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In "Capicúa," a Cuban-American Marine Corps veteran searches for his missing brother amidst mysterious circumstances. As he unravels the clues, he confronts his own conflicts between his American identity and Cuban roots.

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Mission Statement

The mission of "Capicúa" is to create a compelling short film that explores cultural identity and family bonds within the Cuban-American community. Through the story of a veteran searching for his missing brother, we aim to highlight themes of heritage, belonging, and the immigrant experience.

The Story

Mission Statement

Our mission for the "Capicúa" crowdfunding campaign is to bring to life a heartfelt story about the sacrifices of parents, the unconditional love between brothers, and the search for identity. Through your support, we aim to produce a visually stunning and emotionally compelling short film that resonates deeply with audiences. Your contributions will help us cover essential production costs, ensuring "Capicúa" is crafted with excellence and authenticity. Together, we can make this powerful story a reality.

"Capicúa" follows David, a Cuban-American Marine Corps veteran, as he embarks on a quest to find his missing brother in Miami. This journey is not only a physical search but also an emotional exploration of identity, heritage, and family bonds. The film captures themes that are universally relatable yet deeply personal to the Cuban-American community. It highlights the tension between embracing one's heritage and adapting to a new culture—a struggle familiar to many of us.

"Capicúa" deserves to be told because it addresses critical themes of cultural identity, family bonds, and the immigrant experience—stories that are often overlooked but deeply impactful. As someone born in Cuba and who moved to the United States in my early 20s, I understand the challenges and triumphs of adapting to a new culture while maintaining a connection to my roots. This film sheds light on the resilience and bravery of immigrants who sacrifice everything for a better future and explores the complex dynamics within their families as they navigate a new world. By celebrating the rich heritage and the strength that comes from embracing our roots, this story resonates on a universal level, highlighting the beauty of cultural diversity and the shared human journey. "Capicúa" is a tribute to the Cuban-American community, showcasing the beauty and complexity of their shared experiences. "Capicúa" is a tribute to the Cuban-American community, showcasing the beauty and complexity of their shared experiences.

"Capicúa" will feature a visually rich and authentic look that captures the vibrant essence of Miami's Cuban culture. The film will employ a bleach bypass technique to create a unique visual style that is both gritty and colorful. This technique, known for its ability to desaturate colors while increasing contrast, will add depth and texture to the film’s imagery, enhancing the storytelling by visually representing the duality of the protagonist’s journey.

Budget Breakdown

We are seeking funding to bring "Capicúa" to life, ensuring the highest quality production that this heartfelt story deserves. The budget will primarily cover three main areas: production costs, cast and crew expenses, and essential logistical needs.

Production Costs:

  • Securing authentic Miami locations that reflect the vibrant Cuban-American culture central to our story.
  • Renting professional equipment to capture high-quality footage that enhances the film's aesthetic and emotional impact.

Cast and Crew Expenses:

  • Hiring talented actors and a dedicated crew is essential to bring "Capicúa" to life.
  • Compensating our cast and crew fairly for their time and effort, attracting skilled professionals.
  • Labor costs for key departments such as the art department, hair and makeup, wardrobe, and technical support.

Logistical Needs:

  • Providing meals and refreshments on set to keep our team focused and energized.
  • Transportation expenses to move our team and equipment efficiently between various locations.

Your support will help us achieve a visually stunning and emotionally compelling short film that celebrates the rich cultural heritage and resilience of the Cuban-American community. By contributing to our budget, you are enabling us to maintain the highest standards of quality and authenticity in "Capicúa."

I am deeply grateful for your time and consideration in supporting our project. This film is a testament to the idea that no matter how far we go, we should never forget where we come from and our roots. It's a story about the sacrifices of our parents, the unconditional love between brothers, and the journey of discovering our true identity. Your support means the world to us and will play a crucial role in bringing this heartfelt story to life. Together, we can create a film that not only entertains but also inspires and reminds us all of the importance of staying connected to our heritage. Thank you for believing in the power of storytelling and for joining us on this incredible journey. We can't wait to share "Capicúa" with you.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Laurd Milian


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Costs $3,220

Catering keeps cast and crew energized, boosts morale, supports health, and enhances efficiency by minimizing downtime.


Costs $9,515

Funding for our cast and crew is essential to bring their skills, creativity, and dedication to our project.

Location's fees and permits

Costs $1,000

Location Fees: Pay for ideal filming spaces and compensate owners. Permits: Ensure legal compliance, safety, and smooth operations.

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Costs $7,295

Funding for our crew ensures top-notch talent and production quality, making our film the best it can be.

Transportation Expenses

Costs $400

Funds for transportation ensure our team and equipment can reach all locations smoothly, keeping the production on schedule.

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