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Martin Kaszubowski

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"By Crook!" is a comedy! It's a heist flick! It's funny! And it's heartbreaking! We're making a movie about friendship and we need your help to fund it. We didn't want to go "method" and knock off banks and gas stations to fund this film...

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Mission Statement

This is a movie about platonic friendships between opposite genders. The lead is a woman who is never meant to be sexualized by any of the other characters, or the audience. I believe it to be important to depict adult friendships between different genders in film, as they often are not.

The Story

By Crook is the title of our movie.

It is a play on the phrase "by hook or by crook." 


You want more information? Gosh, why didn't you say so! 


By Crook is a comedy heist film that uses goofy Airplane! (1980) style comedy to tell the story of Charlotte Twain and Austin Grant, a pair of friends who are also a pair...of thieves. The film will use daring camera, character, and story tricks to create its own version of reality as a way to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next surprise.



By Crook is alive with playfulness, yet depicts a true-to-life platonic relationship. After Charlotte posts bail for a recent arrest, Austin begs her to travel cross country and visit the death sites of his favorite movie thieves and criminals.  You know, Thelma?  You know, Louise?  You know, Bonnie?  Clyde?  


DOES EVERYTHING GO EXACTLY AS THEY HOPE? Nope. Along the way they cross paths with a whole host of desperate characters, all trying to take the quick route to success as our main characters figure out what it means to be a responsible adult, and friend. 


We plan to film the last 1/4 of the film first. This part takes place in Arizona where SPOILER ALERT the two main characters simply just do not make it to Mexico as their friendship has fully unraveled into a mess of wet noodles and emotions.


Why now?  Why Arizona? 


We live in the Wisconsin tundra.  And the story takes place in the summer.  And we want to get filming ASAP.  As soon as P!


Also, by filming in April, we catch peak "glamour shot" time in Arizona.  We also plan to film in August around Milwaukee and Chicago when its our turn for showing off.  Aaaaahhh, Milwaukee summers!


And why Arizona?  So... there's a specific reason we need to film in the big AZ... but we want to keep this a special secret... because it's going to be breathtaking and grand and wonderful and sometimes secrets are nice.  Canyon dig it?



So this is what we're asking for your help on!  We need help getting started.  All donated funds will help us get the ball rolling in making this PRETTY AF, FUNNY AF, REAL AF film.  


Also, we want to shout out panfluterman on for the sweet bamboo flute hook up!



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Meals & Crafty

Costs $650

We'll be feeding between 5 and 8 people each day.


Costs $1,000

We're driving and flying out to Arizona from Milwaukee and Knoxville.


Costs $1,400

We'll be staying in hostels and AirBnB's while filming.

Wardrobe & Props

Costs $250

Our characters wear clothes and shoes, and have props like stinky road trip drive-thru bags.

Location Fees

Costs $800

A few of our locations require permits, rental fees, and general fees.


Costs $1,500

We cannot make a movie without a cast or crew!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Martin Kaszubowski is the Co-Writer, Producer, and Director of By Crook. He is the creator of several short films. Christopher Darling—his first feature— is a dark comedy rock film currently finishing up its award-winning festival run as it screens around the country.


Carol Brandt is the Writer/Producer of By Crook. Brandt’s student feature Things Found on the Ground had its world premiere at the New Orleans Film Festival. She works as an editor and screenwriter in Milwaukee.  Carol's third feature film Dear Coward on the Moon premiered at the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival.  Her most recent feature film Pet Names premieres at SXSW this March.


Quinn Hester is the Cinematographer for By Crook.  He is a graduate from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BFA in Film. His work includes numerous feature-length and short narrative films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. 


Kristin Peterson is the Executive Producer of By Crook. Aside from her work as a playwright and screenwriter, she worked as a broadcast producer for a top 25 advertising agency.  Previously, Peterson spent three years programming the Beloit International Film Festival and currently distributes independent film projects. Her short films DOG*WALK and @Me have screened at 25+ festivals across the globe.  Peterson is currently also producing the feature length documentary The 60 Project.


Aby Farrey is the Producer of By Crook.  For a number of months she produced and/or directed one short film every month because she's badass like that.  She's in development for her first feature film projected to start production Summer '19.  Aby has led the art department for a number of films and shows, and will lend her keen production design eye to By Crook as well


Ashley Shelton stars as Charlotte Twain in By Crook. Her credits include starring roles in Something, Anything and Dear Coward on the Moon


Linds Edwards stars as Austin Grant. His credits include feature roles in Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II and The Walking Dead and the newly awesome Lethal Weapon.

Current Team