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Growing up, Frankie never thought she would become a woman, fall in love with a man who loved her unconditionally, or run for office. We've shot 150+ hours of footage over three years to make a documentary sharing her personal journey, and we need your to help to finish it!

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Mission Statement

The real majority is underrepresented within the US political system including women, latinx people, and LGBTQ people. Frankie’s story is about living at these intersections. Trans activists are involved in every level of the film from Producer to Assistant Editor to Advisors.

The Story

Q: What's the film about?

A: Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe always says, “My mother always told me ‘You’re a fighter, because you’re just like me.’ She was right.” Through volunteering in political campaigns, Frankie found refuge in a space where she could connect with others, envision a brighter future, and regain power over her own life. A Run for More focuses on Frankie’s personal journey.



A Run for More explores how Frankie finds the strength and support to stand up for what she believes despite hostility toward her and her community. Emblematic of a new generation of people breaking into politics, Frankie is brazen, vulnerable, and unapologetic. Though Frankie faces personal attacks because of her gender identity, the campaign trail is also a venue for transformation and healing. She stares down her demons by launching her campaign at the cafe where she was sexually assaulted 20 years earlier. When transgender youth visit her campaign office, Frankie recognizes her own privilege and the potential her candidacy has to create new possibilities for others in her community. This film immerses viewers in Frankie’s unique campaign and the impact it has on her, the city, and San Antonio’s LGBTQIA community.



Q: What are you planning for when the film is done?

A: A Run for More will reach audiences via social media, press coverage, and film festivals. Learn more about the film as it goes by following and sharing on Facebook! We aim to submit to major festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, South By Southwest, Full Frame and AFI Docs in order to broaden the film’s audience and amplify its reach. At the same time, we will submit to latinx festivals, LGBTQ festivals, feminist festivals, and Texas-based festivals to deepen our community ties. We're seeking national distribution and a broadcast partner.  



Q: How are you planning on working with the community?

A: Most media about trans communities centers cisgendered voices and focuses disproportionately on disempowering experiences (ie. discrimination, violence, HIV/AIDS, etc.). While these social issues are real, they also don't portray the complexities of the transgender community including the legacy of strong leaders who are working to support their communities every day. I'm making this film because I want to encourage civic participation from disenfranchised communities. We plan to partner with community-based organizations like Trans United Fund, HRC, Equality Texas, and The Victory Institute to create curriculum and excerpts from the film to help prepare transgender people for running for office.



Q: How can I help other than giving money?

Please spread the word and share the campaign online with people who you think might support. If you have a platform, please write about us or interview us. If you are a color correctionist or graphic designer who wants to donate services, please reach out! When completed, we will be looking for ambassadors who want to host screenings. 




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Funds will go toward hiring an editor to shape the film from more than 150 hours of footage.


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Funds will go toward hiring a composer to write and perform music for the film.


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Funds will go toward hiring a colorist who will make the film look as good as possible!

About This Team

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - PJ Raval (he/him) is an award‐winning filmmaker whose work explores the margins of LGBTQ+ communities.  Named one of Out Magazine’s “Out 100” and FILMMAKER Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film,” PJ’s film Directed TRINIDAD (Showtime, LOGO) and CALL HER GANDA. His film BEFORE YOU KNOW IT broadcast premiered as the season finale of AMERICA REFRAMED on PBS, was described by IndieWIRE as “a crucial new addition to the LGBT doc canon;” and received the National Gay and Lesbian Journalist Association Excellence in Documentary Award 2016. PJ is a 2015 Guggenheim Fellow, 2016 Firelight Media Fellow, and a 2017 Robert Giard Fellow.


DIRECTOR - Ray Whitehouse (he/him) is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, and journalist based in Washington, D.C. He’s shot, produced and edited projects for The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, Univision, and Al Jazeera Fault Lines. He is an FAA licensed drone pilot and is community coordinator for the D.C. chapter of Video Consortium. His short documentary, Believers, was recognized by the International Documentary Association and National Press Photographers Association. He holds an M.A. in documentary journalism from UNC Chapel Hill and a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University. The core tenants of his practice are transparency, collaboration and critical reflexivity.


PRODUCER - Andre Perez (he/they) is a latinx educator, filmmaker, and community organizer whose practice centers collaboration, storytelling, and public conversation. He founded the Transgender Oral History Project in 2007 and co-founded a home for LGBTQ youth in 2012. Andre recorded 600 interviews with StoryCorps, including 50 broadcast segments on NPR. In 2016, he appeared on NewCity’s 50 Influential Filmmakers in Chicago and helped grow Trans Lifeline. In 2019, he debuted America in Transition (AIT), a Sundance-backed documentary series exploring family, community, and social justice. AIT partnered with colleges, community organizations, and churches to host 70+ screenings, workshops, and keynotes led by trans people of color.


ASSISTANT EDITOR - Alexzander Cole Karlin (he/they): is a transgender student and filmmaker entering his senior year at Purchase College, SUNY in New York. He is currently the residing president of the school's student film board. In the future he looks to be able to create documentaries focusing around people that have something to teach the world, mostly focusing on different explorations of how one can express their gender identity. 


ONLINE ENGAGEMENT - Daye Pope is a gender justice advocate who was born and raised in rural Iowa. Daye first got involved in progressive changemaking at age 16, volunteering after school for candidates back in her home state, and has worked on Senate campaigns, issue campaigns, and organized for community-led solutions in progressive, queer, and trans communities in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., where she is currently based. Daye believes that fighting for economic, racial, gender, and climate justice is our moral duty. As Trans United’s Organizing Director, Daye works closely with the Building Power Cohort to build capacity and relationships across community leaders engaged in the work on the ground.


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