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Last summer we put our resources together and made a pilot that we're all proud of. It's our intention to create a six-part series but we need your help to make it happen. So please check out our pilot and, if you like it, consider donating! Check out the pilot here!

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The Story

Alexandra Larson, an experienced life coach in her mid-30s living in Los Angeles, works hard to help others while struggling with her own existential crisis. Over the course of six episodes, the complexities of her long-term romantic relationship play out alongside her increasingly intimate interactions with family, friends, clients, and strangers. What unfolds is a portrait of a modern professional woman caught in the throes of passion and solitude.

The concept for this series sprang from our desire to create an immersive character study in a short-form medium. In our initial conversations about Alexandra, we talked about our shared interest in finding a cinematic grammar capable of expressing challenging relationship dynamics. We wanted to tell a story with a strong, complex female protagonist who was capable of exploring strengths and insecurities in a nuanced way. While there's been an explosion of female-centric web-based comedy recently, we asked ourselves what it would be like to tell a dramatic story through this medium, about someone who can be strong and inspirational to those around her, but at the same time be navigating her own intense inner turmoil.



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Equipment

Costs $750

Camera, lenses, and accessories (monitor, tripod, etc). We shot the pilot on the Black Magic Cinema Camera but hope for an Alexa package.

Production Insurance

Costs $850

In order to rent equipment or locations, we must have production insurance coverage.


Costs $600

We need to hire an editor to cut together the episodes.


Costs $600

We need to hire a colorist to color correct the image and really make it pop.


Costs $600

We need to hire a composer to score the episodes. Music will give life to the story and imagery.

Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer

Costs $600

We need to hire a post sound person to do the sound design as well as do the final mix.

Craft Service

Costs $300

We need to provide snacks and water to our hard-working crew throughout the shoot days.


Costs $900

Based on labor law, we need to break for lunch after 6 hours of working and need to provide a meal to our cast and crew.


Costs $750

We need to rent locations, including a cabin in the woods, preferably on the coast.


Costs $750

We need to get film permits to shoot in some of the locations where we will be filming.

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist

Costs $500

We need to hire a makeup artist/hair stylist for our cast.

Costume Designer

Costs $500

We need to hire a costume designer to create the wardrobe for the different characters.

Wardrobe Supplies

Costs $450

We need to rent/purchase the costumes for the different characters.


Costs $500

We need to hire a gaffer to control the lighting for the image.

Lighting/Grip Package

Costs $900

We need to rent a lighting package to provide the specific lighting needed for the story.

Sound Mixer and Gear

Costs $750

We need to hire a sound mixer and gear to record all of the production sound.


Costs $500

We need to hire a cinematographer to film the image and lead the camera department.

1st Assistant Camera

Costs $500

We need to hire a 1st AC to pull focus and help the cinematographer achieve the image that he/she is going for.

2nd Assistant Camera/DIT

Costs $500

We need to hire a 2nd AC/DIT to help maintain the camera equipment, slate, and organize the footage onto harddrives.

Key Grip

Costs $500

We need to hire a Key Grip.

Production Designer

Costs $500

We need to hire a production designer to create the environment that the characters will be inhabiting.

Art Supplies

Costs $450

We need to rent/purchase art supplies for the production design.


Costs $500

We need to hire a producer to do all of the administrative stuff, including dealing with crew payment, cast paperwork, etc.

1st Assistant Director

Costs $500

We need to hire a 1st AD to help run the set and make sure everything is happening on schedule.

Production Assistants

Costs $750

We need to hire 2 Production Assistants to help with the miscellaneous tasks that come up on set.

About This Team

Joseph Pedi is a writer and filmmaker born and raised in New York's Hudson Valley. He graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with an MFA in Film Directing and currently lives in Los Angeles. His short films have screened at REDCAT and NewFilmmakers New York at Anthology Film Archives.

Emilie Sabath's (Alexandra) film works have screened nationally and internationally at the Prague Quadrennial, The Hammer Museum, REDCAT/Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Portland Film Festival, and the PACT Festival in Essen, Germany. Her performance work was seen at the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival, and earned her an invitation to apply to the 2014 Sundance New Frontier Story Lab. An MFA graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, she lives in
Los Angeles with her rescue pup, Floyd.

Matt Warren was born and raised in Upstate New York, where he studied film criticism and production at SUNY Purchase and Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a screenwriter currently living in Los Angeles.

Producer Natalie Metzger's work has been showcased at festivals around the world, earning multiple awards along the way. Her sci-fi script IMMORTAL recently won Gold at the Page International Screenwriting Awards. She was also one of 25 filmmakers selected for the Cinecause Women’s Initiative for her documentary SPECIAL BLOOD. Metzger holds a Master of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University.


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