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This is a fully independent, microbudget feature that will tell the story of an often invisible segment of the population, and the struggles they face. Caliche will help shed some light on these issues and provide an opportunity for independent, creative people to create something important.

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Mission Statement

Caliche is a film about the working women of rural Texas, and the difficulties they face in a state that is, unfortunately, often hostile to their very existence. The lead and supporting lead are played by two Texan women who are very familiar with these issues.

The Story

Caliche is the story of Mariel, a young woman trying to scrape by with a server's salary and a boatload of debt. When she unexpectedly becomes pregnant, with no support system and no prospects, Mariel will stop at nothing to take charge of her life and make the best possible choice for her future.

Writer/director Jacob Sloman didn't anticipate his feature script Caliche to become so timely and resonant in the wake of the 2016 US Presidential election, but in the months that have followed, it's become clear that reproductive rights and women's rights in general are under attack. Now more than ever, these kinds of stories need to be told.


This is a 100% independent, grass-roots funding campaign for a film about some of the most marginalized and invisible people in American society: the women of the rural working poor. As Texans, both Jacob and Joseph Sloman, as well as producer John Jarzemsky (executive producer, Starry Eyes) feel passionately about the uniquely difficult situation faced by blue-collar women of their home state. Together with producer Andi Dervishi, they are looking to shine a light on a kind of drama so often played out in the shadows. 


This production is, first and foremost, a collaboration between a cast--led by Jennifer Blair, Nikki Valdez, and Daniel Marin--and crew of likeminded creative people to tell the sort of small, personal story that Hollywood often chooses to pass over in the names of escapism and profit. For all of us, Caliche is a labor of love, and one that needs your help.


Currently, our budget stands at approximately $10KUSD, comprised exclusively of money from our own pockets and contributions from friends and family. With your contributions, we're hoping to bump that figure up to a still modest $15K by raising $5K of crowd-funded contributions. Your donations will help pay for the time and talent of our amazing cast and crew, most of whom are already taking personal losses to work on this passion project.


Please help us get this little-film-that-can over the hump!


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Post Production

Costs $3,000

To be able to professionally edit the movie.

Sound Mixing

Costs $2,000

Sound mixing for the film as well.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Jennifer Blair (Mariel) is an actress and writer based in New York, NY. She has a B.A. in Theatre & Dance from the University of Texas at Austin, and has trained with the Atlantic Theater Company acting school in NYC. Her credits can be found at


Nikki Valdez (Allison): Nikki Valdez is an actress based in New York, NY. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with two Bachelor Degrees in Acting & Film Production. She has studied with esteemed coaches such as Laurel Smith VouvrayAnthony AbesonBob KrakowerMaria Dizzia, and the Upright Citizens Brigade.


She recently completed the web series BINGE where she plays a high strung director and an independent Spanish language film, Puras Ilusiones. Nikki is thrilled to be a part of Caliche!

Daniel Marin (Robert): 

Daniel is an accomplished film, television and commercial actor.

Originally from Costa Rica, he began his acting career with a recurring role on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. His Prime-Time television debut was Guest Starring on ABC's TROPHY WIFE, opposite Emmy winner, BRADLEY WHITFORD. Most recently, Daniel had a Guest Starring role on CBS's NCIS: LOS ANGELES, as well as a costarring role in SHOWTIME's I'M DYING UP HERE. 


Daniel also had a leading role in the international feature film "PRESOS" (IMPRISONED) (Costa Rica's Official Selection for the 86th Academy Awards), directed by the Award-Winning director, ESTEBAN RAMIREZ. Presos is currently on NETFLIX International in 190 countries, and will soon be on HBO in the United States.


He is also the voice in Spanish for BURGER KING.


Jacob Sloman (writer/director) is a screenwriter who has worked with a number of Hollywood studios. He is a graduate of the UT-Austin RTF program. His photography can be found at

Andi Dervishi (producer) is an independent filmmaker who has worked with The Weinstein Company and Kino Lorber Films. His work can be viewed at


John Jarzemsky (producer) is a writer and graduate student of literary theory, and served as an executive producer on the crowdfunded independent horror film Starry Eyes.


Joseph Sloman (co-Writer) is a screenwriter and poet and copywriter. He is a graduate of Brandeis University. He has written ad-campaigns and slogans for myriad internet companies and has worked with his brother on projects for Hollywood studios. 

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