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In this crime thriller Alpha is about A failed reporter that tries to find the source of the Alpha substance that gives people weird and random disabilities, but is invited to dinner unknowingly from the maker Alpha. I want to share my love to the crime thriller community of film.

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Mission Statement

No one likes to fail and there was a lot of times where I have failed. Failure is the best teacher, when I finally succeeded I got this feeling like I ascended to another level. The protagonist and antagonist in this short film go through this. Just like me it will relate a lot to you.

The Story



This story world known as the Zare universe is real grounded and gritty universe. There will be 4 short films about twisted and complicated villans, Who will eventually all team up to take down a detctive who has been hot on their trail. Zare is about a couple who are on the run for leaking vital information but they encounter a dice rolling serial killer philosopher named Zare. This story is the opening of the world that you are entering. Zare was filmed in 2019 and can be found on youtube via search bar ZARE (2019). 

                                SYNOPSIS OF ALPHA

Alpha is the second story of this universe and the most important. Without giving spoilers, this story will be the catalyst of what's to come in the future short films. Failed reporter Felicity Nix  tries to find the source of a substance that gives people random disabities but, she gets invited to an apartment whose owner is the creator of the substance ALPHA. The characters will go through a journey of failure and what it means to live up to something even of the outcome you get is nothing that you have never expected.

 We understand the word disabiility is a strong word, so here is a few example that we mean for this story.The disablities you can get but are not limited to are becoming paralyzed,deformed,deaf and even blindness.

                                THEME OF ALPHA                                                       

The theme of this short film is failure. In this short both the protagonist and antagonist go through there own version of failure. It shows how they deal with it whether if it is good or bad. This theme is important because we all do fail and we should be ok with that because it starts us on the journey of becoming sucessful. As the old yoda has taught us faliure is the best teacher.

                                ORGINS OF ALPHA

There is more to Alpha then meets the eye. For spoilers that I won't go fully into it. Alpha is made from a scientist family called the Wolf family and this pacticualr family lives by a code as if there were a human wolf pack. In ww2 they were brought in to make a serum that will have people feel intense pain in the inside while still keeping them alive. This serum was going to be used as an hardcore interrogation product. Due to alot of death in the test subjects the goverment shut them down. Additionally to that the goverment sent out death squads to the family to get rid of their "loose ends". The wolf family went into hiding and countinued to make   the serum perfect and would soon be called Alpha. This will take generations and the wolf family would  die out. One member of the wolf family who was deemed unworthy would change things forever.

                            WHO IS THIS STORY FOR?

This is an orgianal story but is also a love letter to crime thriller suspenseful films such as seven, prisoners and nightcrawler. In addition to that the look of the film we are doing was inspired by the show Mindhunter and Hannibal. If you are fans of these shows and films Alpha is something that is right up your alley. Through the cinematography you will see in our visual style that it fits right into that thriller world. The Picture below is an example of the look that we are going for.

                                  WHY THIS STORY?

The reason why this story important to me is a weird one. In a way it's the flaws layered in me that I am able to  express it in these films in an intersting way. For this current project, failure or being afraid of failure is a flaw in me and alot of other people. We are all afraid of failure on diffrent layers. I paired that flaw with my favorite film genre and with my favorite animal which is wolves. I wanna make this film in hopes that other people can view how I see failure and what and maybe what can happen depending on what path you take.

I chose to film this now because this is my thesis film for my school and I wanted to take full advantage of that to tell this story. The pandemic has hit all of us hard. Times are pretty sad and for us in the entertainment section are having a hard time of getting new things. New movies to tempoarily escape from our reality. I want to help people with that. I want to give people that escape to get people mind of the bad and start thinking of the good. You guys also help out and sread that positivity.


                         WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP?

This campaign will cover the following, The locations, props,production design, editing/post production food and payment for the lovley cast. This is what all of your support will lead to. When the project is done not only will it be submitted to many festivels but also in the near future to screen it at a movie theatre to give small filmakers a feeling of what it feels like to be in a premire of a movie. A feeling that will stick with you. Something you can tell as a story and hopefully motivate you to accomplish what you really want to do.




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

wolf props

Costs $1,000

all the props in total will add up to 1000 dollars or more. these items are vital to the story.

Alexa mina camera

Costs $2,000

This camera will be used to shoot the film and gives it that top tier Hollywood look and feel

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Loctation for the shoot

Costs $4,000

This location and two others is where we are going to shoot our film.

About This Team

The team that I'm working with have been around for years now, even when we started film school. They give nothing but 100 percent on all their projects and all have worked profesinally on and off of set. Everyone here gets along we hear each other out and tackle all the problems we have together. Even if we lose we do that together to. (Some of you film famns will get that message.

Lillie Velasquez who is my Production Designer and Art Director has one of the most creative minds when it comes to sets. She makes a set feel like a real place that you are transported to, keeping everything also grounded in reality. Not only that she takes her research very serisously and makes sure that everything is in tip top shape not even the nitpickers will have anything to nitpick.

Tharan Nespit on set is like the nicest drill sargent. He is very well organized and makes a clean and tight schedule that is easy to follow. He has a good record of getting films shot and finished early and on time. He is a litaral machine at work and the humbleness he brings to the table helps not only me but the whole crew to stay motaviated. The saying that people are the glue to ceartain things Tharan is the living ebodiment of that.

Chris Sinnemann is one of the first people that I meant in film school. The biggest word I can describe him is Passionate. Blood sweat and tears is all he puts in everything he does. His love and knowledge of lighting makes him one of the best DPs out there working this generation. His unique ideas gives me ideas of how to do things. He will spot things that no one would ever think of. Be warry though he will talk your ear off about lighting.



Current Team