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4Rats Productions is proud to present you its first podcast, Ankorr 643 ! Follow the journey of Irvin, aspiring inventor, his friend Caemron, and lovely (?) AI, DOT-E, as Irvin uncovers his late father's projects and tries to live up to his legacy.

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Mission Statement

4Rats Productions is an organization that has diversity and inclusion as one of its core values. Our goal is to uplift marginalized voices through stories both relevant to our crew and our listeners. Ankorr 643 is reflecting such values through a diverse cast of characters and actors.

The Story

4Rats Productions is proud to present Ankorr 643, a far-future sci-fi Podcast. Ankorr 643 follows aspiring scientist Irvin Botkin and his work as he attempts to finish the mysterious microchip left by his late father, with enthusiastic aid from his friend Caemron and mixed assistance from the AI DOT-E. As Irvin works with the help of an over-enthusiastic friend, an AI unable to understand social clues, and many others, he begins to realize the purpose of the chip is something much bigger than himself and his existing moral code. Biting off more than he can chew in a world designed to take advantage of its people, his discoveries will have unintended consequences he isn't prepared to handle by himself.

This campaign aims to fully fund the first season of Ankorr 643, with expected delivery in December 2022.



Founded in February 2022 by Perry Davies, 4Rats Productions Ltd is a podcast production company with creatives dotted across Europe and America.

We aim to create and distribute podcasts across a wide range of genres, allowing creatives from across the world to come together to make and produce podcasts that speak to them, telling stories that matter to us. We believe in elevating diverse voices and perspectives and in turning a critical eye on the comfortable, the status quo, and the things accepted by dominant culture.


4Rats is a company founded on equitable principles that puts the cast and crew first both personally and financially.

When released, Ankorr 643 will be the first podcast created by 4Rats Productions, written by its founder, Perry Davies, and including in its cast and crew both members experienced in podcasts productions, and new creatives. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok @4RatsHub and on



Presenting our amazing lead cast and actors:

Jasper Locke leads the cast as Irvin Botkin, an awkward college student, aiming to be as much of a mastermind as his father was before him. A legacy sometimes hard to live up to, but don’t tell him that, he won’t like it. You may have already heard Jasper's voice in Sejourner's Trails as Unaj.


Lee Tomanelli is Caemron, a linguistic student and friend of Irvin, as well as a helpful hand when it comes to his project. They are a real ray of sunshine, especially to Irvin. You'll soon get to hear Lee's voice in Super Suits, or The Sound Museum that they are showrunning.


Roanna Cruz is DOT-E, the AI associated with the data system Irvin inherited from his father. Sometimes blunt, always cheery and funny! You can already discover Roanna's work in animation in Rainbocorns or Magic Mixies, and in audio dramas like Stench of Adventure or Fast Track to 40.


Oge is Justin, an ambitious employee at the telecoms company, supportive of Irvin’s work as long as it means a sale will be made. You may already know Oge as Preston in The Secret of St Kilda, or as Valencio 'Trip' Triptych in RogueMaker.


Alasdair Stuart is Kase Specter, head of the military, and Marguerite Kenner is Terry Chase, a reporter and... for the rest you'll have to wait. 

You probably already heard (of) them with Escape Artists Inc., Rusty Quill, or The Secret of St Kilda.


And finally, Lydia Nicholas as an additonal voice! You may already know them from The Magnus Archives or Inexplicables!


And many more you can discover on "The Team" tab and on our social medias @4RatsHub!



At 4Rats Productions, it is important to us that the stories we tell can be accessed by the widest audience, for free, all the while sticking to our goal of putting the people working on those stories first. Therefore, we need to ensure our cast and crew are getting adequately compensated for their hard work. Our current goal is $8000, which would allow us to duly compensate everyone working on this first season. You can find a breakdown of how we will use that money in the “wishlist” section at the top of the page. This goal is the minimum we need to comfortably produce the season.

However we do also have plenty of stretch goals that we're keeping a secret for now but trust us! You'll want to reach them! As soon as we are funded we'll start announcing them so take a look at our social media or at the “updates” section of this page regularly throughout the campaign!



The best way to support us is right here! Any amount you pledge goes a long way in Ankorr 643’s production!

To pledge, click directly on the incentive that catches your eye! While picking, remember that your pledge will receive the incentive for that level and all incentives from the lower-cost levels.

Another fantastic way to support us is to share this page with your friends or on social media! Don’t hesitate to direct friends and acquaintances who love sci-fi, podcasts, or both our way, by sending them a link to this page : ; or to encourage them to join us on social media.

Here's a few examples of messages you can use :

If you're as excited about Sci-Fi as I am you should check out Ankorr 643 by @4RatsHub, you can already watch their pitch video, read about the project and support them on

Check out @4RatsHub's premier podcast! Ankorr 643 is a Sci-Fi audio drama following Irvin Botkin as he walks in the footsteps of his father to develop and sell a chip that could change the world! You can read more and support them on



From every rat in the cast and crew working on Ankorr 643 and at 4Rats Productions, we want to thank all of you for any kind of support you offer to our project. So we want to send our gratitude to everyone who engaged in our social media content, to everyone who auditioned, who shared our big news as well as our cute little rats of the week! As a newly founded production, every single person who supported us and showed interest in the show means everything to us, as well as every single person who will continue to help us realize this project.

