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When Christina's father loses the one connection she has to her mother, she’s willing to risk their quirky and loving relationship to get it back.

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Mission Statement

“As a Haitian-American filmmaker, my work - inspired by real people and actual events - examines social issues surrounding children, families and the immigrant experience. And as the child of immigrants, I’m enlivened by this short because of Christina’s wide-eyed determination.” - Mirta Desir

The Story


AFTER is a dramatic heart-warming story of hope, family and the determination to be with the people we love in spite of impossible odds. Christina, a precocious 8-year-old, and her father, Alex, an “illegal” Haitian-Cuban immigrant are not only father and daughter but business partners, if you hear Christina tell it. Both Christina’s and Alex’s livelihood revolve around food delivery gigs. However, things go left fast when Alex loses their phone - and with it their tenuous ability to make money and connect with Victoria, Christina’s mother. When Alex takes his frustration out on her, Christina decides to take matters into her own hand -- risking both the relationship between her and her father and the disappointment of her mother. Based on multiple true stories, this short examines the personal cost of trying to be with the people you love as well as the impact of immigration policies on families and the individual.


Deuce, Dir. Alice Felgate


"After" draws inspiration from Barry Jenkin’s "Moonlight," Chris Weitz’s “A Better Life,” and Gabriele Muccino’s “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

To make the film feel authentic and personal, like "Moonlight," the film will be cast in the director’s adopted hometown New York City. The film will rely on natural light, be shot mostly handheld, and have a dreamlike feel that immerses the audience in the world of the protagonist Christina. 

Like “A Better Life” and  “The Pursuit of Happyness,” the city itself will be a character -- at times it will appear entirely Eden-like when Christina and Alex are in the park but rundown and seedy when they are in the McDonald’s parking lot late at night, the city assumes all the dimensions of the American dream itself.

To create intimacy, the film will be shot with extreme close-ups. Edges of the frame may sometimes be out of focus to create the feeling of a cloudy memory. Color will also juxtapose past and present. Present-day Christina’s environment is cool-colored in contrast to Christina’s memories of the happier times with her mother and father. 


According to the ACLU, although international human rights documents firmly estab­lish the principle that no human being can be “illegal” or outside the protection of the law the U.S. government policies continue to sanction human rights violations against migrants and im­migrants.

Overall, federal immigration enforcement policies, including both border enforcement measures by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and enforcement within our borders by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) - have led to an increase in racial profiling, border killings, and denial of due process rights. Immigrant workers are often abused, exploited, and have become scapegoats and victims of racism and stereotyping.

We hope After will reach those who are open to learning more. Maybe even help change one life.


I chose to write and direct this film for several reasons. First, as a teenager I lived in my car during one of the most difficult periods of my life. Currently, families living in cars, otherwise known as the “hidden homeless population” or “vehicular homelessness” has increased significantly -- in 2019, more than 200,000 individuals experienced unsheltered homelessness -- and that number has reportedly more than doubled since COVID-19. The opportunity to work with this compelling story and share it through a cinematic lens is for me an opportunity that would shine a light on a systemic problem that exists in our society.

Second, undocumented immigrants are the least protected workers and they are the most likely unable to make a sustainable living. For instance, immigrants are the most vulnerable gig economy workers, with long hours, no job security and weak ties to social welfare systems. As an immigrant and as a child of immigrants, this is something that I have seen many times within my community.

In conclusion, I choose to direct films that examine social issues -- like those explored in “After.” I aim to engage the audience on a visceral level, so that the audience is not just watching the stories unfold, but experiencing the feelings of the characters.



AFTER is written and directed by me, Mirta Desir. I will also be co-producing it.

I am proud to produce it with Jores Phillipe and Ayesha Mubin.


The talented Luisa Madrid will be our Director of Photography.

First, thanks to the New York Women In Film Scholarship Fund we’ve covered our pre-production cost.

Also, thanks to Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, we have saved a lot on equipment, crew, and insurance! This campaign's $9,558 goal will cover additional equipment rentals, actor pay, production design, wardrobe, and hair/makeup and additional services!


AFTER shows how immigration policies have long-lasting consequences on each member of the family in very unique ways and on the family unit as whole. It also highlights the unique struggles, pressures and confusion that a young child may face.  While some people may brush off "After" as "small" or "insignificant," this film shows how that all-too-common American dream of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is nearly impossible for many minorities and especially immigrants and how certain temporary policies impact some for a lifetime.

By telling the universal story of a family facing difficult circumstances and the complicated relationship between father and daughter through the specificity of a Haitian-Cuban lens, this film hopes to inspire audiences to find commonalities with their own childhood so they may deepen empathy, understanding, and regard marginalized people with their whole humanity.

For those who are the children of immigrants or immigrants themselves, I hope this film makes your experience feel heard and seen.  I hope this film makes us hug our parents tighter, have a better understanding of their struggles and the sacrifices they have made for us, and I hope this film is added to your list of movies that reflect your pride in being an immigrant in America.




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We thank you again for all your love and support. Together we can make this short film and bring the change we want to see.

p.s. if you're interested in looking to support those impacted by the August 14, 2021 earthquake in Haiti - check out Link Haiti ( ) -- it has a list of small to mid-sized organizations to choose from that are doing great work with minimal financial support in the country. #donatesmall 


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About This Team

We are fortunate enough to have a passionate team, most of them based within New York City. Our crew has come together to breathe life into this story about this loving quirky father-daughter relationship who are going through an exceptionally difficult time. Needless to say, this film is very near to our hearts.

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