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"Chambers" is the story of five unlikely participants locked in a deadly game of Russian Roulette. As our story unfolds we find out much more about our characters, who they are, why are they here, and what dangerous circumstances have forced them to play this game?

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The Story

"6 chambers...5 people...1 bullet... Someone has to go twice."

"Chambers" explores what happens when five strangers ( a mother, her eight year old son, a priest, a college student and a school teacher) are all locked into a room together and forced to play a pulse pounding game of russian roulette. As the scene moves from player to player we find out much more about each participant and the circumstances that have brought this unlikely group together.  

I wrote the original concept for Chambers ten years ago while I was still highschool. I was captivated and inspired by the play "No Exit," by Jean-Paul Sartre. Through the ten years since writing the original concept, the story of "Chambers" has morphed and changed, until it has reached its final incarnation, which we are trying to bring to screen with your help.

For a long time, "Chambers," originally titled "Roullete," was a story I told friends at parties and across classrooms. Every time I would tell it I would get the same response, "You need to make this!" I never felt quite in the right place to finally make it. Now, three years out of film school, after working on and shooting numerous different short films and features in New York City, I have decided that this is the perfect time. 

"Chambers" will be the second and biggest short film done under the umbrella of production company Cineslinger, LLC. Our last short film, entitled "Dummy" (Directed by Co-Owner Josh Haslup) is in the final stages of post production and primed to hit the festival circuit. We also host a by filmakers for filmakers interview series entitled "The Hot Set."



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Lenses - Cooke S4 Prime Set

Costs $600

We need a true cinema lens for our camera package, so we can deliver a truly cinematic image to our audience, and tell our story right.

Cast and Crew

Costs $2,600

To properly shoot this we need to pay both cast and crew.

Craft Services Food

Costs $400

This money will go toward providing our cast and crew with food during shoot days, so they have what they need to do their jobs well.

Travel for Cast and Crew

Costs $500

While we are shooting in CT, a large amount of our cast and Crew are from NYC. We need to be able to transport them to set.

Set & Props

Costs $200

We need to secure the props we need for our short film, most notably a revolver. We also need to make sure we can secure our locations.


Costs $200

While we will be editing ourselves, we need a budget for post production, for a colorist as well as a sound mixer and a musical score.

Safety Fund

Costs $500

we would like to alot ourselves a small budget to help prepare for any variables that we can not control.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

"Chambers" will be the second production, written and produced by the production company Cineslinger, LLC. 

We are a collective of young and talented filmmakers working in New York City. Each member of the creative team behind "Chambers" has a background in working as crew on film sets, from Production assistants to Camera Assistants, we know what it takes to get a movie made.

Cory Maffucci



Cory is the writer and director of "Chambers"

He will also be taking over the duties of Director of Photography/Cinematographer.

A recent graduate of Quinnipiac University, Cory Maffucci makes his living working as a freelance Cinematographer, Gaffer and Camera Assistant in New York City. 

Cory has shot a number of Short Films, including "Protestors" (Directed by Marty Lang), " 3-3-6-B" (Directed by Elvis Diaz) and Cineslinger's most recent short "Dummy" (Directed by Josh Haslup).


Josh Haslup



Josh Haslup is co-owner of the production company, Cineslinger, LLC.  

A graduate of Stevenson University in Maryland with a degree in Film, Josh has since made a career working in New York City as a Director, Actor and Freelance Electrician on film sets. 

Josh has most recently Directed the short film "Dummy," which was Cineslinger's first production, and currently in the final stages of post production. 



Alex O'Neill


Alex O'Neill is a graduate of Quinnipiac University with a degree in Public Relations. 

He is currently based in Trumbull, Connecticut, but works as a producer, locations assistant and production assistant on many different short and feature films in the Tri-State area.

Alex is the inhouse producer, and secret weapon in Cineslinger's arsenal. He has a head for buisness and but an eye for film. He is a directors dream when it comes to getting things done. With his background in Public Relations and experience on a mulitude of film sets, he is a master of getting a movie exactly what it needs.



Jonathan Ercolino


A graduate of Southern Connecticut University, with a background in Physical training, Jonathan has made a career for himself in New York City as an actor and professional model. Two years ago Jonathan made a switch from training and working in a gym to a life and career in film. From volunteering on any set he can, aswell  as working as an actor, Jonathan has accrued a wealth of knowledge in the film production. With a strong work ethic, and connection to local actors, and acting schools, Jonathan has become an assett to Cineslinger when it comes to both casting and financing films.




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