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Jane is an assassin. While hiding out in the San Bernardino Mountains, she meets and falls in love with a local woman named Ella. As the two grow closer, the baggage of their past lives threatens the future of their relationship.

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The Story

Christopher Nolan said, “Thriller is the one genre where it’s absolutely demanded that character be defined through action.” In ASSASSIN, Jane’s entire life has been defined by her lethal skillset, her tradecraft, and the shedding of any emotional attachments – all of which changes the second she meets Ella.

As a director, I’m fascinated by the psychology of a character like that – someone who would go against everything they’ve known, against their own better judgment, for the sake of connecting with another person. That’s us; that is one of the things that makes us human. I’m far more interested in complicated, irrational characters than I am in those who exist only to serve a plot point.

Of course, the exciting thing about this genre is the opportunity for action – the fight scenes, the shootouts; but if you aren’t invested in the characters, there aren’t any real stakes. It’s the stakes that make you grip the armrest a little tighter; it’s the stakes that make you sweat; it’s the stakes that make you worry about what happens on screen. 

With ASSASSIN, I want to wrap an emotionally complex and honest portrayal of two people connecting and falling in love within the context of a thriller. Travis' screenplay does just that as it weaves the story of Jane and Ella, who find each other amidst the brutal wreckage of the lives they hope to leave behind. I know that this film is really going to stay with the audience as it has with me.


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About This Team

Assassin is the second in a trilogy of films begun in 2013 with production of Layover, a micro-budget independent film written and directed by Joshua Caldwell. For Assassin, Joshua is teaming up again with his long-time collaborator Travis Oberlander on his original screenplay. Joshua and Travis have been working together since 2006 but their friendship goes all the way back to their days as students at Samantha Smith Elementary in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington.

Producer and actor, Rob McGillivray (It's A Disaster, The Spymaster) has joined Joshua and Travis to help expand their reach as filmmakers and has played an integral role in getting Assassin ready for production this December.

Joshua will once again be teaming up with composer Bill Brown to deliver a dense, affecting score for the film. Bill recently completed scoring his ninth season of the hit CBS series 'CSI:NY', and composed scores for the films 'The Devil's Tomb' starring Cuba Gooding Jr., 'Dark Prophecy' (Dir. Anthony Zuiker), 'Brother's Keeper', and 'Dermaphoria'. Bill's work can be heard in many of Joshua's films including 'Layover' and 'Dig'.

Karl E. Landler will be returning from his head-turning role as The Motorcyclist to play Jane's primary antagonist, Richard. Marem Hassler, who also appeared in Layover, is busily training and preparing for the challenging role of Jane. We're in the midst of casting the other players and plan to make some exciting announcements throughout the campaing and leading up to production.

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