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Frankie and Bea built their own mini empire running the coolest open mic in town. As Frankie drifts away in search of stability, Bea must grapple with her ideas of self-worth outside of their codependent friendship. Best Interests, Better Intentions is a hilarious love letter to platonic intimacy.

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Mission Statement

There is nothing quite as powerful as friendships between women. BiBi is a fiercely funny, wonderfully dropped-in, heartwarming ode to the crucial complexities of ride-or-die gal pals. This series uplifts women-centric comedy rooted in kindness to highlight untold stories.

The Story

Best Interests, Better Intentions is the result of a harebrained scheme, a tight schedule, and a whole lot of goofs. After some late nights and a little improv, DePaul comedy screenwriting students Lucy Porter and Gabby Seed began writing the six episodes that would become the web series we affectionately call “BiBi.”

BiBi was brought to life over the course of Summer 2021 thanks to the support and hard work of a large team and the vision of director Cassie Llanas, director of photography Jeff Silva, and producer Ally Johnson. We’re proud to have a largely woman-identifying, non-binary, and queer cast and crew as we create the space for underrepresented stories to be told with unbridled joy. There has never been a better time for a powerful female-driven comedy that uplifts kindness and pure silliness while telling meaningful stories.

We can’t wait for you to join us in our colorful, quirky world, and we’re so thankful for your support! Thank you for believing in this story. Thank you for believing in us.

Best Interests, Better Intentions follows two codependent but lovable best friends Frankie Polden and Bea Montgomery. Together they have built their own mini empire running the coolest, kookiest all-talent open mic in Chicago. Frankie starts to drift away in search of stability, just as Bea digs her heels into the preservation of the world she and Frankie have created, forcing the two to decide between their individual interests and what’s best for the person they care for.

Our love letter to platonic intimacy, BiBi asks audiences how creative identity evolves across our relationships with others and ourselves. 

Frankie Polden (Gabby Seed) 

Frankie is at once ditzy and grounded. She’s the queer, deadpan sidekick to her longtime pal, Bea. A barista by day and an artist by night, she’s beginning to understand the appeal of the 9-5 life and the stability (and health insurance!) that comes with it. This recent revelation brings with it a deep identity crisis: to step away from an unpredictable - even chaotic - lifestyle would mean leaving behind much of what she thought she knew about herself and her wants and needs. To Frankie, normalcy and predictability are looking more enticing by the day.

Bea Montgomery (Lucy Porter)

Bea thrives in the chaos. She is a well-meaning asshole who has coasted through life on her charisma and wit. But when she has to reckon with the world growing around her, she freezes. Bea can accept change, but only on her own terms. She would do anything for Frankie, but has trouble understanding Frankie’s desires to move on from their little bubble. Bea has built a good amount of her self worth on the open mic and who she is when she’s around Frankie. Finding her value outside of that fragile ecosystem seems like an impossible task.

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About This Team

Cassie is a queer, mixed-race chicanx writer, director, producer currently living in Chicago. They enjoy crafting cartoonish worlds for slice-of-life stories, particularly stories that make you laugh one minute before ripping your heart out, slamming it to the ground, and stomping on it the next…before making you laugh again through your tears. They’re earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television Directing from DePaul and once they get that MFA they will be requiring all their friends to address them as MASTER. Just kidding. Maybe. Check out their website: and their instagram: @Cassieeatbrains

Lucy is a Chicago-based writer, comedian, and person with extraordinarily wide thumbs. Lucy is an alum of Second City’s Comedy Studies program and is currently pursuing an MFA in Comedy Screenwriting from DePaul University. Striking the balance between slapstick and satire, she simultaneously writes puns and explores sociological theory. From TV to sketch, Lucy strives to examine the paradoxes of humanity through pratfalls and bits. See more from Lucy at or @lucymporter on instagram

Gabby is a Chicago-based comedy writer and performer. An alum of the Second City Writing Program and an MFA Comedy Screenwriting student at DePaul University, Gabby gravitates toward grounded, found-family comedy - tv and sketch especially! She’s a sucker for bits, musical comedy, and niche characters.

Ally Johnson is a writer, filmmaker, and comedian based in Chicago. Johnson’s work centers on female-driven/BIPOC narratives that explore the nature of life and the way we live it. Ally holds a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications (Video Production) and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Screenwriting (Comedy) at DePaul University. 

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