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A sci-fi, action drama grounded in real life stakes, BEAM follows a young woman's pitfalls and struggles to save her deteriorating family. Through our hero, Jane, we explore a story of sacrifice and the weight and responsibilities that come with being a first born in an Asian-American household.

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Mission Statement

BEAM's cast is led by Asian-American women. This story will be nurtured under a talented group of underrepresented artists led by an Asian-American Writer/Director and several heads of department led by Women, Asian and Latin descent.

The Story

With no father and an ailing mother, Jane, the eldest daughter, takes it upon herself to support her financially crippled family using a secret teleportation device. But after a series of failed heists, Jane is forced to make a drastic sacrifice that could jeopardize her life and family's future...


We are a group of underrepresented artists looking to create stories that connect to our lives, cultures, and hopefully impact other fellow artists to bring their diverse stories to life. Our team is comprised of talented, passionate individuals whose professional experiences range from CBS, NBCUniversal, Lucasfilm, and Anonymous Content just to name a few. 


Our intentions with this project is to highlight remarkable, rising Underrepresented talent in front and behind the screen. We aim to create a compelling story that can entertain with its visceral action and ground it using relatable themes of sacrifice and determination against all odds.


Once finished, we plan to enter BEAM into festivals and if successful, launch into its own feature. But none of this will be possible without your support. Thank you for taking the time to peruse through our campaign and we can't wait to show you this exciting, fresh story.  


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Costs $1,000

Making movies require a great deal of Physical/Mental/Emotional labor. Food helps the pain fade.


Costs $1,000

These funds will help us pay our talented cast and afford fees that come with running a SAG project.


Costs $1,000

These funds will help create the environments and immerse the audience into our world.


Costs $750

To better immerse our audience and characters, we need appropriate wardrobe and make up effects.


Costs $3,000

Public & Private locations to film require permits and insurances that can become quite costly. :(


Costs $1,000

The lighting gear will help illuminate the hard work our crew has crafted on set and on screen.


Costs $2,000

Cameras are freaking expensive.


Costs $1,000

Often forgotten but just as important as camera, these hard working peeps need support too.


Costs $1,250

Proper film equipment will help our team work efficiently and safely.


Costs $1,000

With so many action packed scenes, a stunt coordinator will help keep it safe and realistic.


Costs $1,000

Just incase that one PA accidentally leaves an opened water bottle next to a camera.


Costs $2,000

Our hard working crew are industry level professionals and need to be to paid for their craft.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Dia Frampton - Lead Actress


Dia Frampton has been performing since she was a kid. She started out in music and has released numerous albums with the band, "Meg & Dia," as well as solo records under her name. She has toured worldwide extensively. Dia was a runner-up/finalist on NBC’s THE VOICE, and went on to tour with her coach Blake Shelton’s "Well Lit and Amplified" U.S tour. Her love for storytelling transcends beyond music - she actively embraces the opportunity to walk in other people’s shoes. As an actress, Dia is a UCB Improv graduate and has acted on CBS’ CRIMINAL MINDS, Wong Fu Productions’ CROSSING POINT, and SYFY’s THE CROOKED MAN. She most recently portrayed Patricia in the play "Extremities" by William Mastrosimone. Dia looks forward to telling the story of BEAM and was drawn to talent behind the camera, the writing, the story, and the interesting, multi-layered character of Jane. She can't wait to share this story with you!


Jesse Gi - Writer-Director


Son of Korean Immigrants, born and raised in the Greater Los Angeles area, Jesse Gi has experienced a diverse ranges of cultures throughout his youth that have inspired his storytelling. He attended USC's School of Cinematic Arts where he practiced all trades of the craft. During his time at USC, Jesse wrote and directed, THE FINAL DELIVERY (2016), a short about a disgraced pizza boy delivering one final pizza to save his job. The short received awards and nominations for Best Comedic Short from festivals such as the Asians on Film Festival and the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival. In his final semester at USC, Jesse co-directed a feature film, THE ADVENTURES OF THOMASINA SAWYER (2018), based on the Mark Twain novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The film was produced by USC and James Franco's Elysium Bandini. Jesse most recently worked on Lucasfilm/Disney+’s THE MANDALORIAN.


Grant Singer - Producer

Grant Singer’s interest in filmmaking started from an early age, and his desire to tell entertaining and meaningful stories has guided him through his career as a producer. After meeting co-producer Benedict Chiu at USC, Grant produced SICK SUPERHERO (2017) for the DJI Campus Stories Short Film Competition, ultimately winning the grand prize. He teamed up with Benedict again a year later to produce WE LET IT HAPPEN (2018), a project funded by the cutting-edge Jaunt VR Lab. Grant cut his teeth in the industry during his several years at Anonymous Content, before signing on to the second season of Amazon’s HOMECOMING, where he is currently working.


Benedict Chiu - Producer

Benedict Chiu is a Bay Area native who started producing short films while at USC. He graduated with a joint degree in Business Administration and Cinematic Arts and continues curating his industry knowledge through companies like Amazon Studios, NBCUniversal, and the APA Agency. His recent producing credits include WE LET IT HAPPEN (2018), a 360-degree film backed by the USC Jaunt VR Lab and co-produced with Grant Singer, and DANCING SHOES (2018), a short film that went on to be featured in the Boston Asian American Film Festival, the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, and the USC Asian Pacific Film Fest.


Joseph Yao - Director of Photography

Joseph Yao is the son of Taiwanese immigrants and grew up in Seattle, WA. He started making short films with his siblings when he was 13. Joseph's short film THE MILLION DOLLAR WATCH (2010) won SIFF's Futurewave division when he was 16, and his music video GHOST (2017) later won the Digital Film Shootout. He graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and currently works as a freelance director/cinematographer based in Los Angeles shooting short films, commercials, and music videos - most notably Finneas’ NEW GIRL (2018). Joseph currently shoots for Jubilee on their TEA FOR TWO and MIDDLE GROUND series- collectively garnering over 40 million views on YouTube. In every film he works on, Joseph strives to create beautiful, cinematic imagery in his stories that will entrance and move audiences.


Carolyn DiLoreto - 1st Assistant Camera

Carolyn DiLoreto is a multimedia artist from San Jose, CA and a graduate of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She is compelled by the power of visual storytelling as an Asian-American filmmaker, photographer, dancer, and interaction designer. As the co-director and cinematographer of SHED (2018), she explores how dance can manifest the conflict of identity and sexuality against social expectations of womanhood. This poetic dance short received 2nd place at the Feminist Media Fest and was screened at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Festival of Recorded Movement, and Dance Camera West. She has also produced photo and video work for The Oscars (AMPAS), The Screen Actor's Guild (SAG), The California Democratic Party, BODYTRAFFIC, and the USC Kaufman School of Dance. She currently works as a user experience (UX) designer at NBC Universal, where she employs digital design to improve how we experience the world around us. Her work can be found at or @carodilophoto on Instagram.


Ruby Gi - Social Media Campaign Manager

Ruby Gi is a communications major (with a mass media focus) at El Camino College and will be attending Cal State Long Beach in the Fall. She runs a YouTube channel that is focused specifically on Korean skincare, makeup, fashion and amassed over 400,000+ channel views in the past two years. Ruby is excited to work on BEAM with her brother Jesse because it’s a very intense yet personal story. She has always helped out on her brother’s projects and BEAM will be Jesse’s first major film since graduating. She’s excited to support in any way!

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