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Welcome! This is the home of the short film AWAY. From here you can support the project and learn more about AWAY and our progress in bringing this film to life. Thank you and enjoy!

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Mission Statement

We aim to humanize those regularly vilified in these tragic situations and bring their truths to life. Our crew is full of incredibly talented, diverse individuals and we are working closely with the city of Compton to include locals in the telling of this vital story about their historic community.

The Story

The story:

Setting: Compton, California


We hear the sound of blaring rap music as two men discuss their plans for a vicious attack.

Then... our ears are assaulted by rapid gunfire. Bullets fly, bystanders scream in terror, windows shatter and tires screech, leaving this South Los Angeles neighborhood devastated.


We meet Farrell Lincoln, 25, his melancholic eyes the gateway to his troubled soul. Farrell makes breakfast and readies his young son, Elijah, 9, for school. As the morning news plays in the background we learn about a drive-by shooting that left a 9 year old boy dead the previous night. Farrell drops his son off at school and delivers a cryptic but powerful message about life and regret. Farrell returns home and breaks down in the arms of Elijah's mother,  Malia.


Malia drives Farrell through the streets of Compton. They share a moment of heartache as she drops him off at a police station. Inside the police station, Farrell turns himself in for the accidental murder of the 9 year old boy. As Farrell is led to his fate by officers, Elijah waits to be picked up from school. When his teary eyed mother arrives to pick him up, he senses his life will never be the same.



Here are some images to illustrate the film's tone:



And now, a message from Writer Director Quintin Allen Bell: 


This film is very personal for me. It explores two subjects that have affected me deeply - gun violence & fatherhood. In inner cities across America, violence cripples residents with fear and forces them to live like prisoners within their own communities. Many of the victims of these crimes are innocent, their lives snatched away without a moment's notice. Jazmine Barnes. Melanie Martinez. Sandra Parks. David Anderson. All robbed of their young lives while doing nothing more than being kids. And in my opinion, it feels like in the larger scheme of things, nobody really cares. Can we blame them? I don’t know.

Some say nobody truly cares about an issue until they are personally affected. Well, look at your child, your brother, sister, niece or nephew. Now imagine them on a playground with their friends on a crisp summer day. Shooting hoops, running free, in a state of pure bliss... Until they’re shaken by an explosion of gunfire. Unsure of what’s happening, they run. Then... a bullet tears through their fragile frame, sending their little body crashing to the ground. They lie there, terrified, trying to make sense of it all. Then they look down and see a river of blood. They cry out. For you. But you’re not there. You thought they’d be safe at the park with their friends. Now, they panic, each breath more difficult than the last, struggling to keep their eyes open… Until they can’t... They’re left to die, helpless and alone. This is the truth. This happens all the time.


I’ve attended friends' funerals who died from black on black gun violence - too many to count. And I have to be honest when I say I’m disappointed in myself. Of course, I mourn, cry, pour out a little liquor, but when it’s all said and done, I continue on with my life and accept the normalcy of it all. That shit ain’t right. It should never be normal, and we should never accept it. In the black community, there’s a continuous cycle of crime, violence and death that removes the father from the home, leaving our youth without love, protection and guidance. The circumstances lead them down the same hollow path. We must break this cycle.

I asked myself what I could do to contribute? I decided to use my art.




This is the right film at the right moment in time. We're going to fight to ensure AWAY receives the critical acclaim it deserves. But more importantly we'll utilize AWAY as a tool to bring about awareness and create change in communities most affected by black on black violence. So while we are submitting to every relevant film festival and securing strategic partners, we will also be hosting screenings and events in urban communities across America. 


We hope you believe in our mission and will join us for this journey. 




Colin & Q


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About This Team

Colin Cadarette is a producer from Los Angeles with a deep passion for living at the intersection of creativity and business. After 3 years in startup development, marketing, and production, Colin transitioned full time into the entertainment industry. He's served as lead producer for over 50 pieces of digital content and is regularly the production manager on big budget music videos for artists like J. Cole, Gwen Stefani, and ZEDD. Recently Colin served as co-producer for the upcoming David Ayer Executive Produced Showtime documentary "Ready For War". Colin's first and foremost passion is to work with unique storytellers that elevate the mediums of film and television.


Quintin Allen Bell is an American director, writer and producer from Seattle, WA. He was drawn to film at an early age and began writing, directing and performing his own original content as a teen. During four years of honorable service with the United States Air Force, Bell was exposed to people from all walks of life, and credits his time in the military for making him a more diverse storyteller and helping him create well-rounded, three-dimensional characters. Following his time of service, Bell knew his life would not be complete without full pursuit of his life's passion. Bell graduated from The Los Angeles Film school in 2013, earning an Associates of Arts and Science in film production, where his first student film, Land Sharks, was an official selection of The International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, and the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival. Over the next three years, Bell completed two programs at the New York Film Academy in screenwriting and cinematography. Bell's work is marked by its ability to connect with audiences, as the depth of his characters highly resonate with viewers across diverse backgrounds. His key influences include Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, The Coen Brothers, The Hughes Brothers, David Fincher and F. Gary Gray. Bell is a member of The National Honor Society of Entertainment Arts. His list of credits include countless music videos, television shows such as, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, American Idol, and 24 Hours to Hell and Back with Gordon Ramsay.  He also produced the Emmy Nominated Docu-Series, ‘Gimme Mo’ for the Discovery Channel.

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