Arcadia Bay

Portland, Oregon | Film Short

Mystery, Sci-Fi

Josh Bailey

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Ian discovers that the town of Arcadia Bay is a simulation. He tracks down Thomas, his best friend, who has no recollection of them building this world together. The duo embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of why they are there and to learn if there is any escape from this utopian prison.

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The Story

At the time that the story of Arcadia Bay began forming, Josh also began forming his obsession with the beauty and mystery of the Oregon Coast. He began "virtually touring" these locations via photo-sharing sites and knew that he had to get out there & experience it for myself. These locations are breath-taking and absolutely inspired some of the scenes for the film. As he was writing the story, he devoloped the idea of contrasting physical experiences and relationships, with our emerging digital ones. This film take a look at friendship, loneliness, and life in the context of the increasingly digital age that we live in.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Canon C100

Costs $600

We're shooting at amazing scenic locations and need a camera that can do them justice.

Sennheiser Wireless Lav

Costs $100

Shooting by the Pacific Ocean proves difficult for sound. These lav mics help us combat ocean noise.

Tokina 11-16

Costs $75

A nice wide angle lens for shooting in small spaces.

Custom Police Badge

Costs $100

A legit custom made Arcadia Bay police badge that Naomi's character wears the whole film.


Costs $100

Our characters need outfits!

Hard Drive

Costs $110

We need a hard drive to store all the footage from the film!

Festival Fees

Costs $200

Putting the film into festivals and getting exposure!

Sennheiser Boom Mic Kit

Costs $150

Sound is 50% of your film (if not more!). Great sound=professional movie.

Makeup Kit

Costs $60

Make-up to make our actors look sweaty, bloody, or nice for the camera.


Costs $400

We need gas to transport out to various locations across the Northern Oregon Coast.


Costs $75

Keeps us going!

Craft Services Food

Costs $50

Snacks to keep us going between meals!


Costs $550

The Cast & Crew need food!

Handie Talkie

Costs $30

A cool prop we need for the film.


Costs $150

All the little but super important things that go into a production. Sunscreen, gaffer's tape, etc

About This Team

Josh Bailey is the Writer & Director of this film. Josh was inspired by the original Twilight Zone series and many other sources while writing this film. He is incredibly excited to have the Oregon Coast be the backdrop of this film. In 2011 Josh Wrote, Directed, & Acted, in his first feature film "Make Your Paths Straight".


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.56.22 PM.png


Teejay Jacob is the Director of Photography for Arcadia Bay. Teejay not only has a great eye, but is a multi-talented filmmaker who was worked on several short films.


Abby Jacoby is the Producer & Assistant Director of Arcadia Bay. Abby is not only amazing at coordinating what needs to happen for this film, but is a very talented actress and starred in several Portland film productions.




Current Team