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Chelsea Pope

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You can have anything delivered to your doorstep.. why not your best friend? BFF is a sci-fi comedy that knows you. You want love. You hate work. So why struggle to connect with fair-weather humans when you can buy a constant robot companion who will never EVER abandon you? (Right?)

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Mission Statement

BFF has been driven by ambitious, creative women from the start, including our producers and a large section of our cast, while our additional cast & crew represent the Hispanic, Filipino, Armenian, & LGBT communities. Because loneliness is a universal malady!

The Story



After June is friend-dumped for being "too clingy," she turns to Dr. Harriet Bland's Best Friend Fix, a new subscription service where a custom-built android friend is delivered to your door every month. June hopes her new robot BFF will fill the void left by her former friend, but can technology and convenience really make up for real human connection?



Below is the BEST FRIEND FIX COMMERCIAL June sees that compels her to subscribe, and be honest, wouldn’t you too? Dat tote!





The difficulty of finding and maintaining lasting, meaningful connections is incredibly relatable, especially as we become more and more immersed in the luxury of technology and instant gratification. I think many introverts struggle with the same internal conflict of wanting to be "the life of the party" without the perceived pressure to entertain, to tell the best anecdotes and the funniest jokes... 



Best Friend Fix deals with the unforseen costs of purchasing social acceptance and "instant" intimacy, but it is also a story about humility– how we choose to exercise (or not) our emotional maturity in recognizing our own limitations and, at times, extremely poor judgment. The irony of attempting to cure one foible with the very thing that manifests it is rife with comedy, ya? Which everybody likes. Everybody likes to laugh. Right? Watching others fail is delightful schadenfreude. Ya?



It's just too easy to fall short in a constant game of comparison to everyone you follow. Between the posts and pictures of seemingly sanguine lives are ads to make your own life more comparable. Order the clothes, the accessories, the pre-packaged meals, and you too can have a more complete, fulfilling life worth others' envy. The anxiety, depression, and transparent envy that are sparked by FOMO and the overall perception of being "left out," these negative emotions can drive someone who would otherwise conduct themselves mindfully into desperate and irrational decisions. Blowing exorbitant amounts of money on extravagant purchases, like, say, a monthly subscription to an android delivery service, is simply a byproduct of these darker but nevertheless incredibly human emotions.



BFF has gathered together a tremendous group of artists to bring this story to life. After two days of shooting with a hilarious cast we are now in post-production mode, in the midst of editing and marketing. With your help, we can give this project the right editing TLC it needs! We truly believe this has the potential to resonate with a wide audience, because everybody wants love and acceptance and approval.. and friendly kisses.



Wow, did you just read all of this? You rock!


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About This Team

Chelsea Pope grew up in Rancho Cucamonga and graduated from UCLA with a BA in English Lit in 2013. She's since studied and performed at UCB and The Groundlings and is a member of the all-female sketch group Small Dinosaurs. Previous projects include Gurlz Who Hike and Thirst Trap!, both on Funny or Die. She was once cast against-type on an episode of My Crazy Ex as the ex who wasn't crazy. Chelsea loves ice cream, empathy, and yoga. She wrote BFF in child's pose.


Paul L Benton was born in Hollywood, CA and will defend it to the death. After several years in the military he is back in LA working as Videographer and Production Artist, and studying Improv Comedy at The Groundlings Theater. Past credits include voiceover work for Paramount Pictures and Disney, as well as Production Design for INd TV on Time Warner Cable's VOD. Although he has friends, he believes dogs are better than humans. 


Riley Westling is an actor/writer based out of Los Angeles performing improv & sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade and other comedy venues throughout LA with the improv teams Murder Murder, Soulmate, Queerio’s and Camp Hickory. He is best known for his work with award winning directors AnnaLynne McCord and Bruno Rico on the short films Heart (2016) and Free Country (2016) respectively. Riley grew up in Norwich Vermont and Ojai California and attended college at Santa Monica College and University of Colorado Boulder.


Carly-Ann Giene met Chelsea Pope 3 years ago in a Groundlings improv class and has been riding Chelsea's creative coattails ever since! When she isn't creating sketch comedy with Chelsea she is producing country music and watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer instead of tending to her responsibilities! Carly-Ann can be seen in the New Found Glory music video Don't Let Her Pull You Down, The feature film M.A.R.R.A , with Sean Young and is a regular contributer on Funny or Die. She is beyond proud to be a part of the BFF world! 


Cassy Sanders is an actor, director, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she gradutaed from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Theatre and went on to spend 8 wonderful years performing, directing, and producing theatre in Chicago, IL. Now in LA she completed the improv program and UCB performs regularly with the improv teams Harold Ramis and Pour le Bien. She is also a featured actor in a new web series SPOONS, to be released Spring of 2018. 

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