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Fullerton, California | Film Short


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Between Colors follows Lennon, a young artist. She has a steady job but isn’t doing what she always thought she’d be doing, painting. When she unexpectedly falls in love with Jonah, her dreams get lost in the whirlwind. The story is about letting go. Letting go of expectations, dreams and people.

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The Story

As human beings, we each have a story to tell. And because no two people have experienced the same lives, we each have unique perspectives. As film students, who live and breathe movies, we have the perfect canvas to share our stories and our points of view with others. We also feel that the movies we make/stories we write are in so many ways, therapy for us. We can use the tools we have to explore our fears in hopes to overcome them.

This particular stories is very relevant to our lives and we know others can relate to the themes we’ve decided to examine. We definitely did not choose traditional career paths. We’ve been told so many times how impractical and unstable our desired industry is. But we chose it because it’s what we love. Not everyone has the luxury of doing what they love. Especially in the society that we live in. The one where everything is supposed to be laid out. The one where it’s hammered into our minds as children that you go to school, get a job and get married. Where anything that is outside of what’s considered traditional is discouraged. We’d really like to question this line of thinking. Does one formula fit everyone? What happens when you do all the things you were supposed to do and you’re still not happy? Is that all there is? Is that enough?

We’re passionate about this story, because these are the problems we’re facing.  We’re one semester away from graduating and while that’s exciting, it’s also terrifying. When the time comes for us to make that transition from school to real world, what will we do? Where will we fit? If it doesn’t happen right away for us, will we find a temporary solution just to keep ourselves afloat? And how long is temporary? Or will we starve ourselves in pursuit of our dreams? These are the questions we’ll face when we graduate and with Lennon, we get to explore a possible future, a real fear, in hopes to make the unknown a little less scary. 


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About This Team

About the crew:

All of the crew members are students in the Southern California area, predominately from California State University, Fullerton. Most of us met in production or writing classes or through friends, and quickly built working relationships as well as friendly ones. Get excited about these fine folks, they’re the future filmmakers of modern cinema.

Core Crew Members:

Produced by: Alex Ferris & Meghan Tolentino

Director: Alex Ferris

Writer: Meghan Tolentino

Director of Photography: Matt Spach

Editor: Jamie Morales

Composer: Brandon Ramirez

Assistant Director: Jose Nunez

Camera Operator: Adam Morely

Audio Technician: Jonathan Casco & Erik Armstrong


Campaign Video:

Trailer by Erik Armstong & Matt Spach

Graphics by Ryan Fratzke

Music by Brandon Ramirez

Current Team