And obviously thank you! You right here who took the time to get to the bottom of this page, we sincerely hope we convinced you Ankorr 643 was a podcast you'd like to listen to. We look forward to delivering it to you!


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Cash Pledge

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Voice cast

Costs $5,000

For our wonderful cast bringing the characters of Ankorr 643 to life !


Costs $1,000

This goes to make sure the podcast ends up sounding as good as it can !


Costs $2,000

This is to compensate the crew behind the script, graphic designs, social media, marketing,...

About This Team


Writer / Director / Producer / Editor

Perry Davies is the Head Rat at 4Rats Productions as well as being a producer, director, editor, and writer of Ankorr 643. They are a schrodinger's cat who is both doing too much while also doing not enough at all times depending on if they are being perceived. 

Outside of 4Rats, Perry is a cosplayer, adventurer, fan and all round nerd who spends waking moments working for a popular visitor attraction or consuming a lot of media (both audio and visual).



Associate Producer

Cade Rosier is Associate Producer at 4Rats Productions LTD, helping keep the wheels greased for the production of Your Favorite Quality Podcasts. (Is one supposed to grease wheels for audio production? Perhaps someone should check in with zir about that.) Occasionally that means asking people to do onerous tasks, so Cade also does the game night announcements so people will like zir. Cade is an avid evangelist of genre fiction, children's literature, and whimsical stationery.

Before joining 4Rats, Cade has helmed everything from photo labs to food pantries. Ze currently works as a circulation librarian for an academic library in the northeastern US.



Social Media Manager / Casting Assistant

Emma Rosier is the Chief Rat Wrangler (also known as the Social Media Manager) and Casting Assistant at 4Rats Productions. She is an avid performer, being trained in all 3 major performance disciplines. She enjoys horror (some say a bit too much) and did best at Stage and Screen Combat whilst at university, a skill which comes in very handy when wrangling the rats for a post on twitter!

Outside of 4Rats, Emma works as a Games Master for an Escape Room company in Kingston-Upon-Thames, performs in Murder Mystery events and is a Burlesque performer. She loves a good podcast, and can't wait to bring these exciting projects to life!!



Art Director

Samantha Williams is the Art Director at 4Rats Productions LTD. They work with the other rats to help design your favorite characters and bring them to life on screen, and are very excited to do so. They are a big lover of art on all mediums and would love to see your fan creations!

Outside of 4Rats, Samantha is a full-time student, and they devote the rest of their free time to diving into video games and reading (fanfiction). They love emo music, all things horror, and re watching the same five movies they’ve been fixated on for years.



Graphic Designer

Honor Davies is the graphic designer and occasional oddjobber at 4Rats Productions. They make the logos, cast announcements and funny little rat icons that you see dotted around our social media and website!



Story Editor

Riley Hurst is a Story Editor at 4Rats Production. She works amongst the other rats to make sure the story process is going smoothly and helps out wherever and whenever she can. They are currently working on projects with the other rats and is very excited to share them with you all... when they're ready of course.

Outside of 4Rats, Riley is currently a full-time student, a part-time retail employee and a part-time streamer. She absolutely loves all things related to creative writing, story telling, video games and overall, is one heck of a nerd.



Script Editor / Casting Assistant / Writer

Anusia is a Script Editor, Casting Assistant, and Writer at 4Rats Productions LTD. She is very new to the world of podcasting and still finding her feet, but is greatly enjoying this new adventure and really looking forward to reading lots of words and listening to lots of awesome voices!

Outside of 4Rats, Anusia is also an actor and voice actor. She writes and GMs for the TTRPG stream 'Like a D6', and could recently be heard on BBC Radio Lancashire as a finalist in the BBC's New Voices competition. Her most recent collaboration, a digital theatre piece entitled 'Something Strange Has Happened On The Fifteenth Floor', was streamed last October as part of the Edinburgh Horror Festival, and she is currently in the early stages of developing an equally spooky one-woman show.



Script Editor

Kamaya is Script Editor at 4Rats Productions LTD, helping with little tweaks that the script may require and with anything they can get their hands on. He’s currently helping the other rats to create podcasts and bring them to the world once they’re as good as they can be, and he’s very excited about it !

Outside of 4Rats, Kamaya is a full-time student as well as trying to be a writer, a voice actor and an English teacher. Yes, she likes to multitask. She is very into nerdy things like video games and comics, but as you may guess, her real thing is storytelling, and they can’t wait for the stories to come !


In addition to the lead cast listed on the "Story" page, Ankorr 643 will feature:

Jill Bee and Roy O'Hare voices of Ivanna and Aybram Botkin


And the supporting voices of LM Clohessy, Vinay P. Nariani, Chelsea Krause, Witney Holland, Ace Tayloe, Casee Wilson, Rosie Sentman, Sabine Novakovic-Wagner, and Paige Adams


Current Team