Twenty One at The Belle Saloon

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Drama, Western

Stephanie Noel Garrison

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Twenty One at the Belle Saloon is a female-led western inspired by the real gambler and Black Jack dealer, Eleanor Dumont and her hunt for revenge.

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Mission Statement

Our team is bringing women to the forefront of the western genre both in front and behind the camera with uncompromising integrity. Inspired by a real Wild West woman's hunt for revenge.

The Story

The Western genre catapulted the careers of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin. Let's face it, everybody loves Westerns! 

Women in Westerns, however, are usually depicted as damsels, ladies of the night, or victims. A lot of the times all three combined. Very rarely are they the heroes in these films.

It's time for a change. 

from The Magnificent Seven

Eleanor Dumont

She was a notorious gambler and card dealer during the California Gold Rush. Known for her elegant dignity, aloof manner, and ability to handle stress on the card table, Eleanor made a name for herself as one of the most prominent dealers in the West. 

Her luck would later fade when the man she thought she loved took everything she had. 

But leave it to Eleanor to try to seek revenge. 

We've heard of Annie Oakley, we've heard of Calamity Jane, but there are so many stories out there of strong, courageous, and down-right cool women of the wild west. This film is loosely based on her--as we've added a couple things for cinematic effect--but the spirit of Eleanor Dumont will hopefully shine through. 

Eleanor finds herself in a high-stakes hand of Black Jack against, of course, a dangerous man. Because what great Western doesn’t have a great bad guy? Our villain, Jack, is played by the amazing actor and stuntman, Robert Dill. With her friend Jane, played by Tess Rianne Sullivan, Eleanor is on a journey of revenge and Jack either gets in the way, or is the target of her fury. 

FINALIST in HollyShort's 2021 
Short Screenplay Contest

Semi Finalist in Outstanding Screenplay's 2021 
Short Screenplay Contest

Our budget is $16,000 for this short film. Here's how it's broken down:

  • Location, Location, Location the saloon set is the most crucial piece to this story...and the most expensive. Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana has the perfect set for us. 
  • Props, Costumes, and Set Decoration to bring the Wild West world to life.
  • Crafty and Catering for our hardworking cast and crew.
  • Production Insurance for the safety of our cast and crew! We also commit to hiring a weapons expert and stunt coordinator. 
  • Travel/Lodging for the cast and crew. 
  • Cast & Crew: paying them for their hard work and artistry

Yellowstone Film Ranch Saloon Set

This script was written during quarantine as a way to keep myself creative & sane, but also to escape. Now more than ever, we need to escape to the movies and experience different worlds where words like "pandemic," "masks," and "quarantine" don't exist.

Now, we finally have the chance to make this movie a reality and to also stay as safe and healthy as possible while on set. Our cast and crew is minimal and will be taking all the necessary health & safety precautions. 

COVID-19 Protocols

We'll be following all SAG COVID regulations in the effort of making our vision happen and have acrued a great team to help in making that possible. What we need now is a little help from YOU to bring this story to life...

We hope this film will have the authenticy and heart of Taylor Sheridan's work (1883, Hell or High Water) with the fun of Quentin Tarantino (The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained) and the ruthlessness of JT Mollner (Outlaws & Angels). This short film is a love letter to all the classic John Huston and Spaghetti Westerns while still telling a new and fresh, female-led story. 


This is Stephanie Noel Garrison's passion project and her first film where she wrote, produced, directed AND starred in. Lots of hats for this little lady! She has an amazing team with her to help realize her vision. 

Ali Ivosevich

Stephanie met Cinematographer Ali while working on the award winning short "Life's Work" in April of 2021. She knew immediately that she wanted Ali to be the DP for this western short. Both of them received high praise and recognition for their work on "Life's Work" and are so excited to work together on Twenty One at the Belle Saloon!


from Outlaws & Angels

If this is a project that you'd like to support, please consider contributing to our campaign to bring this vibrant and bad-ass story to light! Seeing as you made it this far in the pitch, we really hope that you will consider supporting our production. Here are three ways you can help make Twenty One at the Belle Saloon a reality:

  • Contribute to our campaign and get some fun perks! Any amount, big or small, is greatly appreciated. Check out the side bar for a list of rewards.
  • Follow us on social media and share our campaign! Can't contribute? Maybe one of your internet friends can! Follow our film on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to help get the word out. @bellesaloonfilm is our handle across all main social media platforms. Here are some examples! Copy & Paste away!

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Our $16,000 goal is the bare minimum we're aiming for in order to get this film made with the quality desired while paying our cast and crew fairly. 

If we raise $18,000, we'll be able to cover our festival, distribution, and promotional costs for completing and getting the film into the world and in front of a wider audience.

No matter how much you are able to contribute, your pledge and support means the world to us. We thank you from the bottom of our ace of hearts. 




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Saloon Set Location

Costs $5,000

This film cannot be made without our Wild West Saloon...hell, it's in the title!

Crew + Equipment

Costs $2,300

High quality equipment and an amazing crew is integral in filmmaking

Safety & Insurance

Costs $1,300

Keeping everyone on set safe!

Travel + Lodging

Costs $3,500

Travel to Montana as well as lodging for our cast and crew

Wardrobe + Set Decoration

Costs $1,500

Authenticity is important to this film, so that includes killer costumes and detailed set decoration


Costs $1,500

We would love to be able to pay our wonderful cast, they deserve it!


Costs $900

Cast and crew need to eat!

About This Team


Growing up as an athlete, Stephanie always loved the drama, stakes, and roaring crowds of a full gym. While a college basketball career was looming, Stephanie took her love of competition and sports-theatrics and shifted to a career in film, stage, and television, pursuing her career full-time earning credits in various films and shows as well as the role of Alice Ayers in Patrick Marber's "Closer" live on stage. "Twenty One at the Belle Saloon" is Stephanie's professional filmmaking and screenwriting debut and is certainly the most passionate of passion projects.



Tess is from the small gold rush town of Skagway, Alaska, where her Grandmother moved to build her own horse and buggy business from the wheels up. She is a frontier woman through and through and just one of the reasons Tess has always longed to be a part of a Western and is so excited about Twenty One at the Belle Saloon. It's been six years now of acting in the City of Stars, and while there's no place like home in the mountains, right now there's no place she'd rather be.

ROBERT DILL - actor/stunt coordinator/producer

Robert started his career in entertainment when he was 15 years old at the AIA Actors Studio in Burbank, CA., where a talent agent from Cavaleri and Associates first discovered him. Fast forward to present day and Robert has accrued well over 100 Movies, TV shows and Video Game credits on his resume as both an Actor and a Stuntman. He also is a regular player on the stage through out the L.A. and Orange County area. He can be found both in front of and behind the camera, often at the same time, but he is always at the forefront of the crazy game that we call entertainment.

SCOTT SEAGREN - producer/director

Scott is a rising writer, actor and jack of all trades filmmaker in Los Angeles, California with a long history of trying to create entertaining and thought-provoking stories and experiences. The last few albeit difficult years for us all, Scott's managed to keepy busy on some fun sets, manning crew positions as well as fielding starring roles in several indie films and shorts all headed for the festival circuit. Most recently, Scott has several screenplays making the competition rounds and his feature screenplay "Deserted" - a Neo-Noir Crime Thriller-was optioned and is slated to begin production in Morocco in March 2022.

Current Team