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Come with us as we embark on a journey with Anna Just (diagnosed w/AutoImmune Disorder) as she processes her diagnosis and begins to attempt to heal herself. Anna’s story is one of hope and healing, as well as the behind the scenes reality we so rarely see of one faced with a life changing illness.

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Mission Statement

Our film increases representation and inclusion on many levels including a female producer, director and 1st AD, we also have a DP who is originally from Japan. Anna, who our documentary follows, is from the Ukraine. It also bears mentioning that MS is the least funded/researched disorder.

The Story

The keys to healing are not always linear, sometimes healing happens in ways that medicine cannot explain. In this documentary we will follow Anna Just (patient with an Unknown Autoimmune Disorder possibly MS) on her journey as she processes her diagnosis and begins to heal herself using a variety of homeopathic methods. We will follow her through eastern and western medical appointments as well as her therapy appointments and the daily discoveries she makes, her setbacks and breakthroughs, the moments that break her heart, and the moments that give us all hope.

Anna’s story is one of hope and healing, and the behind the scenes day to day reality of one diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (possibly MS). She has agreed to let the cameras in to capture, with incredible vulnerability, the reality of living with and trying to heal from a life changing diagnosis. MS is a disease that affects over 400,000 people in the US and 2.5 million world wide. MS and other autoimmune disorders are the least funded in research. Our vision is to give a voice for those affected by this illness and to create a documentary that allows those who have felt silenced to feel heard in their own process and healing.


Anna's Story

Anna adored the arts from a young age. She started dancing when she was 4 years old. By the time she was 11 she would have up to 7 solo dances at a time with a focus in classical ballet and folk dance. Around the age of 12, following a car accident that distorted her vision, Anna began to notice a shift in her ability to balance. She kept this to herself, relating it to the accident, and pushed through, trying to continue dance. By the time she was midway through her teenage years she knew something wasn’t right, she would have fainting spells and her balance continued to decline. She stopped dancing at the age of 16 and didn’t attempt again until she was 19 in Japan. As she began dancing again in Japan she noticed that parts of her legs were beginning to go numb. Along with this numbness over the next few years of dancing and pursuing her passion she would notice increasing knee and hip pain.

At the age of 23, due to the mysterious pain and numbness along with her increasing struggle to maintain balance that once came as easy as breathing to her, Anna was forced to stop dance. Being the optimistic person that Anna is, she grew accustomed to living with these ailments that eventually felt normal. As her medical mystery wasn’t solved, she adapted to what became her new normal. Things such as looking straight at her phone would cause vertigo and could even cause her to lose balance while walking, so she found a way to hold it that didn’t. Anna’s body continued to present her with problems unsolved by medicine that she continued to find ways to work around and live a generally normal existence.

Upon arrival back to the US she attended full time theatre school for two years. Upon graduating Anna decided to pursue her career as an actor. Throughout her excitement and passion pursuing this new dream, her body continued to slowly but surely make it more and more clear that something was very wrong.

Upon a trip to the Ukraine late 2017, Anna was diagnosed with what the doctors know to be an Autoimmune disorder and believe to be an early stage MS. This crippling news was a shock to Anna and everyone close to her in her life. After returning to the US Anna started tests and seeing numerous doctors to confirm the diagnosis and find the solution how to mend, as Anna’s body quickly continued to decline. After once finding joy in running miles downtown, crossing the street became something to be avoided and feared as Anna found herself consistently tripping and falling with increasing numbness in all extremities.

After initial processing of this diagnosis, Anna began to seek out answers from both western and eastern medical professionals to see what could be done as she believes, that there is an answer to whatever it is inside of her that is causing her body to break down.

This is where you join us, this is where we begin to take you with us. We are so grateful to bring you along for this part of the ride! We want to take you with us the entire way, through the appointments with medical professionals, to Anna’s emotional journey behind the scenes, and the optimism that she manages to keep and spread to all those around her throughout it all as she attempts to find both hope and healing.

We have been shooting what we can afford to, between generous crew that has worked differed, and higher quality iphone footage, but we need your help! We are following Anna in real time, through appointments, setbacks, and discoveries. These are things that don’t wait for funding or shoot days to happen - meaning that we are on a timeline! We have applied for fiscal sponsorship as well as grants to (hopefully) fund the bigger picture as we continue on this journey, but in order to pay our crew what they deserve and get the high quality footage we need to make this film a reality - we need some help with initial funds!

Your money is going to go into our first couple shoot days as well as development of a website and gaining a following for additional funding. Any donation you make means the world as we are running as fast as we can to get off the ground in order to film the highest quality movie we can in real time as Anna’s journey continues.

We are so grateful to begin to share this journey with you, thank you for being with us.

~Anna and Team


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About This Team


Renée Stork

Here to create stories about extraordinary lives of remarkable women and focusing on their human nature, spiritual connectives, and journey of hearts opening in ways which heal the world. 


Renée was handpicked by legendary Broadway director Jerome Robbins for the original cast of his multiple Tony award-winning show Jerome Robbins Broadway. She's joyously performed in regional theaters across the US and toured internationally appearing on stages throughout Europe.


After a lengthy hiatus from theatre and immersed in higher education and travel, including a two year stint living in the bush of Tanzania, Africa, Renée became inspired to work in front of and behind the camera. She began following her passion for directing and recently completed production directing the films, The Cartographer, Hearts That Cross Borders, Kill Al and Uber Oracle, which she wrote, produced and directed. 


She is currently developing and filming her latest project, a feature documentary which follows a young woman recently diagnosed with advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis. The film focuses on her journey from initial diagnosis to her learning to harness the power of the brain and heal her physical ailments.



Samantha Winter


Samantha is passionate about people, collaboration, and the magic that can happen on set when a group of people come together with a common goal. She loves facilitating a collaborative process in which everyone feels connected, empowered, and resources expand in order to create gorgeous films that would not be possible alone. 


She finds joy in the work and grattitude in being a part of a creative process from start to finish. 


Director of Photography 

Toru Nishikubo 


Toru Nishikubo is a Japanese-born cinematographer. After spending number of years working in documentary he has developed the desire for more artistic control and found a way to express his artistry through cinema. His work ethic and aesthetic are reflected in numerous narrative films and commercials that have received wide recognition.


Executive Producer/Subject

Anna Just


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