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"Bean" is a love story but not the kind you're expecting. At the heart of our story is the relationship between Liberty and her absentee father, and how this separation is weighing on both of them. "Bean" explores their relationship as they try to mend it and how hard it is to hate someone you love.

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Mission Statement

"Bean" centers around an Asian teenager and her dad. As a woman of color, director Jordan Qin knows how important it is to give marginalized people a voice. Because of this over 50% of our crew identify as female or non-binary. Also, over 40% of our team identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Story

Set in the 21st century, "Bean" is a coming-of-age story that focuses on a teenager and her broken relationship with her father. The story revolves around themes like how normalized addictions (work, technology, etc) can be poisonous, as well as how hard it is to hate someone you love. 

We're raising $10,000 with a stretch goal of $15,000 to cover all of our estimated costs. 


My name is Jordan Qin (she/her) and I'm a junior/senior at Temple University. I'm a female, Asian-American director in a time where the majority of mainstream films being made are by cisgender white men. Across 1,300 mainstream films in the last decade, only 5% were directed by women and of that percentage only 14 of those women were women of color (USC Annenberg). I hope to be someone who helps start to try and change that statistic.

This story interwines some of my personal experiences with technology as well as trying to connect with my parents when there's a generational gap between us. Although I've never had as volatile of a parental relationship as Liberty and Anthony (our two main characters) have, I'm also utilizing my personal experiences with my friends who have had fathers who resemble Anthony. Many of these people are also on my professional team for "Bean".

To conclude, I believe I am the right person for this story because of my background in visual storytelling and how that storytelling has gotten my work accepted into numerous film festivals. I'm a woman of color in a world where the majority of stories are white-centered or directed by men, and I'm here to make a difference with "Bean". Thank you.

The United States has encountered an extremely hard last couple of years and these years have also caused hate to fester. The "Bean" team knows from personal experience how draining it can be to see negative stories on the news day-after-day, especially after being in qurantine for so long. We wanted to create "Bean" because in our darkest moments, we've always turned to art to cheer us up. And in times like this, films are necessary for an escape.

More and more POC are advocating for their voices to be heard, but progress is slow. In a male-dominated field, we hope to make an impact with "Bean" and showcase a strong, female Asian-American. As well as that, COVID-19 has caused millions of people to lose their jobs. In a field such as the film industry, these job losses are especially hard. Many of those working in film are freelancers and the pandemic has affected them even more harshly than others. Around 1/3 of our budget is going toward paying our wonderful cast and crew, in hopes to help if even a little.


Due to COVID-19, we're implementing a number of changes in order to keep our cast and crew as safe as possible. We'll be requiring everyone to wear a mask at all times with regular breaks for hand-washing and sanization. The only people who will be allowed to take their masks off for shooting takes will be our two actors, otherwise everyone is required to have their mask on. As well as that, we have a small crew of 12 people, where the CDC limits are 25. Social distancing will be in effect for everyone and different precautions will be taken to ensure everyone is safe.

Everyone will be required to take a COVID test before coming to our location. As well as that, we will be doing daily temperature checks to monitor everyone. Our location is in Paradise, Pennsylvania where the current status of that area is green. If that status changes, we will re-evaulate and push back shooting until it's safe. The safety of our cast and crew is our priority. 


"Bean", at the heart, is about family and love. It's about forgiveness and how our family shapes us, whether we like it or not. Love is what makes empires fall, the reason Shakespeare wrote sonnet after sonnet, and at the heart of all our art. While "Bean" may be about familial love and not romantic, love is still what drives this story. 

Love is also the reason for our project. With this campaign, we hope to chip away and work toward a more inclusive and more loving community, a place where LGBTQ+ and POC stories are given the same attention as heterosexual, white stories (2019 Film Statistics). Sure, it won't change overnight, but "Bean" is a step in the right direction toward a world where women and other minorities are given the same opportunites as men. And we would rather be a part of the change than someone who tries to stand in the way of it. We hope you join us on this journey and welcome to the "Bean" family. 


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Casting / Crew Fees

Costs $2,900

This amount will give us the ability to adequately pay our amazing cast and crew.

Catering / Crafty

Costs $1,700

We have 5 days of production and this amount will allow us to pay our team made up of 12 people.


Costs $1,500

This amount will cover the costs of renting a location as well as transportation

Equipment Fees

Costs $3,000

This amount provides for our camera and lighting equipment.


Costs $150

This amount will cover all of the new clothing needed for our cast.

Set Dressing

Costs $250

This amount will go towards specific props needed for the film

Film Festival Fees

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This amount will enable us to submit "Bean" to film festivals across the world.

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About This Team

Jordan Qin



Jordan Qin is an award-winning filmmaker originally from St. Louis, Missouri but currently located in Philadelphia. Her work has been shown in a variety of festivals including Temple University's DiamondQ Festival, First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, and the Liftoff Sessions. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts at Temple University and is expected to graduate in May 2021.


Allison Kirchoff



Allison Kirchoff is a Philadelphia-based producer originally from Media, PA. She has produced a numerous amount of Temple SMASH sketches as well as other student films. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts at Temple University and is expected to graduate in May 2023. 


Thomas Smith


Director of Photography

Thomas Smith is a Philadelphia-based cinematographer originally from Doylestown, PA. He has worked on a plethora of different projects as a cinematographer and camera operator. His previous work includes an independent feature film, multiple TV show pilots, and published photos and videos of NFL and NCAA football. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts at Temple University and is expected to graduate in May 2023.

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