Carbon Fiber

New York City, New York | Film Short

Documentary, Sport

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Follow one amateur team during their 2015 race season. Experience the highs and lows of starting the season off with a 2014 trophy on the shelf, to having laps docked and engines blown.

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The Story

I grew up on a racetrack, or rather, on asphalt. Every weekend, my parents would drive my brother and me to an abandoned parking lot in Camden, NJ or on a good day, to a closed circuit racetrack. My dad would teach defensive driving or ride along with some nutcase, as an instructor, during what they called an autocross event. I was a ballet dancer and studious back then. I didn’t understand what I saw around me or fit in. Last summer, I went to my first track event in years. Unlike two decades ago, when I camped out in the back of our station wagon eating licorice and coloring, I engaged in conversations with drivers and witnessed the sweetest camaraderie. I came to realize the ridiculous hobby my dad had back then is a remarkable sport that requires considerable smarts and grace. I cannot wait to capture the competitive cast of characters found at a racetrack.


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Compact HD - Canon EOS C300

Costs $255

Lenses - Cooke S4 Prime Set

Costs $420

Accessories - Tripods / Heads

Costs $75

Accessories - Batteries

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Hard Drive

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Compact HD - Canon 5D Mark II

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Monitors - On-board monitors

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Boompoles & Wind Protection - K-Tek 202 16.10’ Internally Cabled

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Recorders - Sound Devices 788T SSD 8 Channel Hard Disk Recorder with CL8 Control Surface

Costs $100

Wired Microphones - Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun with Wind Screen Kit

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Wireless and Lavalier Microphones - Sanken Cos-11 Mics (Black/White/Tan)

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Boom Operator

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About This Team

Katie N. Young is a writer, director, producer based in New York. For the past ten years, she has worked to bring the ideas of others to big and small screens. Now she is ready to bring her own ideas to light.
Katie began her career at Thirteen/WNET as associate project manager and later producer on nationally and locally distributed projects including SundayArts, American Masters, and Great Performances. She served as associate producer on feature documentary, Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune. Before launching her own production company, Katie worked to promote and distribute independent films at Tribeca Enterprises.
Katie has worked with talented professionals throughout her career – from story editors to Final Cut Pro editors, directors and distributors. She is currently assembling a team that is particularly passionate about this project.
Alex Coppedge is a producer, editor, and director of photography. He worked with the Tribeca Film Festival for years creating short form content. He was instrumental in the start of Tribeca Film and handled post-production operations of the delivery of over eighty films.
In 2013, Alex co-founded TagLine Film with Katie where he was head of production creating content for multiple film and commercial clients. He also produced the feature, The Forgotten Kingdom, which won awards at numerous festivals and the African Oscars. The film also received distribution in the United States and internationally. He currently runs the new production studio for PwC.

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