Chuck Lawson & the Night of the Invaders

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Tyler Bonner

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Have you ever watched Blade Runner and thought, "wow, that wasn't very funny"? Then this is the film for you! Inspired by science fiction from the 70s and 80s, Chuck Lawson & the Night of the Invaders tells an action packed story that is both funny and awesome.

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Mission Statement

While building on the worlds of 80's sci-fi films, our story challenges the stereotypes of the entitled male protagonist and the underdeveloped, love-centric female role. Women make up the majority of the crew and half of the cast for this project.

The Story

The Story

In the year 2061, two ex secret agents and ex secret lovers, Chuck Lawson and Serena Fox, reunite for one last mission to discover why aliens have landed on Earth. The alien invaders deliver a message completely indecipherable except for one word: Tyrimpson, the name of the world’s largest tech company. Fighting off robot landlords and sexist bounty hunters, Chuck and Serena deliver a same day package of justice, and discover that Dr. Tyrimpson is working on more than just computers.

The Inspiration

This movie is inspired by all of the amazing sci-fi movies that came out of the late 70's and 80's--it’s like if Ridley Scott and James Cameron had a baby but it was funny. Although it builds on the worlds and aesthetics of these blockbuster films, it pushes those characters and cliches to figure out what would happen if future inventions actually made life more complicated, and answers the question why does the protagonist always want to have sex with the Artificial intelligence. Chuck Lawson & the Night of the Invaders seeks to find the comedy in subverting these stereotypes, while still living in the world of a believable sci fi film. It is paramount to me that the film and characters appears sincere.


We believe it is important when making a movie like an 80's style action film to address the undesirable parts of those narratives. The biggest example is how sexist some of the leads are in these films. For example, most of Harrison Ford’s big roles are womanizing or demeaning towards women. Chuck, being a character inspired largely from characters like Rick Deckard and Han Solo, has some of these same flaws. The difference is this narrative forces Chuck to overcome his faults in order for him and Serena to become heroes better fit for today's times.

Your Support

We are looking to raise the production value of this film to the professional level that we know we are capable of. While we are able to get most of our equipment and crew from Temple University, and cast from the Philadelphia comedy community, we are in need of additional funds to supplement the costs of wardrobe, set design, transportation, craft services, special effects makeup, fight choreography, and  specialty equipment not available through Temple.


With the exception of 12 Monkeys, Philadelphia is seldom the setting for sci-fi films. We are bringing together the best talent in the Philly comedy community, drawing from Philly-based filmmakers, and shooting on location in the greater Philadelphia area to make a film about the future.


Our total budget is $10,000, but we will be raising 70% of it on Seed & Spark and the other 30% in the form of corporate sponsorships and independent donors.


If you are looking to become a sponsor for this film, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Thanks for your time!



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Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,150

We need to be able to pay our incredible cast for their time and efforts!


Costs $750

Being this is a futuristic film, we need our characters to fit the part!


Costs $1,000

New inventions and gadgets are some of the coolest aspects of sci-fi films!


Costs $200

We are getting a completely original score for this film to help enhance this futuristic film.

Fight Choreography

Costs $400

We've hired a professional fight choreographer to take the action in this film to the next level.

Production Costs

Costs $3,000

This includes the cost of locations, food for the crew, and specialty crew we need to hire.


Costs $500

We need to cover the costs of gas and tolls as we transport our crew and equipment to each location.

About This Team

Matt Schmid & Jacqui Baker, Principal Actors

Philly-based improv duo Matt Schmid and Jacquie Baker (also known as The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie) will be playing the leads of Chuck Lawson and Serena Fox. They are heavily involved with PHIT Comedy (Philly Improv Theater), Good Good Comedy and other Philly comedy favorites. They have toured across the country and their works has been featured on McSweeney's and Funny or Die.



Tyler Bonner, Writer & Director

Tyler started making films on accident, starting off intending to just make people laugh with some silly videos. Then he fell in love with film. His inspirations come from genre and how starting with a familiar subject matter can lead to awesome new creations. He has written sketch comedy for the Philly Improv Theater for four years as well as being Head Writer for Smash, Temple University's comedy show for the past two seasons. 


Ryan Kuna, Cinematogapher

Ryan is a third year cinematography student at Temple University. He has worked on professional feature and short films on G&E, and has been heavily involved on student film sets as a DP and gaffer.

He is driven to share stories and poems with light, and intends to do so on the set of Chuck Lawson & the Night of the Invaders (which will mark Ryan's sixth collaboration with director Tyler Bonner).


Daphne Bonner, Writer & Art Dept.

Daphne is a student at Temple University, majoring in theater design. She’s been writing comedy since she was fourteen and has worked as a production designer on multiple short films. She has a deep love for storytelling through the medium of film, especially the creation of a world through the process of production design.


Brynn Hackett, Producer

Brynn is a film student with a business minor at Temple University. While this film is her biggest producing endeavor, she has fundraising experience from TAK(E) CHARGE, a youth-fundraising arm she founded to support CWS Lancaster's refugee resettlement program. Brynn looks forward to making this a Philly-based and Philly-proud production!

Current Team