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Built to Last is a documentary that addresses the issue of poorly constructed homes in the US and their consequences on homeowners and communities. The film calls for improved standards and resilient practices to create safer durable homes. Do you know the safety features of your house?

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Mission Statement

Built to Last is a call-to-action film. As climate change intensifies the threats we face, securing the dream of safe and enduring homes becomes paramount. Our mission is to ignite a movement that helps every American realize the dream of not just owning a home, but a home that is built to last.

The Story

Year after year we see weather disasters wipe out communities. Lives are lost, and in many cases, people never fully recover.

Built to Last peels back the layers of poorly constructed homes, revealing the hidden consequences for homeowners and communities. It's not just about raising awareness, it's a rallying cry for action. We delve into the root causes, exposing weak building codes and the undue influence of special interests that obstruct efforts to fortify them.

We will show current and future homeowners what they are really buying and explain why this is happening. Viewers will learn what they should be asking for, so they can demand more from local officials, builders, and home sellers.

Director's Statement

We have the technology to build safer houses, yet year after year we see disasters completely upend people's lives. My desire to see this change is what motivated me to make my film The Last House Standing. It's also the driving force to make this film, to wake people up to the fact there are forces at work to keep building codes low and not disclose the real risks to potential home buyers. Unlike many of the problems that exist in the world, this one is fixable, we just have to educate people to do it!

How the Money Will Be Used

The money we raise will help us complete three important elements of our production, film editing, special graphics, and a celebrity voice-over actor.


Our production timeline has our first round of shooting happening the first week of December 2023, followed up by additional shoots in January of 2024. We will edit the film during the month of February into early March and be ready to enter film festivals and work on distribution. Potential broadcast outlets are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Public Television.

If you have any questions...

If you have any questions about the project, email us at: [email protected]. If you donate more than once you need to set up an account on Seed & Spark. If you have an amount you'd like to donate that isn't one of our specific rewards just click on the blue "Make a pledge" button and you can enter any amount you'd like.


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Video Editing

Costs $10,000

This is where it all comes together, in the editing room.

Cash Pledge

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Special Graphics

Costs $5,000

Special graphics will highlight the problems we face and clearly show solutions.

Voice-Over Actor

Costs $10,000

We are going to hire a celebrity voice-over actor for the film.

About This Team

George Siegal (Writer-Director-Producer) began his career in front of the camera as a weathercaster, newscaster, sportscaster, and feature reporter. He worked in major markets around the U.S. including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Detroit. In 2001 Siegal formed J.E.L. Productions, a video production company that produces commercials, infomercials, television programs and documentary films. The company also created its own original programming, which included a Texas Travel Program and a building and remodeling show. 

More recently Siegal started the documentary film company Move the World Films to take advantage of his many years of news background to highlight important issues to mass audiences around the world. He wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning documentary film: The Last House Standing (a wake-up call for homeowners to understand the hazards that occur where they live, and to know how their house will hold up when disaster strikes) and License to Parent (which offers insight into the troubling issue of bad parenting and presents a path to improve it). Siegal most recently started the Tell Us How to Make It Better podcast, the ultimate podcast for all things home ownership and building. George’s vast expertise make him the perfect guide through the triumphs and tribulations of owning or renting a home.

Kevin Echemendia (Director of Photography) is an award-winning cinematographer and the founder and creative producer of Two Stories Media (TSM). TSM is a winner of multiple Telly Awards and Independent Film awards. TSM has also been accredited with the prestigious Economic Mobility Award in Tampa Bay, for their work in bolstering the younger community's experience level with internships and in-the-field training. Kevin's veteran crew has over 40 years of combined production experience and he will be bringing many of his key team members on board for the project. Kevin and senior editor Ken Davis will be heading up the post-production editing.

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