Color Thief

New York City, New York | Film Short

Drama, Other

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Lily, at 84 years old, while she paints what is probably her last and best picture, reflects on what it means to be an artist. When she realizes that she is missing a color to finish her work, and seeing that she has no money, she makes a drastic decision...

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The Story

Color Thief is a narrative story, an intimate poetic documentary with shades of comedy. Based on a true story, the concept started after a series of inspiring interviews with high profile artists about what it means to be an artist. As an unanswerable question, I decided to reach out to them. I soon realized it was a question even the successful ones wrestle with.The story is driven by their thoughts and knowledge and putting them on a canvas. It offers a fresh perspective on the beauty and importance behind creation, a crucial form of communication between human beings that has been around since the beginning of time. Art was engraved in rocks, in caves and still persists into the present. Color Thief pretends to be a lyrical telling of these subconscious questions of the “artist”, the research of the meaning of art, and the freedom that gives you.This is the reason why artist fall in love with this project and become part of it



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Shooting Permits / Permisos de rodaje

Costs $300

On set photocopies / Fotocopias en rodaje

Costs $50

HMI: Par - 1.2K PAR

Costs $700

Type of light / Tipo de luces

Fresnel: 1K Nook

Costs $700

Type of light / Tipo de luz

Grip Kit / Soporte de luces

Costs $500

Hair dresser equipment / Material de Peluquería

Costs $125

Lily should look beautiful / Lily tiene que estar guapísima

Electric equipment / Material eléctrico

Costs $450

Fake walls / Paredes falsas

Costs $200

We have to build fake walls in Lily´s loft / Tenemos que construír paredes falsas en el loft de Lily

Spray Paint / Pintura en Spray

Costs $50

To recreate a Graffiti painting / Para recrear un Graffiti

Old english country style cardigan /

Costs $75

Lily needs clothes / Lily necesita vestirse

Rags & blankets / Trapos y mantas

Costs $50

Tartan Blankets

Costs $50

Music Licensing

Costs $800

The best movie deserves the best music / La mejor película se merece tener la mejor música


Costs $600

Best movie deserves best color correction / La mejor película se merece la mejor corrección de color

Re-recording Editor/Dubbing Mixer

Costs $150

Apple Boxes

Costs $50

They are so beautiful / Son tan bonitas

Lily´s Kitchen old utilities / Utensilios antiguos de la cocina de Lily

Costs $150

Other decoration items

Costs $150

Art books, photography books, sculptures, notebooks... / libros de arte, libros de fotografía...

Painting Props / Atrezzo de pintura

Costs $400

Remember, Lily is a painter! / Recordad, Lily es pintora!

Set Furniture / Mobiliario de decorados

Costs $675

Lily needs a space with her own personality / Lily necesita un espacio con personalidad propia

Canon DC-1 Package

Costs $1,000

The best Camera to capture Lily´s Life! / La Mejor cámara para capturar la vida de Lily!


Costs $850

We don´t want people fainting on us / No queremos que el equipo se muera de hambre

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Location Rental Fee / Alquiler de Localizacion

Costs $1,500

A perfect Art studio for Lily / El Estudio de Arte perfecto para Lily

15 Passenger Van

Costs $450

For Camera and Art department / Para el equipo de Arte y Cámara


Costs $300

No Gas No car / Sin Gasofa no hay furgo

General Liability Insurance / Seguros

Costs $500

In US is so easy to get sued / En USA es muy fácil que te denuncien

Taxis and Subways / Taxis y Metros

Costs $250

DP Flight Madrid-NYC / Vuelo del Director de Fotografía Madrid-NYC

Costs $800

Our amazing DP from Spain is flying to NYC / Nuestro increíble Dire de foto viene a NY

Valium for the director

Costs $75

We want to shoot in peace / Queremos un rodaje pacífico

Slip a 10 bill to a cop / Soborno a la poli

Costs $50

Sometimes is necessary / A veces es necesario

About This Team

Our crew is formed by artist, film and TV professionals that profusely wanted to be part of Lily´s journey. We are putting all of our effort to bring the best of each one of us to the beauty of art. For this reason we are taking special care in giving the film the look it deserves, so all of you can travel with us in this multi-sensorial piece.

Current Team