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Kara Grace Miller

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Charlie is thrown into a world of commitment, cannabis, and cancer, all while figuring out what it means to come of age without the help of the person she needs most; her mom. Charlie learns she can't hide behind her hair bows forever... at some point you have to let go of the facade.

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Mission Statement

With a cast of 14, diverse in race, age, gender, and sexuality, we want to unpack intersectionality in a funny, honest way. We're led by a diverse team of fierce filmmakers ready to tackle privilege and how it affects every part of our lives.

The Story




Charlie certainly didn't expect to be putting her music degree on hold to enter a life of pushing drugs... but when your mom is sick, you do what you gotta do. The real question is; can you still be a "normal" 20 something while you do it? 


While she tries to live life to the fullest in the city, her head and heart are always back home, full of the situation her family is fighting through. Charlie hides behind her adorable facade as long as she can, but eventually it gets chipped away from the constant weight of making ends meet, depression and anxiety, and drug use. It's not a Lifetime movie, it's what we actually go through in crisis, so let's talk about it and cut the comforting underscoring


That doesn't mean we can't tell jokes along the way! Deeply rooted in dark comedy, this clever story will have you laughing in the places you least expect. Like maybe during a drug deal. Or a cancer treatment. 


The Cast:





Let's Address the Weed:

"The sad truth is that this war on drugs too often is a war on people of color, a war on poor Americans, a war on marginalized groups." - Letitia James, Public Advocate for the City of New York


Cheer Up, Charlie heavily explores weed culture and how it changes depending on privilege, class, and race. Charlie is welcome in richer homes due to her appearance and skin color, allowing her to make more money. We are currently going through a big push to legalize recreational marijuana here in New York City, with action starting to be taken in order to slow the amount of arrests being made on targeted communties. This NYC tale is timely with its commentary on living a high life in a place where a vast majority of low possession arrests are from minority communities. 


That being said, the show is also set in Pennsylvania, where weed is still a slightly more taboo subject. PA has legalized medical marijuana and cancer is on the list of 17 medical conditions defined in the Medical Marijuana Act of 2016. Studies continue to pop up about managing the side effects of treatments and remission with marijuana.






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About This Team

Cheer Up, Charlie is produced in collaboration with Soul Series Productions and L2G Productions.          


                                   L2G Productions                                         Soul Series Production


We brought on Soul Series and L2G Productions because of their strong missions of bringing communities

together and tackling the hard subjects. Check out their other upcoming work!


 Under our fearless and fierce director Carmen LoBue, we are

putting together the rest of our crew and casting some seriously

amazing actors. Check out Carmen's latest project: HERassment Doc - Carmen LoBue


Current Team