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Bwitches is a comedy about two friends, who happen to be witches, navigating what it means to be young women in LA. The series serves up comedy, camp, and commentary all based on a close friendship that looks unlike the ones that we usually see on screen.

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The Story


Bwitches is a comedy about two friends (who happen to be witches) navigating what it means to be young women in LA.  You’ll see Maddie and Reese interact with their white males peers, you’ll see them get their periods at important networking events, you’ll see them quit day jobs that make them feel like scum, you’ll see them go on dates with men who don’t satisfy them, and you’ll see them hang out with other feminist witches, like them. You’ll also see some talking cats, floating objects, and lots of spells - lots and lots of spells.


Bwitches lives in the universe of our shared loves: we love women who are goofy, powerful, intelligent, neurotic and possibly deranged (think Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard).  We love magic, spectacle, and good old-fashioned glamour.  We love girl power and sisterhood.  Martine loves cats. Johanna loves Alfred Hitchcock. We are inspired and tickled by shows like Bewitched and Broad City, movies like Dear White People and Spice World.


We began living together at the start of 2015.  Admist the general domestic bliss that ensued, the idea for Bwitches was born.  We wanted an artistic outlet to talk about the things that trouble, excite, and enrage us without taking ourselves too seriously in the process. We wanted to create a fantastical universe, the kind we made up as children, filtered through an adult lens.  Witches can represent not only powerful women with unique gifts but also members of society who have been othered.  We want to take seats at the digital media table and bring our own secret powers to light, all while doing a lot of laughing and singing and dancing...

Join us on our magical journey!


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Lighting Kit

Costs $350

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. No lights, no camera/action.

Sound Mixer

Costs $500

There's gonna be some cackling involved in this series and its gotta sound terrific....

Props Package

Costs $475

We're gonna need bats, eyeballs, magic wands, fake miniature hands, etc.


Costs $350

Melding magic and regular LA life takes some mad editing skillz...

Makeup Kit

Costs $150

Nothing worse than a washed out witch.

Visual Effects Services

Costs $425

Did we mention this is a show about two girls who happen to be WITCHES?

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Package

Costs $675

Great camera equipment will make the series look magical. MAGIC COSTS MONEY.

Art Department

Costs $500

Did we mention this is a show about MAGIC? We're obvi not gonna explode into glitter by OURSELVES....

Wardrobe Package

Costs $475

Bwitches gotta look like Bwitches....


Costs $500

A film set without a Gaffer is just plain GAFFABLE...they deal with lighting and there's MUCH illumination needed.

Craft Services Food

Costs $600


About This Team


JOHANNA MIDDLETON (Co-Creator, Writer, Actress)  is a "cool" but warm girl, actress, writer, storyteller, and teaching artist from LA. She's appeared in commercials, on Nickelodeon and HBO Go, and in other web series like LA Famous and Tiny Nuts. Johanna graduated with a BA in Theatre from Northwestern University, where she learned about snow and "wind chill". She has a passion for creating spaces for women and people of color to share their own stories. She is a founding member of the SexSpeaks collective, which produces storytelling events and workshops for women of color to discuss their sexuality. She is also the creator of Girlie Stories, a storytelling community for women to empower and support each other through their stories and experiences.



MARTINE MOORE (Co-Creator, Writer, Actress) is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles.  She has appeared on HBO Go, and in numerous fringe theater productions and indie films, most recently as the lead in the two shorts Five-Fingered Lucy and Dry, and in the upcoming feature Americana.  Previous web series include Ingenue (co-creator), Job Monkey, and LA Famous.  When not acting she is either sketching famous directors in charcoal or writing taut little short stories about unhappy men and women.  Go, Martine!  


CHELSEA WOODS (Director) is a writer-director from Los Angeles, CA with a passion for connecting the world through the medium of film. She is a graduate of The University of Chicago, where her thesis film, Elevated, received honors. She began her career in film and television working on director Ava DuVernay’s second feature film, Middle of Nowhere. She continued to work in production on television shows including TouchCriminal Minds and, most recently, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Chelsea is one of the ten participants of this year’s AFI Directing Workshop for Women.



RACHEL SKLAR (Producer) is a Los Angeles based producer. She is currently Creative Executive at Larrikin Entertainment. She works closely with the Head of Development, Robert Lundberg, to select and develop material for the company's slate of feature films and TV series.Previously, Sklar was assistant to the late Greg Coote (former CEO of Dune Entertainment and Village Roadshow). She has worked as assistant to director Christina Beck (Perfection).  Sklar also free-lanced as a Script Supervisor, collaborating on numerous independent features, shorts, and webseries around Los Angeles. Rachel Sklar grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. She attended Carleton College in rural Minnesota, majoring in film. Sklar's thesis film, Perfect Goulash, was an official selection in the Los Angeles Women's Film Festival

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