Colours: The Short Film

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Drama, Teen

Kofi Black

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Colours explores the ripple effects of trauma and how it impacts our decision making, through the perspective of our main character.

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Mission Statement

Colours is a narrative short that addresses identity, trauma and colorism while two young people try navigating adulthood in The Bronx.

The Story


COLOURS follows best friends Clay and Dalia leading up to the highly anticipated party of the summer. The two depend on their routines and friendship to balance out their dysfunctional home life. Dalia's sense of self is shaken when she witnesses her mother bleaching her skin. Now, she notices the microaggressions of colorism all around her, even in Clay. She begins to question everything she once believed in, including herself while Clay's desperate searching for independence consumes. 


The audience is immediately introduced to the toxic environment of our characters and their relationship with that environment. We then meet Dalia shortly when she offers Clay the keys to her car and they drive away. Dalia allowing Clay to sit in the driver's seat of her car is a metaphor for her giving others the power to control her. We settle into the meat of the story as the two introduce us to other characters who challenge their identity. 


There's RJ Clay's more confident and charismatic friend, who has his own answerss for independence and  Clay a tempting solution to do the same in order to establish his independence. 

Anthony is Dalia’s extremely possessive and dangerous boyfriend, you can see it in his demeanor. He wants Dalia all to himself and is willing to stop ANYONE who threatens that. 

Every character in this story plays a unique and important part in Clay and Dalia's development. The two think they know everything about each other, but there are some things even they can’t bring themselves to share. Secrets and lies are brought to the surface, making them question each other and themselves.  


A Note From The Director: Capturing The Horror We Normalize

COLOURS was inspired by my trip back home to Ghana in 2018 where I witnessed a multitude of billboards and commercials advertising skin-lightening creams and oils. “There is a generation of people, my generation who’ve begun bleaching. Maybe as a way to climb the social and economic ladder or maybe something else, I don't know but now it's become as normal as eating” said an aunt of mine after intense inquiries. This, in addition to the workshops I lead about identity with the court involved youth I work and ongoing discussions about how our environment influences our development, birthed the narrative of COLOURS. 



We all have trauma we have to live with. At some point in our lives many of us have rationalized that trauma to be a normal part of life, a result of our environment. I aim to tell a story of how we as a society begin to normalize trauma, the ripple effects of it and how far it reaches into the lives of our loved ones. We want to explore not just the action but how one person's pain affects us all, even in the slightest.  


I became obsessed with understanding how we rationalize our experiences. I began to re-assess factors in my own life and question the things I’ve long accepted to be “normal”. At this moment I knew this was a story worth exploring, “the timeline of trauma” from inception - the moment we first experience the event, to its effects on us in adulthood. I wanted to craft a narrative that gave a glimpse into the world we come from, both as a First Generation America and as Youth growing up in The Bronx. 

Together with our Cinematographer Harrison Kraft, we began to conceptualize a visual style that added a hint of suspense to emphasize the unease we all feel at first encounter with anything traumatizing. 



We've compiled reference photos from all over to help us visualize every scene before shooting. 











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About This Team


Kofi Black (Writer & Director) has written a number of shorts, short stories with experience in web series. He loves to tell stories that reflect and represent his community and identity as a first-generation American while exploring one's personal transformation in unique ways. Kofi Black's directorial debut was for Why Not Us – A short film written by Dylan K. Ayisi which made it's rounds in the 2018 New York Film Festival circuit. Writer/ Editor for AVENUE, a short film byLotus Park Films LLC (writer). "RUN" won first place in Gotham Writers's Screenwriting Competition. Kofi Black's on set Directorial and Production experience come his time working on (BET Webseries) MakeupxBreakup, (Webseries) ASUNDER, PHASE Media and many others. 



Harrison Kraft is the cinematographer who is responsible for the look of Colours. When approached about the project he fell in love with the script and knew that he could bring the vision to life. Harrison is young but ready for the big challenge. He has years of formal training under his belt, as well as his own taste and stylistic reasoning. This is one of his bigger projects to date and we can't wait to see what he creates. His cinematography credit includes "By Morning" (2017) , "Views of Le Grand (2018), "Clack!" (2018) , "La Hermosa" (2019) and most recently "Fomo" (2019). 



Micael was born in Santa Monica, CA in 1989.  His family moved to the east coast where he grew up enamored with the experience of moviegoing.  He graduated from St. John’s University in 2011, ranking #1 in his major of Film Production.  Soon after, he completed the screenplay for directorial debut, Lily & Kat, an artful take on the best friend coming-of-age drama.  The screenplay caught the attention of actress Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones).  The film was released theatrically and on VOD following its premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival Next Wave.  His follow-up, Diamond Soles, a teen dancer drama starring model Ali Michael in a spellbinding performance, premiered at the 35th Warsaw International Film Festival.


Danielle “Queen Ohh” Overton is a 25-year-old filmmaker from St. Albans, NY.  She is the writer and director of the 2020 Hip Hop Film Festival nominated web series Alban Hills.  Some of her accolades include credits on the production end of Bloomberg News, Essence Festival, and NAACP Award nominated show The Breakfast Club on REVOLT.  She has also served as a judge for the Queens Underground 718 Film Festival and panelist for grants through the Queens Council on the Arts. Queen Ohh got her start in production working on numerous independent productions including MakeupxBreakup, where she met and worked alongside Kofi Black.  In the words of Queen Ohh, “art is the raw emotion that pours out of our souls onto a canvas, whether it be an actual one, paper, words, rhythms, movement, or anything visual. May the worlds inside us present themselves unfiltered and appreciated.”

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