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Based on the life of veteran Ryan "Doc" Polk, Caretaker is a redemption story of trauma, mental health, and loss. This is the story of a man abandoned by the institutions that he gave everything to protect, and the salvation he finds in the comfort of others to grow and heal.

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Mission Statement

This is a time where isolation and fear are no longer an undercurrent in our reality; they are sensations we see, feel and experience every day. Our film (and Doc's story) speaks to that isolation and shows how we can overcome that immense fear and begin to move forward.

The Story

This film follows the story of Andrew “Doc” Connolly, a recently discharged Army Medic, as he mourns the death of his childhood friend and squadmate, Danny Macleod. As the scars of his service in Afghanistan begin to show with damaging results, Doc must confront his loss and reclaim a new life without his close friend by his side. A film focusing on themes of isolation and alienation, Caretaker is a COVID-friendly film, and with a flexible production schedule that allows us to roll with any surprises the pandemic may bring, we believe this project can be executed on our terms.  



Part I: Pain

The beginning of Doc’s journey. Discharged and back home, he stops at an old neighborhood jaunt before leaving town.

Part I Look:

Dark tones

Naturalistic composition with desaturated blues and greens

Hard lighting

Emphasis on Silhouettes/Body Shapes



Part II: Fear

The festering of Doc’s trauma, hitting rock bottom, and the inspiration to heal.

Part II Look: Homelessness

Desaturated, Grey

Hard, harsh lighting

Part II Look: Library



Soft, diffused lighting



Part III: Belief

Letting go of Danny, and the emboldened beginning of a new life through an act of defiance.

Part III Look:

Heavily Saturated

Anamorphic with flaring

Heavy emphasis on composition





Doc is a caring yet rough soldier in his late 20’s. He is not shy or timid by any means, but he leaves the talking to others. When Danny - his boisterous best friend – dies, Doc spirals into a depression that he is unable to overcome on his own.




Danny is a confident leader who loves being the center of attention. He and Doc are closer than family and their dedication to each other allows them to challenge one another in significant ways. It is because of Danny that Doc has been able to face his greatest fears, and vice versa. 




Michael is a crass and gruff Lebanese veteran in his 60’s. He runs Doc and Danny’s favorite bar where they go for comfort and familiarity when they’re furloughed. With Danny gone, the place is no longer home, so Doc goes to see Michael one last time.




Mary is a tough, lively woman in her 60’s whose radiant personality gives her a youthful feel. She works at the library that Doc frequents to get out of the cold while homeless. Mary takes a liking to Doc and gives him the push he needs to move on with his life.


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Production Personnel

Costs $2,500

All Above and Below the line crew members!

Location Rentals and Permitting

Costs $2,500

The many locations in the film, including: The Bar, The Library, Metropolitan Streets, and more.

Crew Meals

Costs $1,000

To keep our crew members well fed for all days of shooting!

Grip and Lighting Rentals

Costs $2,500

All rentals and expendables for lighting and powering our film.

Art Department

Costs $2,100

For designing and building our sets.

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $1,500

For expendables and equipment relating to the looks of our characters.

Camera Rentals

Costs $3,500

Rental kits and any other equipment needs to capture our film.

Sound Equipment

Costs $600

All things sound!

PPE & Safety

Costs $2,000

For rapid testing, PPE, and other safety guidelines and precautions that our film will take.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


JORDAN M. HAHN is a director, editor, and musician based in Los Angeles. He has made a name for himself in the short film world with works focused on human stories of identity and trauma. His films and music videos have been showcased internationally. 



RYAN "DOC" POLK is a veteran who deployed three times as a medic in the US Army over his six years of service. After he was discharged, he earned degrees in writing and acting and now lives and works in Los Angeles as a writer and actor.



SARAH ELIZA ARGENS is a bi-coastal producer who possesses a wide range of film and television experiences, including major motion pictures, made-for-tv movies, documentaries, and reality TV. With her beginnings in theatre, Sarah Eliza moved into film production fueled by her passion for telling heartfelt and meaningful stories.



WILLA NIELSEN is a producer based in Los Angeles working in film, television, and short form content. With experience in development, production, and post production, she supports projects from start to finish, honing a keen eye for impactful and heartfelt stories and helping the creative team thrive.

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