Big City, Small World

Deep River, Connecticut | Film Short

Romance, LGBTQ

Sue Kessler

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Ever feel stuck? What if one small change can make all the difference in your day? Follow Kate as she navigates through a different timeline because of one small change in routine. This musically driven film uses minimal dialogue to portray how small the world can be and how serendipity happens.

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Mission Statement

This is an LGBTQ film that is created by a vast array of people who believe that love is love. The writer and two actors are members of the LGBTQ community and the rest are just amazing artist with big dreams. We use local businesses and promote them to the community. It is truly a loving family!

The Story

Tired of consistency in her work and routine, Kate crosses new paths when she allows herself to bend slightly. Even in the big city, you never really know just how small the world can be.




Using a collective of artists from within a small creative group and lead by Director Reno Venturi, "Big City, Small World" is a passion project that was used to help writer and Assistant Director Sue Kessler fight her way out of depression and PTSD. The screenplay was written in the midst of some trauma and reflected on how our choices guide our day and many missed opportunities are bread through complacincy of routine. Making small changes can open the world up to meeting new people and the possibility of finding love.




The journey is told through music and emotion with many moments that point out where even in the vastness of New York City, the world is smaller than we think... all one has to do is pay attention. 




The film hopes to have people believe in possibility and open their eyes to the world in front of them. If you feel stuck, make a change. If you want love, pick up your head and believe in the possibilities.




The collective also believe in Love is Love and the story of Kate and Avery is a sweet reminder of the depth of human connection. 


Once we are all done we will be spreading the love to many festivals. Your help will allow us to get Big City, Small World out to everyone through the festival circuit. Our last film "Misadventures of Being Single" had great success at the festivals listed below and we hope to have more success with Big City, Small World! Follow us and send a message so we can send a private link to watch our last production! 








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Top Notch Equipment

Costs $3,200

We rented some of the best equipment to provide quality visuals since the film has minimal dialogue

Best Crew in Town

Costs $3,600

We hired the most talented and caring crew in CT. Artist with big hearts and great vision.

Food, coffee and more coffee

Costs $725

No need to have anyone HANGRY on set! Keeps the production rolling!

Post Production

Costs $2,300

Edits, to sound, to color, etc. Let's make something beautiful. AND the original song "Compasses"

Festival fun!

Costs $1,000

Lets get the film into a festival near you so we can to share it with the world!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

New Wind Productions is an artist collective born from passion.


Sue Kessler is a writer and actor that started New Wind Productions to bring her ideas and the ideas of her friends to life. An actor and a writer, Sue keeps busy honing her craft and getting her ideas out on paper.


Ariel Relaford is an actor and creative content specialist that helps New Wind Productions behind and in front of the camera. Her creative ideas and marketing expertise helps NWP get out to the masses and create amazing content.


Reno Venturi is the Director for BCSW and the acting coach and mentor to Sue Kessler. He is an integral part to the creative process for NWP and never stops challenging his actors to dig deeper and do more. 


New wind Productions is always looking for new collaborations and projects to bring to life and is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community and believes through art there is unity.


Thanks for your support!

Current Team