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"You want to be Black...until you don't." In a world where Black is on-demand via an app -- it's clothing, it's language, it's essence -- a white man leisurely enjoys the benefits of it all, until it's harsh reality comes crashing down on him. We want to illuminate the dangers of appropriation.

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Mission Statement

We long to tell stories that spark difficult conversations to challenge the betterment of humanity. As a Black man in America, I've always found my perspective to be missing within the stories that we get to see. I hope to not only broaden that scope but offer representation to show our true reality

The Story

If you could, would you accept the trappings of another's culture? The food, the clothing, the music, the physical features, the clout. All of these available to you at the press of a button. The best part is that you can customize your entire experience: when, where, how, and what you want your life to look like. Pick and choose at your leisure with just one catch...Your perspective on the world remains the same. Once you don these features, will you stay in blissful ignorance, or will you begin to see the dangers of their reality? Download the app "Buy Black" today, and begin your new experience.


The inspiration behind this film was exactly this idea. In a world where Black culture is praised and coveted, while it's people are punished and criminalized, we wanted to illuminate what it's like to conveniently put on the benefits of Black, while ignoring its dangerous reality. Many people appropriate the cultures of others, but if ever offered the opportunity to take on ALL that the culture offers, most would say no.

COVID has required us to lengthen our pre-production schedule to ensure safety measures are met. We plan to shoot this film in late October 2020. COVID has certainly put a hold on most projects this year, and we don't take it lightly whatsoever. This campaign will not only help us to pay our hard-working crew & locations, but also PPE, precautions, and COVID-related necessities to keep everyone safe while on set!


Once the film is complete and submitted to festivals, we plan to publicly release in January of 2021. Crowdfunding has always been an encouraging method to support the arts of our community. We've done our best to help others in our same situation, and have seen how generous people can be both with time and finances. This campaign will help us bring a delicate topic to light, and if done right, hopefully provide some empathy in times where much of it is lacking. 




A New York native, Kambry Wynn is an Atlanta-based writer & director. An extensive background in improvisation via Chicago's theater scene, Kambry's directorial debut was on his web series titled 'Validated' in 2018. His efforts to shed light on current issues in our culture continued with 'Why Are They Out There', a short film that's gone on to win multiple awards, as well as his music video titled 'Black.'. His goal through Free Fall Productions is to continue to seek out ways to illuminate the topics worthy of dicussion, but missing the platform.



An Atlanta-based creative, Julie has co-written and co-produced an award-winning short ('Why Are They Out There?'), and utilizes her talents to help uplift marginalized voices. A published writer, educator, and co-host of a weekly podcast, in every space, Julie focuses her intention on building community to galvanize critical conversations. Her goal is to create content that helps others to be seen, connect, and think beyond their own perspective.


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About This Team

Julie Orris (writer, director, producer)

Kambry Wynn (writer, director, producer)

Jaime Randel (director of photography)

Kelsea Bermudez (1st assistant camera)

Osiris Hill (boom & mic operator)

Connor Lee (Gaffer)

Current Team