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Taking place in Poway, CA during the 2008 financial crisis, BUBBLE is a queer coming of age comedy short film that follows a Filipino teenager avoiding her gay feelings while her family avoids their impending foreclosure.

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Mission Statement

This film is written and directed by a queer, mixed Filipina woman, it's produced by a team of queer women, and our key crew is completely comprised of women. The story is centered on a young queer woman of color, and her mixed family.

The Story



Hi everybody. Alyssa here.


I wrote Bubble to express a time in my life when two big things happened. I fell in love with a girl for the first time, and my family lost our home to foreclosure. 16 was a big year! 


What did we do with this infomation? Nothing! I wasn't about to tell anybody about my feelings, and my parents were sure that there was going to be some way out of our foreclosure. We avoided and avoided until... my family had to move out, and I had to face who I was.



This is what I portray with Bubble. A loving yet disfunctional family that's not dealing with their problems in the healthiest way. A teenage girl, begrudgingly professing her feelings. It's hard, you know? Doing what you're afraid of. Stepping into the unknown. But sometimes you have no choice but to be brave. Eventually.


I wanted this film to authentically portray a family like mine. Frances, the lead, is mixed Filipino and white, her mother is Filipino, and her father is Jewish. I wanted to show an Asian American family like my own. This is a film that promotes diversity on every level. 



This film takes place in 2008, which was an incredibly full year in our history. We had a financial collapse that affected hundreds of thousands of people across the country. So many people in my community lost their homes. 2008 was the year that Prop 8 was passed, banning gay married in California. Why don't we ever talk about this year? Through Bubble, I want to bring validity this impactful moment in our history, through my lens, as a queer Filipino american woman. Help us make this movie happen!


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Crafty and Meals for cast and crew!

Costs $1,000

Help us not be hungry on set!

Boba Shop Location

Costs $1,000

Help us get a boba shop to shoot in!


Costs $1,000

We gotta light the shots!


Costs $3,000

We're gonna rent a camera to shoot this :)

Paying our dope crew

Costs $2,500

We have an all-woman crew and we'd like to pay them what they deserve!!


Costs $500

Can you hear me???? You will if we have a boom mic and operator!


Costs $500

So we can have a great composer make some great music!

Production Design

Costs $500

So we can accurately design 2008-looking rooms and boba shops!


Costs $1,000

If you break it, you buy it, and we really can't buy the camera we're renting.

Post Production

Costs $1,000

Paying the editor, post-sound person, and colorist!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Alyssa Lerner - Writer/Director 

Alyssa is a Filipino and Jewish recovering ballerina heralding from Poway, a part of San Diego no one wants to visit. Growing up with enough internalized homophobia to invent many fake boyfriends, Alyssa now aims to write queer, Asian American stories, written from her experience as a way of healing herself and her community. Alyssa received her MFA in Writing for Film and TV at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Her writing has garnered her a number of accolades including Semifinalist placement in the Academy Nicholls Fellowship of 2018, winner of Best Pilot at the LA Comedy Film Festival 2017, and Finalist in the 2018 Creative World Awards Television Sitcom Competition. 



Cat McCabe - Producer

Cat McCabe is a producer heralding from Poughkeepsie, New York, with a degree in Television,
Radio, and Film from Syracuse University. She currently works as a Production Manager at Wayfarer
Entertainment, where she helped produce the award winning docu-series My Last Days on The CW
and the digital show Man Enough which has over 5 million views on Facebook Watch. She’s managed
commercials for companies such as State Farm, Kellogg, Metro PCS, and Ford. Having produced
commercial, digital, documentary, scripted, and virtual reality projects, Cat aims to be a creative
partner to writers and directors in order to produce compelling, diverse stories. She’d also like to
finish every crossword puzzle in existence.




Madeline Leach - Director of Photography

Madeline Leach is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles and a recent graduate of USC’s School
of Cinematic Arts’ M.F.A. Production program. Her love for images and photography began as a
child and continued through college, where she majored in Fine Arts at Georgetown University,
specializing in Photography. Maddie shot a multitude of films at USC, including the advanced film,
The Craftsman, which was nominated for the Student Etudes Competition at the Camerimage Festival and then later for USC’s First Look Faculty Awards for Outstanding Cinematography. She was also the recipient of the Sun Cinematography Award for her achievements. This past spring and summer, Madeline shot three MFA thesis films, Spoiled Milk, Ponyboi and Deliver Us, all with the support of Panavision. Moving forward from graduating USC, she hopes to keep pushing the visual boundaries of the art of film.



Michelle Nguyen - Production Coordinator

Michelle Nguyen is a promotions coordinator and event director originally from sunny San Diego, California. She orchestrates extremely successful $20-40k productions 3-4 times a year with a typical average of 65% of registered guests in attendance. As a queer Asian woman, Michelle is using her event planning skills to produce films that elevate the voices of the marginalized and represent stories not often seen in film and television. She also loves to play the drums, woodwork, and learn through practice. And in the above photo, she is the human and not the dog. 

Current Team