Brazilian Wood

Phoenix, Arizona | Film Feature

Drama, Thriller

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Two men confront a common enemy. One is seeking elusive justice while the other is on a bizarre course for revenge. As their paths collide, they face their inner demons and must make choices...will it ultimately lead to their redemption or their downfall?

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The Story

Brazilian Wood began as a departure from the lighter comedy pieces that Kristin LaVanway had written in the beginning of her film career.  The original story was a dark comedy that made playful jabs at the dysfunctional real estate industry. That story evolved from a short film that was too big for it's britches into a layered, psychological thriller told in Kristin's quirky style.  The decision to grow the short story into a feature-length film allowed for richer characters and a story with more depth and some intriguing twists.

Kristin and Bill teamed up last year to create a short teaser that features Bill's character, Owen Bryant. (NOTE: Some strong language)



The teaser provided a focal point for the development of the feature-lengthed script. It also launched several short film collaborations between Bill and Kristin that eventually become Resonant Films. Bill's involvement in the production of Brazilian Wood has enhanced the story with somber undertones and strong visual elements that Bill is known for.

The project also served as a gathering point for some great Phoenix film talent. Christian Ruckdashel has been Kristin's go-to sound guy since her very first film. Brian Osback has quite a catalogue of cinemagraphic footage under his belt and will be lending his creativity and contemporary eye to the visual story-telling. Our cast features some very talented actors and actresses who are chomping at the bit to dig into some unique roles.

Brazilian Wood is the first feature film produced by Resonant Films.


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Resonant Films is the creative partnership of Bill Wetherill and Kristin LaVanway. Both Kristin and Bill have received kudos for numerous short films they have produced individually. As a team, their individual strengths compliment each other and result in rich, character-driven stories that resonate.

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