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Over the past four years, I’ve met people on public transportation who have tremendous need. These experiences informed the story of An Offering. I hope this film will challenge it’s audience to empathize with the outcasts in their communities and reconsider what it means to be a good neighbor.

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Mission Statement

An Offering’s protagonist is a poor outcast. The socially and ethnically diverse team behind this film are in relationship with and support the livelihood of persons in need in their local communities.

The Story


People need people to survive. What happens to a person who lives without connections or a community? Can someone in this position learn the importance of trust?

An Offering examines these questions through the perspective of Randall, a poor outcast commuting on a train. Randall’s needs are complex, but above all, he craves empathy and connection. Randall is opposed by three strangers on the train, the environment of a train car, as well as his own shortcomings. Yet despite everything, Randall is offered help from a dubious stranger, forcing him to decide if he will extend the same understanding he solicits.


Living in Chicago, I encounter people in need all the time. I believe all people desire to be understood, but I’ve witnessed the poor and needy go ignored when they try to make a connection, especially on public transportation. This experiences inspired the story of An Offering.

My last film, The Swan, was successfully crowdfunded and went on to win a best picture award. Today, my team and I are working with Seed & Spark to get An Offering from pre-production all the way through Production.


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Filmmaking is inherently collaborative, and we want you to collaborate with us. Please consider how you can best support An Offering :)

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We need a special fence and privacy screen for a dramatic scene in the film.

CTA train track location

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The first and last scenes of the film happen near a CTA train track. Tell us where!

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About This Team

Jono Eshleman

Jono Eshleman is an award-winning independent filmmaker. Jono began his career as an intern at Wind Dancer Films (Bernie, Home Improvement). Since moving to Chicago, Jono has created narrative and promotional video content, and currently shoots and edits as a Lead Videographer for Old North Film Company. Jono's last short film, The Swan, won a best picture award at the Sight Of Sound International Film Festival. He loves a good taco and hosting dinners with his wonderful wife!


Brandon Mattingly

Brandon Mattingly is a Cinematographer based in Chicago, IL. Brandon co-founded Old North Media in 2014, and has worked with high-quality brands and organizations including HPE, Spotify, and United Way. Besides creating films, Brandon enjoys a good cup of coffee, and living the dream with his incredible wife and wonderful daughter :)


Bryan Fellows

Bryan Fellows is an award-winning, world-traveled producer. He has produced a number of commercials for some of the world's leading brands, multiple seasons of television, documentaries, music videos, and feature films. Beginning his career in live television, he brings a vast knowledge base to every project he is a part of. Having produced content in over 50 countries, some of his greatest joys include exploring local culture, photography, and dining on delicious native food wherever he goes.

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