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As a lesbian, Jamie Margolin never saw girls like her on screen, which made it difficult for her to come to terms with her identity. This is the show she always wished she had. We need to fund equipment, makeup, props & costumes. Any contribution is accepted! Thank you for your support of queer art.

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Mission Statement

This TV show is made by queer people for queer people. Queer love is messy, beautiful, sad, scary and hilarious. The cast find this out the hard way, but don’t we all? We hope our audience feels more confident in their identities and love lives by seeing themselves in the show.

The Story

With dreams of Hollywood success, a group of witty, queer friends start art school only to be sabotaged by their seemingly hopeless love lives.

ART MAJORS is the story of Ximena, Laylah, and Frankie, three queer film stduents determined to take the movie and television industry by storm. But when they all get their hearts broken on the same day, big-screen success is the last thing they can focus on. Having hit a romantic rock-bottom, the three friends pledge to officially give up on love and chasing after girls who don't love them back, and just buckle down and focus on their careers. But things get complicated as romantic sparks fly in the most unexpected places and art school gets challenging, making “no more falling in love” and “breaking into hollywood” almost impossible. 


This show is a witty, humorous and emotional show about a group of three LGBTQ+ femmes trying to make it through art school without getting their hearts broken. They are all ambitiously trying to break into the film industry, but they don’t quite know how to balance chasing their goals with handling their failing love lives. This is a coming of age story that isn’t often seen on screen.

In general, media and shows that depict queer women are frequently centered around opression or something tragic happening to the LGBT women and femmes. And on top of that, many of these films are fetishized by their male directors and portray queer women and femmes through the male gaze.

Jamie Margolin, a young lesbian in film school herself, has an eye for representing a truthful queer experience with humor and sensitivity. In this show, the main drama is the characters’ friendships and relationships. It’s lighthearted -- showcasing queer joy and the bonds it creates. While romance is the central conflict, queer friendship is truly what ART MAJORS is about.

Ximena, Laylah and Frankie are each other's LGBTQ+ chosen family. It’s key to helping them through tough times, and will help our viewers with similar struggles in their lives, too. We are almost done casting and are ready to shoot the project. We have a passionate and majority LGBTQ+ crew that’s ready to make Jamie’s vision of fun, heartwarming, queer femme representation come to life. We just need your help!


COVID19 SAFETY PLAN: Our film set will be compliant with NYC COVID Satety guidleines. All cast and crew members will be getting tested for COVID weekly, and our actors will be getting consistently COVID tested as well. All crew will have masks on at all times, and actors will have masks on set as well, only taking the masks off when they need to film a scene. The cast and crew will be consistently washing our hands and using hand santizer, and staying as socially distant as possible. It is a top priority for us to make sure this is a COVID safe set, and we are going to remain compliant with NYC COVID Filming guidelines.


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Costs $500

We require this to feed our cast and crew for both weekends of shooting.


Costs $200

We need props to bring our locations to life!


Costs $200

We are renting professional equipment on sharegrid.


Costs $100

We're purchasing PPE for the cast & crew to keep our set safe and adhere to COVID-guidelines!

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About This Team

Our Editor

Nishika Agarwal is a freshman at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She is a student filmmaker from Northern New Jersey, and dedicates her skills to a diverse range of projects including short films, documentaries, promotional videos, and screenplays. In addition, she works closely with local organizations to bring their stories to life. Agarwal's work has been recognized across platforms such as the All American High School Film Festival, the Teen Indie Awards, the Rahway Reel Film Festival, the Scout Film Festival, and through SoCreate. The experiences that she has gathered through storytelling has helped her to explore the lives and humanity of everyday people, and she dedicates her efforts to bring such stories to prominence.


Our Cinematographer

Daniel Gonzalez is an 18 year old filmmaker and alumni of Orange County School of The Arts' Film & Television Conservatory. He has pioneered 7 passion projects outside of his high school (as writer, director, & producer) and is avidly working on more. Some of his work has premiered at Los Angeles Cinefest, All American High School Film Festival, & Woodstock Film Festival among others. He is now attending NYU Tisch for Film & Television Production and plans to graduate in the Spring of 2024. Gonzalez strives to enter the industry as a cinematographer and eventually cement himself as an auteur with his directing & writing.


Our 1st Assistant Director

Rose Knopper is the assistant director and associate producer for Art Majors. She is a queer Jewish woman and currently attends NYU Tisch School of the Arts for Film and TV. She has directed and shot several films, two of which were shown at the All American Film Festival. She has won awards at the Boulder Film Festival and the Philidelphia Youth Festival. Rose also co-directed a short documentary that will be shown on Rocky Mountain PBS this fall. She is an aspiring cinematographer and producer. Aside from film, she is passionate about visual art and activism. 


Our Gaffer

Ariana Marie is the gaffer of ART MAJORS. An alumna of the Ghetto Film School program and graduate of The Cinema School, Ariana has collaborated with companies such as National Geographic, Wieden+Kennedy, and more working within the camera department. She is currently majoring in Film/Tv at New York University Tisch School of the arts. Her goals entail working as a cinematographer in feature-length films and portraying underrepresented characters in the media in an authentic and accurate way.


Our Costume Design Team

Alexandra Mettler is a first year at Tisch for Film & TV. She is the costume designer for the show, and she also works with 35mm film photography.

Our Production Design Team

Ava Newman is a bisexual filmmaker majoring in Film and TV at Tisch at New York University. She is starting a career in film and is excited to work on a set that has the representation she wishes she saw more of. She is helping with creative direction on set.

Marg is a current Freshman at NYU Tisch Film and Television and a member of the First Year Queers and Allies (FYQA) club with an interest in blending live action cinematography with animation. They have had experience with camera operation and editing in working on several productions at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts and helped in the overall design of the winter, spring, and summer editions of Ruckus Student Literary Magazine. 

Growing up as a queer Chinese-American enby, Marg barely saw representation of their intersecting identities in media and have struggled with disproving overall stereotypes of their queerness, especially in relation to their traditional family. Marg looks forward to what "Art Students" can accomplish through having an all queer, BIPOC cast, and is incredibly excited to be working on makeup/ production/ costume design.


Lachlan McClellan is a freshman at NYU Tisch studying Film & TV. He currently is the owner/CEO of 757 Films LLC, a small production company. Lachlan has experience working on Netflix Original documentaries, feature film sets, and dozens of other small productions. Focusing in producing, Lachlan is passionate about finding writers/directors and helping them create their vision. 

Current Team