Cellar Door

Huntington, New York | Film Short

Drama, History

"Blue" Ashlee R. O'Donohue

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The secret to being alive opposed to just living, is the ability to see beauty. Cellar Door will visually blossom this ideology into a cinematic flower, taking place in 1977's Southern California. A college dropout turned hippie, falls in love while hitchhiking.

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Mission Statement

As next generation creatives, what my team has in common is a niche for storytelling; What we do not have in common is how we tell those stories. Cellar Door is a test of our collaborative ability, dedication as our ammunition. We must remind audiences that their glasses are half full, not empty.

The Story

''A college dropout turned hippie, falls in love while hitchhiking.''

     There are some undertones here, what are they? On paper some might say that a hippie is more mellow than a college student, or that a college student feels more stable than a hippie. The question rises, why should you care? An even better question is, how do I convince you to care?

     Due to obvious circumstances, the era we are currently in has not proved 'summer of love' thus far. This has led me down a path of interest to a different time, the 1970’s. Personally I believe that there needs to be a resurgence of a relaxed, rock’n’roll mindset. (Yes, that was an oxymoron.) There has never been a greater time to do anything you love, than immediately. The theme of Cellar Door coincides with the rationale for taking on a career in the entertainment industry, life is too short to not take risks. The theory is that if you’re brave enough to be completely yourself, everyone else will feel safe enough to be themselves too. 


Who are we? 

   Arizona State University’s Sidney Poitier Film School, sets a high precedent for expectation. Once a student chooses their track being an editor, director, cinematographer, actor, etc. their academic career at ASU will consist of solely mastering that chosen trade. A selection of students who attend Sidney Poitier Film School, will collaborate to make this film. Through the process of this production, the crew previously mentioned will be pushed towards their ultimate potential. We are currently in the stage of pre-production, raising the funds to film during the upcoming semester of Fall 2022. This will put us on track to submit our film at ASU's Senior Showcase, taking place during the Spring of 2023. 


Stretch Goals 

     If contributions exceed our goal, we intend on investing in music. The rights to music are costly, even so, a price cannot be placed on historical accuracy. The more contributions made, also translates to all the more pressure we will utilize, to make this project as successful as possible. Above all, we are looking for support from our communities. Throughout production, updates will be made on this platform, and on our instagram, @cellardoorfilm.


COVID Safety: We take the safety of our cast and crew very seriously, and will be providing testing and PPE while insisting that our crew be fully vaccinated. These precautions are included in our budget. 


"A special thanks to my highly regarded Professors; Jason Davids Scott, Gene Ganssle, Nita Blum, and Chris LaMont for the lessons learned in the classroom, and virtually due to Covid-19. "





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Cash Pledge

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1997 GA628 Mobile Phone Limited Edition

Costs $35

This was the most popular cell phone in 1997, it would give us the extra kick!

Rights to Music

Costs $2,000

Music is crucial as stories are told audibly, as well as visually. We intend on historical accuracy.

Transportation Costs for Crew (25+ Crew)

Costs $650

Cast and crew, as students, need resources to travel to and from each set.

Film Festival Submissions Fees (10+)

Costs $1,150

Once the film is complete, it will be submitted to film festivals all over the country.

Costume + Set Design (Locations Fees)

Costs $1,500

Look good, play good. Costumes are significant part of getting the look of the film just right.

Catering + Craft Services (25+ Crew)

Costs $840

It's essential that the cast and crew are kept well-fed during production.

Grip & Electric Department

Costs $1,500

Team responsible for rigging, staging, moving and manipulating lights and their stands

Props + Rentals

Costs $825

Props offer an insight into a cinematic world, prop houses charge either by the hour or the day.

Insurance (Emergency Costs)

Costs $1,500

Insurance covers broken equipment, possible injury on set, change of plans, paid overtime etc.

About This Team

Directed by Blue, this film is the cumulative product of everything she, and her crew, have worked towards studying at ASU. We build this project, as the foundation for our futures. The admission into our graduate programs, as foreshadowed breathing proof, of our individual creative abilities.


Writer / Director


Currently living on the East Coast, Blue has her intentions set on attaining a masters degree in Film and Media Production, with her sights set on being a Film Professor, (while simultaneously engaging in the film industry). She writes scripts in her free time, and is currently interning at her local radio station, 94.3 The Shark, with a Promotional Street Team, located on Long Island, New York. 

@thatbitchblue @thepointofblue



Nico Struse


Born in Manhattan, New York, Nico has been working on post-production for 6 years, and has been making short films for 10 years. Both of his parents worked for MTV Television, which has given him a huge leg up in terms of understanding the film industry from a very young age. His favorite genres are sci-fi, and dark comedies.




Jasmin Meza Torres


Jasmin is majoring in Film and Media Production, and is minoring in Studio Art. For over 6 years she has worked and volunteered with a local non-profit organization. Through her time there she’s learned about the importance of storytelling and the ability to do it through various visual mediums. Whether it’s filming videos, or film photography, you’ll always find her working on something creative.




Cheynne Lewis


Cheyenne Lewis, originally from Iowa, is majoring in Film and Media Production at Arizona State University. She’s a huge fan of the theatre, particularly Shakespeare being her favorite playwright. On her first film set she had to play a dead body, and loves the movie Clue.





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