After Tomorrow

Florence, Alabama | Film Short

Drama, Sci-Fi

Cole Johnson

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Delilah catches her boyfriend cheating on her the day they are to become engaged. She becomes consumed by the tragedy, only comforted by an A.I. system that is ingrained within her. The A.I. presents her with a choice: to continue living her life of despair, or live forever in a "perfect-world."

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Mission Statement

More and more, we use technology and social media to distract ourselves from confronting reality. As our team reflects on 2020 and move forward into 2021, we want to tell an impactful story of comfort and hope that explores the pain of isolation and the need for connection.

The Story

If you were given the option to live in a world that is custom-tailored to your idea of perfection, would you? Instinctively, most of us would answer this question by saying "no." However, in many ways, we are already trying to live in a perfect world. We escape through social media and video games that put us in a different reality. We indulge in alcohol and drugs which alter our state of being. We are trying to live in our idea of perfection constantly. This film explores this never-ending quest to reach perfection and the role that technology can serve in this quest.



This film features Delilah, a young woman who spends her time in and out of an augmented reality. So wait, what is this... augmented reality? Well, it all begins with our A.I. character, ASTER. ASTER is an A.I. system ingrained in all humans in this world. It acts as an extension of one's brain, evolved to the point where it has the capabilities to manipulate an individual's reality. Curious as to how the presence of ASTER affects Delilah and her relationships? Or how we will bring the character of ASTER to life? Or even the extent in which ASTER can manipulate a person's world? Then please help us get this film made! Check out all the ways that you can contribute:



We are not asking for a donation. We are asking to COLLABORATE. Filmmaking IS a costly process though, so PLEASE consider supporting this film financially. But regardless, support can come from anywhere, even just by watching the final film! We want YOU to be part of our team. Our goal is for you to believe in this project as much as our amazing cast and crew does!

So, with that being said, what separates this film from others that you may have seen? It's the people behind it. We believe in the story that we are telling whole-heartedly. But, the story means nothing if our team can't bring it to life. Every person working on this film is hungry to make a true impact through their art. We have all been working tirelessly thoughout our careers to sharpen our skills, all in hopes to make a film that is able to stand out and make a difference -- especially in these trying times. We believe that this is the film that will do so. So again, we ask that you join this team of hardworking people so that we can all be contributors in telling the story of "After Tomorrow." 

By supporting this project, you are not only contributing to the project itself -- but, you're supporting the talented artists that are involved in the making of. Here is a "projected budget" breakdown of this project:



Filmmaking is unpredictable -- but somehow, some way, everything comes together in the end with the right people behind it. We want to be as TRANSPARENT with you guys as possible, truly bringing you along for the ride. So PLEASE, follow us on YouTube and other social media platforms -- we will be producing as much content as we can to make this film entertaining, all the way from "the making of" until the final product. Thank you for your time and THANK YOU FOR JOINING OUR TEAM. Please reach out to us for any questions or inquiries!



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Costs $500

Can a film be good if it doesn't have a good score? This one probably can't.


Costs $500

Starving our cast and crew wouldn't be a good look...

Equipment (Lens Kit)

Costs $250

We want to make this film BEAUTIFUL. What's one of the ways we are going to achieve that? LENSES!

Festival Fees

Costs $250

Who knew it would be so expensive to POTENTIALLY be admitted into a festival celebrating films...

Location Fees

Costs $250

Airbnb will be our best friend when making this film!


Costs $250

To ensure that our cast and our sets look EXTRA fresh!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team


Mary-Maggie is a senior at the University of North Alabama majoring in Theatre. She is a force to be reckoned with in front of the camera and is still hunting for her breakout role. Mary-Maggie has, however, amounted an impressive portfolio between theatre and film alike -- playing the lead role in the acclaimed theatre production "Sylvia" as well as playing supporting roles in productions of "Little Shop of Horrors" and "West Side Story." Mary-Maggie has also played key roles in several student films throughout her college career. A sample can be found here:



Jacob (Jake) graduated in 2019 with a BA in Theatre. Like Mary-Maggie, he too has an impressive acting background that spans across theatre and film. In local productions of "Waiting for Godot", "Macbeth", and "Little Shop of Horrors", Jake carried the shows as the lead. Jake has also played lead roles in countless short films based in North Alabama and is set to star in his first feature film early 2021. Check out Jake's acting reel here:



Princeton is primed and ready for a big break. He has already been able to book a role on "NCIS: New Orleans" as well as countless other short films, feature films, and TV series. On top of acting, Princeton is one of the founding members of the Divine Legacy Conservatory based in Huntsville, Alabama. Princeton is an amazing talent, a full portfolio of is already successful career can be found here:



Cole is a senior at the University of North Alabama majoring in Cinematic Arts. Although is film career is young, Cole has managed to produce over 40 short films beginning at the age of 12. So, he is very experienced in the art of making something out of nothing. However, if this film fails, all the blame goes to him. The team has confidence in him though (so they say). Maybe after checking out his latest two projects, you will too: 1.  2.

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