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CHARGER is a 5 minute action film - a very short story of a rescue with a twist. A man breaks into a warehouse to save a woman being held by thugs and their boss, but the woman ends up turning the tables in an unexpected way. CHARGER will be filmed in one continuous tracking shot.

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The Story

There are three main reasons we're making CHARGER:

  1. To function as a calling card and resume builder for everyone involved, all talented artists who need more exposure.
  2. To subvert expectations about the action genre and highlight a powerful female character who has agency and drives the plot.
  3. To entertain!


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Music Rights

Costs $1,050

Rehearsal Space

Costs $1,200

With complex fighting and a long tracking shot, rehearsal time is crucial: 60+ hours.

General Liability Insurance

Costs $600

Insurance is essential to protect the filmmakers as well as the property managers and owners.

Craft Services Food

Costs $600

We have a pretty big cast and crew, and for something this physical, proper nutrition is a must.

Breakaway Tables

Costs $600

We use special tables that shatter on impact. Balsa is the safest but most expensive material.

Props & Effects

Costs $700

Without giving it away, we have special props and practical effects that are essential to the film.

Wardrobe package

Costs $150

Great actors need great costumes that allow them to look the part, and move freely and easily.

Make Up Artist

Costs $400

Our professional makeup artists ensure actors look their best throughout long, tough shoot days.

Actor Payroll

Costs $400

We offer our actors a stipend as recognition of the time and devotion they give to the project.

Crew Payroll

Costs $1,200

We offer our crew a stipend as recognition of the time and devotion they give to the project.

Marketing Expenses

Costs $500

With all the work going into CHARGER, we need to make sure we get the word out as much as possible.

Festival Fees

Costs $500

Part of our distribution strategy is entry to a number of festivals, most of which charge a fee.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Wrap Party

Costs $100

After the epic work everyone puts in, we'd like to reward them all with an equally epic celebration!

About This Team

CHARGER is written, directed, and produced by Zach Livingston.  Zach is an actor, fight choreographer, and filmmaker in Chicago, IL.  Zach also stars in the film.  Information about the cast can be found at  

For our production team, every effort was made to bring on women whenever possible - part of the concept of CHARGER is to provide more opportunities for women both in front of AND behind the camera.  Our main production team includes:

Shandee Vaughan, Production Manager.  Shandee is a very experienced stage manager for theatre, and is adept at organizing large groups and projects, making her a natural choice for the role.

Moira Begale, Assistant Producer.  Moira is an accomplished actor and producer working both on stage and in film.  She recently wrapped Cheap Plastic Mask, which ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark in late 2014.

Taylor Bibat, Assistant Producer.  Taylor is an actor, puppeteer and producer working across a wide range of media.  She has appeared on stage all over Chicago and has produced a number of theatrical and on-camera projects.

Sarah Conley, 1st Assistant Director.  Sarah is an upcoming graduate of the Cinema Art + Scince program at Columbia College in Chicago.  A talented filmmaker herself, Sarah is a strong leader and a brings a wealth of information and experience to CHARGER.

Danielle Stahl, Assistant Fight Choreographer.  Danielle is an actor-combatant and stuntwoman in Chicago.  She brings years of experience and fantastic ideas to the complex fight choreography in CHARGER, functioning as an outside pair of eyes and helping solve challenges throughout the rehearsal process.

Rudy Rubio, Director of Photography - Rudy is an inspired and very experienced cinematographer working out of Chicago.  Rudy has experience on a wide variety of projects, from film to to commercial.

Also: all filming equipment for CHARGER is being provided by Magnanimous Media, a local camera rental house here in Chicago.  This is a huge benefit to the production and ensures that our final product will look amazing, as we'll be shooting on professional level equipment under the watchful eye of a professional cinematographer.  Magnanimous is using CHARGER as a showcase for some of their very best gear, and as an added bonus, they are bringing a second film crew on our set to produce a behind the scenes featurette showcasing the project, the gear, and all the great people involved.  We're so excited to have their support!

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