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"Clown Car: A Love Story" is a contained, comedy drama. After being banished from performing by the mysterious Clown High Council, a now-disgraced former clown sets out to re-invent herself and find true love with her inmate pen pal. This film laughs at adversity and reminds that love conquers all!

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Mission Statement

We strive to produce high quality, high concept films while being a positive and supportive force for filmmakers, writers, actors, and other creatives who share our love of human connection (and quirky humor)! This comedy-drama passed the Bechdel test and centers women in front of & behind the lens.

The Story

After a run of recent short films, we took a crack at our first feature film last year, and it turns out, people kinda liked it!

So of course, like all good creators, we wanted to take what we learned from that about running an efficient production, thinking on our feet, and creative problem-solving and do it all over again! We got to work writing, came up with something we were all pretty stoked about, we had a table read, and we were READY. TO GO.

Cue 2020.

That screenplay was not this one. Once the reality of our new world began to set in, we decided to table it because it's not possible or safe to pull off right now.

But that's okay because guess what?

We went back to the drawing board and came up with this one:

"Clown Car: A Love Story."

[We have a really cool poster in progress. Until then, please enjoy these two images that are
not our poster.]

We wrote Clown Car for a smaller cast, a few contained locations, and with fierce determination and grit. It's also got this quirky, dark humor, laugh-so-you-don't-cry thing going for it. This humble film is our way of helping. It’s our way of dusting ourselves off and pushing forward. The truth is, in light of the total poop circus this past year has been, we are more determined than ever to make this happen. Because man...we all need it, don't we?

“Clown Car: A Love Story” is a real-time contained comedy/drama that takes place primarily in one car, over the course of one night in the lives of two clowns and one formerly (by a few minutes) incarcerated pen pal. It’s basically your classic tale of chasing love and happiness…around in circles mostly..…with a clowny twist that may or may not involve singing and near-death experiences.

The script has already gone through coverage to great feedback and we've been hard at work for months on pre-production. We are excited to raise enough funds to make sure production runs smoothly in April 2021 so that our cast and crew are compensated fairly and we have all the resources we need to produce a high-quality and high-LARIOUS film that we’ll all be proud to enjoy (anticipated release Spring 2022).

Some excerpts from our coverage feedback:

  • " Clown Car: A Love Story makes effective use of its confined setting, layering a distinct sense of humor alongside...surprisingly poignant moments.”

  • “Pocket and Jiggles are consistently fun characters to follow, each garnering a great deal of empathy as well as proving obstacles to themselves and one another."

  • "A nicely paced script with...genuinely great comedy.”

  • “The Venn diagram of comedy and pathos is a perfect overlap."

This campaign will help us fill in vital parts of our budget. If you are able to help us reach our goal here, we have some great stretch goals in mind that will help us add additional team members and layers of artistry to our production that will really push it over the top! Our team is fully committed to pulling this off however we can, but just know that we have ideas for what we can do with every dollar we raise! Nothing will be wasted! And hopefully, we'll get the chance to tell you more about that when we reach our first goal!

And once this is all said and done and we have a great film we all helped make, we'll take the same path as before: hitting up the festivals that already know and enjoy our work (and some new ones too). And then once our festival run is complete, we'll get it distributed as far and wide as we can, both online and in-person (although who knows what the world will look like by then, amirite?).

One thing is for sure: it's already a journey, and it's only just starting, so come with us! We want you to be here and be part of this. We have a seat for you. You’re gonna laugh, you might cry, and you’ll definitely be left wondering what you just experienced! So join us! Climb into the Clown Car--there's plenty of room for you.


COVID-19: Headed up by our writer/director, Alan Wood, a certified Covid Compliance officer, cast and crew health and safety will be priority number one during filming, with a Covid-safe set following all CDC guidelines and industry protocols.


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Hair and Makeup Artist

Costs $2,500

With this funding, we'll be able to keep our clowns looking fresh & our SFX looking real.

Production Insurance

Costs $1,500

Things happen. Production insurance will help us keep things safe and sound.

County permits

Costs $1,000

We are keeping our locations legit, safe, and above board. No trespassing here!

Catering & Craft Services

Costs $2,500

Gotta keep our humans fed & watered!

Post Sound Design/Mixing

Costs $2,500

Once it's all shot, this artist will make sure it comes out sounding exactly how it should.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Alan Wood and Meleta McHarlin are Milepost 42 Films. Their mission is to produce high quality, high concept films while being a positive and supportive force for filmmakers, writers, actors, and other creatives.

They are a husband and wife filmmaking team. Alan writes, directs, produces, and handles sound. Meleta handles cinematography, produces, edits, colors, and tackles any VFX. They have created several award-winning shorts and their first award-winning feature film is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit.

They say, "Simply put, we love making movies. But for us, it's not just about the art and the outlet for our creativity, it's about making connections, life-long friends, and working with other talented and passionate creatives from all over the world. We are so honored to begin the journey of this film with these amazing artists."


Sarah Sypniewski is on board as leading lady, POCKET FULL OF SUNSHINE. She's so excited about this project that she also signed on as Executive Producer to help the team secure the resources it needs to pull this magical vision off. She's an actor, entrepreneur, and all-around weirdo who is very proud to be part of this project. She's also addicted to oranges, and is currently trying to kick her 3-lb a day habit.

She says, "I've always been a small-but-scrappy kind of person, and this team and film fits right into that. I believe in the messaging and humor that Alan's story is putting out into the world, and the positive and fighting spirit all of our team members have. Life has really knocked most of us around this year, hasn't it? But this film is all about getting back up and fighting for happiness. We are all worth it."


Will Todisco plays leading clown, JIGGLES T. CLOWN. He's an actor & musician living in LA. Formerly an improv and theater arts teacher for K-8 students at a prominent Los Angeles charter school and Second City LA, Will looks forward to collaborating with Milepost 42 Films on their newest production, Clown Car: A Love Story. He is very excited to take on the role of Jiggles the Clown and serenade viewers with his ukulele. His folk trio's self-titled debut album Adam Evan & Will  is available online for purchase or streaming. Will is currently represented by CESD in their on-camera commercial division. For more information about Will, visit his website.


Kevin Nelson rounds out the trio of leads as HARDCORE, a former inmate. Kevin, a New Jersey native, began his career in 2013 collaborating with FunnyOrDie to produce over 50 episodes of the sketch comedy series "BestFriendsClub." He then made his television debut in 2015 with Showtime's "Submission," which was then made into the movie "American Kamasutra." He starred in the feature film "Bad Labor," which premiered at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and afterwards went on to win the "Outstanding Up & Coming" Actor Award from the Golden Film Awards for his work in "Life's A Bitch And Then One Kills You." Kevin has studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse, the New York Film Academy, UCB LA and the Groundlings Theatre. He continues to make sketch comedy in his free time while working behind the scenes in television and film. He owes Alan a LOT of money.

Current Team