include RuPaul’s Drag Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Little BigShots, and The Four. She also just completed work on the feature “Clemency” starring Alfre Woodard.






Lian is a Temple graduate and currently an assistant film editor at Pace Pictures. She was first introduced to film at age 9, filming home videos using her grandfather's camera. Credits include A Christmas Prince 2 for Netflix, Pear and Paradise for Hallmark, and the recently released Princess Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens for Netflix. 



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