Cat Burglars

Rumson, New Jersey | Film Short

Drama, Action

Henry Blue

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Cat Burglars is a short film that will break the mold of parkour film making. It is a story I have been working on for the last 3 years and now I finally have the chance to make it a reality. Please help us get from Sarasota to New Jersey in the most efficient way possible!

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Mission Statement

Parkour is often misrepresented in film and TV. Too often it is used for over the top action or comedy, and its purpose in the story lacks depth. This narrative dives into the real mentality of the sport and will leave the audience with a greater respect for the movement.

The Story

Hello! My name is Henry Blue and I am the director of Cat Burglars. I am a film senior at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. I have been training parkour for the last 10 years and have always wanted to make a narrative film that involves the new age sport. Over the last 3 years I have been developing a script that encapsulates the usage of parkour for both good and bad. Now it is finally time to bring my vision to reality! We are slated to shoot October 24-27th of 2019.

If this was like every other student film my school creates I wouldn't be here asking for support. Our school is located in Sarasota Florida, but I want to shoot this film in my home state of New Jersey. This means we have to fly 5 crew memebers and rent a bunch of gear to make this project happen.


Why would I choose to do this in another state? Because all of the locations we are shooting at are meaningful to me, visually engaging and perfect for the narrative I want to tell. My younger brother Mason ( is the lead actor/stuntman in the production. He is based in New Jersey and has also dedicated the last 10 years to parkour.


So much work has already been done to get this production off the ground. A crew in New Jersey has been formed, story boards are being created every day and the script is going through multiple revisions so that it hits the audience right in the feels. 


So now I need your help! By contributing to this project you are supporting the creation of something that has never been done before. My school isn't allowed to pay for flights and they don't want us to bring any of their expensive gear. We estimate we need at least $2500 for the entire production which is a reasonable amount for an independent film. Any amount of money you can give us will help! 


If you have any questions about this project you can reach me through instagram @bluelikethecolour. I would love to hear what you think and I am excited to show everyone the final product.


Thank you!


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Cash Pledge

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Fly our producer!

Costs $250

Alexis Dolfi is a vital crew member to this project! She will keep us on schedule during production.

Fly our Director of Photography!

Costs $250

Help Kai Lendzion's artistic vision come to life on the screen!

Fly our Production Designer!

Costs $250

Kat Mullen will keep track of all the little details that the story needs!

Fly our Sound!

Costs $250

Liam Griscom is necessary to enrich your ears with the wonderful sounds captured on set.

Fly the Director

Costs $250

Henry Blue is the driving force behind this film!


Costs $500

Food is important to keep everyone happy and full!


Costs $500

Without lights we won't see any of the amazing things captured!

Production Design

Costs $250

Good production design makes the whole film feel real. Help Kat Mullen get everything she needs!

About This Team

Our team is comprised of dedicated Ringling College film seniors and trusted parkour filmmakers from New Jersey. Each was specifically selected based off their creative abilities and commitment to the art. All are ready to take on any challenge during this production.

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