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Goal: $25,000 for pre-production

By donating just $1 towards the Boyfriend Mo? movie, you will be helping us bring representation for Filipinos, African Americans and mixed Black/Filipino kids on the big screen. Not only showcasing their communities separately, but also their stories as interracial couples and interracial families.

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Mission Statement

My goal is to show more representation for African Americans & Filipinos together in interracial relationships as well as interracial families due to their underrepresented stories within our film industry. Giving African Americans, Filipinos & their mixed kids stories they can watch and relate too.

The Story

Boyfriend Mo? is about an African American guy who starts to fall in love with his Filipina school crush while studying at a university in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tala doesn’t let him win her heart that easy. So with the help of Devonté's Filipino co-worker turned best friend, he dives into the Filipino culture to learn everything about the culture and Filipinos to make a good impression on her. But he soon realizes she's not the only one he has to impress and have to work even harder to win over the hearts of her traditional Filipino family.

Watch The "Boyfriend Mo?" Short Film Concept here:

Why Should You Support This Project?

Dear Supporter,

My name is Charlie St. Cyr and I am very passionate about bringing more representation of African Americans and Filipinos on the big screen. Not only showcasing them separately, but also as interracial couples and interracial families. Being a Louisiana Creole from New Orleans, Louisiana, I have been connecting more with my multiracial roots and embracing my family history. On the other hand, while living in California, I've made many friends who are Filipino and have fallen in love with the Filipino community, their culture and their untold stories. I had even fallen in love with the native language that I begun actively learning the Tagalog dialect with the help of my Filipino friends, listening to Filipino music and watching Filipino movies over the past 2 years. Speaking of the movies, I've noticed that there hasn’t been really any representation portrayed on film showcasing both African Americans and Filipinos together in romantic interracial relationships or interracial families. Why does it matter you may ask? Well...

  • Imagine being Filipino and dating or marrying into the African American community, just to realize that you have never seen an interracial couple between the two portrayed on television.
  • Now imagine being born half African American and half Filipino with no representation on television growing up. No one your kids can relate too. No one who represents both sides of their culture.
  • We have seen in both the music industry and in sports such representation, but have yet to see it presented on television. I know what your thinking... Charlie we have actors and actresses who represent the biracial community. However the biracial community that includes half Filipino and half African American is lacking their stories and their parents stories on film. Stories that would show us their struggles and challenges as a couple, their similar cultural backgrounds as well as their communities coming together as a family.

With your help on this production, we will be the first to highlight both cultures in an underrepresented community. This production will also showcase Louisiana Filipino's history, which has been buried for decades along with showcasing the Filipino language called Tagalog. It will also put a spotlight on Louisiana Creoles, their history and their endangered language called Kouri Vini. 

This side of history and representation must be shared and you can help spread awareness by joining me. With your generous support and donations, we can bring this story to people across the globe. Please consider partnering with CMI Entertainment to help us produced this film and fulfill this missing market and representation.


  • Our $20,000 goal is the bare minimum needed to get the pre-production started for our film "Boyfriend Mo?".
  • If we raise $25,000, we'll be able to have contingency funds in place should anything go wrong to cover any unforeseen production costs. 
  • If we raise $30,000, we'll be able to cover post-production, festival, distribution and promotional costs for completing and getting the film into the world and in front of a wider audience.
  • If we raise $40,000, we'll be able to pay our director and producers (who are currently sacrificing pay for their work out of passion for the project and its message). And we'll be able to offer our cast and crew more respectable day rates, as they are all working for far below average - also out of passion for the project and its message. 

Sharing our campaign on your social media is as helpful as a donation. And doing BOTH goes a long way to helping us bring 'Boyfriend Mo?' to life!  

Thank you for being part of this campaign and joining us in the making of this film!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Rental Equipment

Costs $4,000

To help the production company get more equipment needed to shoot a feature film.

Cast & Crew

Costs $10,000

So we can pay our Cast & Crew for the work they contribute to the making of this film.

Travel For Small Crew & Principle Cast

Costs $4,000

We have plans to shoot part of this movie in the Philippines. We'll need travel & lodging for small crew and the two main principles.

Festival Entry Run

Costs $1,400

Film festivals build a profile for Boyfriend Mo? & can create more job opportunities for us and our crew.

Hair & Makeup Team

Costs $700

We have a great team who will make sure our actors and actresses look their best on screen.

Crafty & Catering

Costs $1,000

There are a lot of mouths to feed on a set. We will be partnering with some amazing small business food owners to help cater our meals.


Costs $500

Costumes needed to dress all of our actors & background artists in the proper attire for each set and scene.

G-Technology Drives

Costs $400

Check the chip! Reliable drives are essential for data storage.

Additional Locations

Costs $1,500

This story will take place in a few locations. Two homes, two restaurants, one gym, one school and outdoor locations that will need permits.


Costs $1,000

We need to get people and equipment from and to locations.

Set Designs & Props

Costs $500

We'll need to get important props for some of our scenes.

About This Team


Charlie St. Cyr is currently based in Los Angeles, California, but was born and from New Orleans, Louisiana. Charlie who is a US Navy Veteran has been working on both sides of the camera for over 10 years. His work as an actor, model and host in front of the camera brings that passion within his creativity. Along with his work as a producer, director, writer and manager behind the camera brings that attention to detail. He has worked on numerous television and film projects as well as other production sets which has helped formed his creative directing and concepts. Charlie has now stepped into the screenplay writing game starting with this film project being his first to put together. His goal with the first film is help bring more representation for African Americans, Filipinos and their interracial families.

Current Team