Cary in Retrograde: Musical Dramedy Short Film

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Musical

Philipp Yaw

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Cary in Retrograde is a Musical Dramedy about ALMOST never giving up. As a mixed-race and mixed-gender creative team, we wanted to take some of the intersectional themes of our first short, Rudeboy's Restaurant, and create a longer more complex story of characters who are not usually seen.

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Mission Statement

Cary in Retrograde is a multi-medium creative project from The Domfehs. Accompanied by an original soundtrack of the same name, the short film will follow Cary as he trudges through a surrealist Los Angeles while coping with Millennial burn out, disappointment, and life in your 30s as an artist.

The Story

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting Cary in Retrograde! 

Currently, we have our finalized script and are looking forward to starting pre-production on our follow up short to Rudeboy’s Restaurant. Our goal as creatives is to begin filming in the fall of 2020. However, we will only participate in filming as soon as it is safe with Covid-19. LA County Health Officials have okayed production to resume June 15th. However, we will confer with the local production unions to ensure that once we can start shooting, we are taking the proper precautions to address our crew’s safety. 

More information reagarding previous work at 

Please review the following materials for Cary in Retrograde. Enjoy!





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Post Production

Costs $2,000

Budget for sound-mixing and mastering, coloring, editing costs.

Production Costs

Costs $8,000

Budget for locations, set dec, costuming and equipment rentals.


Costs $2,000

Funds here will go towards the recording and production of the original soundtrack.

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About This Team

Philipp Yaw and Priya Jane are a husband and wife Creative Duo from Los Angeles, CA.

They created Cosmic Otter Productions with the sole purpose of following their curiosity wherever it leads them as they collectively write, direct and produce bonkers shit.  

Their debut short film, Rudeboy's Restaurant, was funded by Ghetto Film School, Vimeo, and Dolby Labs through the 2019 Emerge! Filmmaker Lab. 

Philipp Yaw will write, direct and star in Cary in Retrograde while Priya Jane will serve as Executive Producer.

Current Team